Corbett Report: How to Foil Your Own Terror Plot

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  1. Jon Gold says:

    Funny video. Here’s the little unprofessional one I made.

  2. Ishmael says:

    Great vid James. Funny in a sad, frightening sort of way. I reposted it with full attribution to you on the Sodahead site. What I’d like to know is HOW Can I meet one of these FBI informants? I’ve got a Terrific idea on how to Scam money OUT of them for ME. Since I have a background in Precision-guided and nuclear weaponry, I’d tell them of my plans to detonante a nuclear device in the Hamptons to target the Wealthy. All I need is $5-10 million to make it happen. I don’t even NEED their fake supplies of weapons or bombs since I can find and construct such devices on my own. Once I got the cash, I’d just disappear into thin air with it after I purchase a new fake ID from the illegal alien Fake ID market in the barrio, then turn up in a country with no extradition treaties to the US and request political asylum. If they ever DO bust me, My alibi would be,

    “Well, you’re never going to get ANYWHERE in life believing a big fat Liar like ME. Besides, I thought they were TERRORISTS and I was doing my Patriotic Duty by ripping them off.”

  3. Creating the appearance of a threat keeps these alphabets in biz… and so sting ops and so forth run in the blood of these agencies. It’s all marketing and myth creation and it works!

    We’ve just seen another crazy go off with an arsenal of weaponry and the NRA is wanking about how we must have the right to self defense… something they’ve manage market to the small minds of the millions of Americans raised on violence… provided by media to sell products. Sex and violence sells.

    What we have is a convergence of real anti Americanism created by hideous US corporate driven polices with the need of the national security state to justify its very existence. How cool is that! We create all the animus around the world… the alphabets fake all sorts of violent crimes by exploiting lay-abouts who are already disenfranchised from *the system* and voila we have a created a justification for more crackdown and flowing dollars to these useless and largely incompetent agencies. But it all works beautifully because the vast majority of Americans are too dumb to tell the difference between Hollywood and reality, prefer fantasy to reality when they can tell the difference, are addicted to violence regardless as a result of watching TV for a lifetime and vacillate between trusting the gov and hating it.

    When they figured out how to play terrorism to the max… it was all over for us… this is not going away and is the perfect excuse for conversion of the US into a full blown fascist state… clearly foreseen in 1984 and Brave New World… and so despite all the published warnings… from decades ago… the playbook is working like a charm.

    Roll up your sleeves and bend over…

    Very funny video James…

  4. jschoneboom says:

    James Corbett at his best — thanks man!

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