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  1. Seeing no comments on this great image, I got one comment:.. which is, yeah, that is about right! the corps are the sharks/preditors, and poor old small time mom/and/pops, and Mainstreet.. and all that…. you know!!!!
    You know!!! or you don’t???? then don’t !!! If you don’t… but you might not be intelligent if you… might naught so that is ok… that is understandable…

    The shark/corporat/mil/… eats all… EATS ALL!!!

  2. Corporations essentially don’t care or even see borders. They have no passports… Money moves freely around the world. Banks and corporations have bought laws which favor and support their lawless behavior and they intimidated their bought and paid for congress to bail them out for the unfathomable sums while doing nothing for the victims of the various ponzi schemes – the public.

    They barely hide their behavior now because they’ve got laws which allow their criminality to proceed unchecked.

    The people never saw it coming. But they are now going through a rude awakening.

    What’s next?

  3. Well, yeah some of the people some of the time… don’t get it!!! Some of the time! so, maybe some of the people will wake up and … some will get get real… some time… in the mean time… get ready for when they get ready, and you get ready too!!

  4. This is a very good succinct image of what the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty will do, to the extent of what we already know of it and its provisions. While the Treaty is purported to cover a vast array of issues, what has been revealed (through unauthorized disclosures) indicates that the treaty would almost certainly cut off State and local governments, and, possibly, even the Federal government, at the knees, and shift any costs that a multinational might have to bear from subsequently approved legislation, back to the State or local government, even if the legislation were aimed at ensuring the health and safety of the public. (However, in the case of the Feds it is not clear that a subsequently approved federal statute could not negate or void these provisions, and even do so on behalf of the States- but whether or not it could, the politics in any case would be highly problematic.) One can already see this line of attack in cases that are being brought by multinationals under NAFTA against the Canadian government and its environmental legislation. (See, for example, http://citizen.typepad.com/eyesontrade/2012/12/us-corporations-launch-wave-of-nafta-attacks-on-canadas-energy-fracking-and-medicines-policies.html ) This would be a serious highjacking of State and local sovereignty
    and violation of our system of “federalism”.

    Moreover, the process itself has been so flawed and secretive, that it boggles the mind that the Administration would countenance allowing a treaty it was negotiating to be drafted by private multinationals, and allow itself and all other parties to be bound to a Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement, such that the public and the Senate would be barred in advance from seeing or reviewing the provisions of any drafts, and would even keep in the dark Senators sitting on committees or subcommittees with jurisdiction to hold hearings on the drafts, and moreover keep in the dark the Committee chairs as well. One wonders why the process has not been challenged in Court or at least referred to the Congressional Legislative office for a legal opinion by those Senators who have expressed dissatisfaction with the process.

    Furthermore, one wonders whether any in the Senator leadership who might be regarded as supportive of such a treaty favoring the multinationals, or any others closely tied to multinationals and multinational business interests, such as Feinstein (through her husband’s equity funds) or Kerry (through his wife’s ownership of Heinz), might not have already seen and commented on the draft, but said nothing, thereby putting their loyalty to a private CNDA over the public interest and their Constitutional duties ad responsibilities. It is a question that should be posed in a comprehensive way to Kerry at his confirmation hearings and also to Feinstein, and if they lay low, then they should be hit hard and pursued on the issue until they become forthright on the matter.

    The public is getting screwed with this treaty. Obama bears the responsibility. And, it is time people become informed and get ready and willing to go into the trenches. Public Citizen has done some good work on this matter, and its analyses can be viewed at http://www.citizen.org/TPP See also: http://www.democracynow.org/2012/6/14/breaking_08_pledge_leaked_trade_doc which had an
    excellent presentation of the issues by Public Citizen in June, 2012. Also, see the Citizen’s Trade Campaign at:
    http://www.citizenstrade.org/ctc/trade-policies/tpp-potential-trade-policy-problems/ for some close tracking of the negotiations and information that has been revealed.
    The AFL-CIO also has some analysis. While it has opposed Free Trade agreements int the past, it is not clear yet how aggressive they will be on this one.

    People are urged to learn more about the TPP, its draft provisions to the extent disclosed, and the negotiations, and to get involved. For questions and more information people are urged to contact Public Citizen, the Citizen’s Trade Campaign (and also the AFL-CIO).

  5. Just as a followup: while Democracy Now has dropped the ball and failed miserably in its reporting and commentary on the wars in Libya and Syria, (as well as on some other issues), with regard to the TPP, it did give some excellent exposure by way of Public Citizen’s strong statement on the treaty.

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