Congressman Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress

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  1. Good points… a terrible speaker.

  2. jcarbonneau says:

    What is more important, the words that are spoken, or the person speaking the words?

  3. Content is key. I am not a *follower* of Ron Paul… that is to say I don’t read his speeches or listen to them. I hear the usual snippets filtered through the media. As I respect this site I gave Paul a listen. As I noted I agree with many points he raised. But I was surprised how uncharismatic he was. I think you need some level of charisma to get your ideas through. That unfortunately is a reality.

    The person may not be important, but policies and idea are advanced by people… people who know how to lead. Ideas alone don’t do anything but live in people’s heads and inside of books.

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