Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Episode 12: Africa Blowback & “Why the Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Your Friend”

Ryan Dawson Presents Dr. Stephen Zunes

GPDr. Stephen Zunes is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he chairs the program in Middle Eastern Studies. He is the author of several books including Western Sahara: War Nationalism& Conflict Irresolution Today we discuss the US and NATO's cascading series of blowback-disasters from Libya to Mali to Algeria and why "the enemy of your enemy is not your friend." They're just your future enemy. The conflict in Mali kick started nearly a year ago with a coup in March of 2012. One policy reaction after another fumbled in the face of the US's own Frankensteins which it created through poorly thought out intervention in North Africa. So what is happening now, and could this conflict grow further? Is France painting a target on itself? How much is gold a factor? Tune in.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. I got really down when he was speaking about all of the African history and culture that is being destroyed. I was quite sad there at the end, sorry folks.

  2. Hey Ryan,

    I think something happened to the uploaded file…I’m only hearing your voice and not your guest’s. It just goes to dead air after you are done talking. 🙁

  3. My bad…I just realized one of my speakers went out, and you and the guest alternate b/w left and right channel. Problem fixed.

  4. I’ve noticed that too. If I have only one headphone in. It’s kind of nice to have the separation, if say, you wanted to get a separated copy of each person’s voice. But, personally, I think it sounds better to have the mix balanced more toward the center. But that’s just my taste.

    Thanks, Ry, for all your hard work and excellent interviews!

  5. Oh yeah, thanks for the update on Mali. I’m getting sick of hearing about more people’s lives being destroyed for the sake of profit, power, repressive religions, though. Ryan, your comment about the destruction of a culture reminds me of the end of Daft Punk’s animated video One More Time…the death squad troopers crashing the party, which prevents the video from being a completely vacuous club tune. None the less, no one seems to see the black clad troopers at the door in the comment section, just like no one wants to talk about the way the West is funding the destabilization of the planet. I fully believe that the people in power are psychopathic, but how the hell is it that so few people seem to care about what’s going on? Is the media really that good? It’s like this massively sick phenomenon in which nobody wants to claim responsibility for anything, they just want to marginalize people who try to get some deeper understanding of what’s going on.

  6. tonywicher says:

    People don’t know what’s going on when all they have to go on is the “mainstream media” that is fully controlled, like the Soviet media under Stalin. That is why a source of truth like Sibel Edmonds is so valuable. I do question the concept of “blow-back” Zunes uses, as if the proliferation of all these “Al Qaeda” franchises flying the Jolly Roger were the unintended consequence of stupid policies instead of the deliberate result of policies intended to destabilize nation-states and smash all resistance to NATO imperialism. 9/11 wasn’t some unintended “blow-back” and neither is the emergence of “Al Qaeda” all over the world. These mercenary pirates with beards are NATO shock troops, funded and armed by NATO through its puppets in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, etc.

  7. Right that’s the question. How much of it is “unintended” and how much of it is “who cares? The more conflict the better.”

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