The Reality Principle -Episode 15

“The Geopolitics of East Africa” with Thomas Mountain

RPLogoThis week, Eric has an in-depth conversation with independent journalist Thomas Mountain. They discuss the current political situation in Ethiopia, grounding the discussion in a historical framework that informs an understanding of the politics of today. Eric and Tom examine the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea as well as some of the internal issues in Eritrea such as education, democracy, and poverty reduction. Mountain provides his analysis as someone living in Eritrea and who is familiar not only with the politics of the country, but the daily lives of its citizens. Also, the two break down the imperialist nature of the mission in Somalia and some of the historical background to the continued conflict there. Additionally, Eric and Tom also provide a detailed analysis of the war in Mali and the imperial agendas of France and the US in the region.

Thomas Mountain is the most widely distributed independent journalist in Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. His work can be found at and his interviews for Press TV and Russia Today are readily available online.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. I agree with Thomas Mountain – East Africa correspondent. U.S. Aid and the Consortium for International Development are CIA covers and ways to recycle overseas aid back into the U.S. without benefiting those in need. This was ongoing in 1990. When I returned from Kenya I was told by a demographer with diplomatic immunity that there were areas in Africa that they wanted to overpopulate and die off. All of this stems from limited resources in sub-Saharan Africa. Seldom looked at is the roll of European industrial pollution in this crisis because prevailing winds deliver these contaminants called acid rain to increase desertification of Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Andrea Herz Payne Andrea and her husband Hunter engage Hollywood movie stars and athletes to restore areas after crises, such as the Sudan. They are currently involved in introducing sustainable agriculture to Southern Sudan.

    In 1990 I introduced solar box cookers into Tanzania, East Africa. A solar cooker solves 80% of disease in Africa – the result of unpasteurized water, and helps reduce women’s labor from cooking and gathering firewood. There are many designs, but the one I used cost less than $7 U.S.: made with two cardboard boxes, black mica, a tin can, a pane of glass, and some aluminum foil.

    Solar Cookers International (SCI) is a California 501c3 nonprofit, (NGO) that spreads solar cooking awareness and skills worldwide, particularly in areas with plentiful sunshine and diminishing sources of cooking fuel. SCI has been working in Africa since 1995.

    Arbico Biological Controls brings in African students to learn in Tucson, Arizona. Two of our local African American elder stateswomen are in East Africa this spring to build ties with our local sustainable community who are building community gardens with non-GMO seeds, and other projects such as aquaculture.

  2. Andrea and Hunter’s link got omitted. Here it is:

  3. flogchopsuey says:

    Thanks for the link, most enlightening. I winter in Florida, “the sunshine state” and the lack of solar technology (passive, active, high tech and otherwise) penetration here and a virtual total reliance on importing energy into the state is absolutely astounding! So I much appreciate your interest in this cooking technology and look forward to more links from you. Solar represents a potential community based industry that holds much promise. Presumably frogs are not on the menu, especially boiled ones.

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