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  1. a few days ago when we returned to the US through customs in Honolulu, my six year old says to me “Daddy, America is Freedom, right?” Aparently, exceptionalism is part of the kindergarten curriculum. She’s started saying the “Pledge” at school already as well.

  2. well I logged in, and no I don’t have much to say about P.jamiol/bfp.

    that isn’t what I am interested in!

    Jeesus christofer Sibel! you are getting weird!

    The stuff you are famous for… well… that is the main thing… forget the other crap!

    Keep on keep’n on sister! you are doing a great thing… !

  3. Oh by the way… i drink too much!

    I have an eye on things, such as I can deduce from what is.

    I guess I wouldn’t expect to be anywhere ahead of rest of the folks… when the damn thing implodes/explodes, and all that stuff! And like what I would say on this thing: “Get ready to die” that is what is the main thing that we all, young and old, we all should be ready to….” get ready to die”. cause that is surely not too far off or too far of… what is real.

    Check it out, and get back to me in about a hunderd years… and tell me!!

  4. Well, Me for one, I’m… discusted.. to see how things have gone. I mean: that we have a complete idiot nogooder/queer, sitting in as… (oh yeah… he/she sits in real nice… Asshole buddies… queer bastards! The government congress senate… all friute/queers, just the same as the gadamed Catholic fruits assholles. Of which you have heard about…

    O is a fruit

    W is a fruit

  5. jschoneboom says:

    I’m always appalled when I go to the toy department of my local shops and there’s a whole section of military toys. Guns and tanks and bombers and soldiers, a whole little plastic world of playtime death and destruction. It’s just taken for granted, oh sure, these are toys, this is legitimate. WTF!?!? I don’t let my kids anywhere near them. It’s actually completely chilling, as a social engineering/mind control/behavior shaping technique. War Is Fun, kids, and remember, We’re The Good Guys!

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