NarcoNews: Mexican Diplomat Traded Secrets with Private Intel Firm Stratfor, WikiLeaks Documents Reveal

“Exchange of Sensitive Information Focused on the US/Mexican Operations in the Drug War”

By Bill Conroy

exchange1US soldiers are operating inside Mexico as part of the drug war and the Mexican government provided critical intelligence to US agents in the now-discredited Fast and Furious gun-running operation, a Mexican diplomat claims in email correspondence with a Texas-based private intelligence firm.
The emails, obtained and made public by the nonprofit media organization WikiLeaks, also disclose details of a secret meeting between US and Mexican officials held in 2010 at Fort Bliss, a US Army installation located near El Paso, Texas. The meeting was part of an effort to create better communications between US undercover operatives in Mexico and the Mexican federal police, the Mexican diplomat reveals.

However, the diplomat expresses concern that the Fort Bliss meeting was infiltrated by the “cartels,” whom he contends have “penetrated both US and Mexican law enforcement.”

The Mexican diplomat is referred to as “MX1” in the some of the emails obtained by WikiLeaks but also identified by name in others.

The description of MX1 in the emails matches the publicly available information on Fernando de la Mora Salcedo, a Mexican foreign service officer who studied law at the University of New Mexico, served in the Mexican Consulate in El Paso, Texas, and is currently stationed in the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix.

The disclosures made in the emails obtained by WikiLeaks seem to show that a high-level Mexican official was dealing his country’s national secrets to US entities. Whether that act was by design, as part of a Mexican intelligence operation, or a case of treachery is not clear, but the fact that these emails are now public, available on the Internet, likely means that question will have to be addressed at some level within the Mexican and US governments.

The emails between the Mexican diplomat, aka MX1, and the Austin, Texas-based private intelligence firm, called Stratfor, were drafted between 2008 and 2011.

Stratfor, which describes itself as a privately owned “subscription-based provider of geopolitical analysis,” has been billed in the media as a “shadow CIA.” The firm serves both corporate and government clients, including US law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and also has cultivated a vast source network, in both the corporate and government world, that crosses international borders — and Stratfor also shares information with those sources

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