Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson-“Washing Away the State’s Blame Shifting”

Ryan Dawson Presents Lew Rockwell

GPThough the intellectually lazy like to try to make free market "capitalism" a blame all for everything from the housing bubble to military-corporate welfare, Lew Rockwell joins us today to break down the complexities of the State, central banking, rubbish media, and Keynesian economics' malevolence and incompetence, and the government as the facilitator of cartels, protectionism, mercantilism, wars, bailouts, and corrosive financial criminal institutions.

Listen to the podcast show here:


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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. jschoneboom says:

    Interesting discussion, thanks. I find Lew Rockwell to be reasonable and quite persuasive, and certainly a welcome voice in the effort to identify the essential problems facing us and mount a counterattack.

    One thing I find stupendously unconvincing though, is the inane glorification of capitalism. Yes, we can all agree that the marriage between government and corporations is unholy, that we have entered fascism. We can all agree on the absurdities of the Fed, and that unsustainable debt is an obvious dead end. We can all deplore government corruption. But somehow this well-founded anti-government rhetoric ends up implying, golly, if we could just get government out and let capitalism do its thing, everything would be so much better.

    Well how do you think we got here?

    The problem is the apparent total failure to appreciate that the current state of affairs is as much an effect of capitalism as it is of government. The natural tendency of capitalism is towards monopoly, the centralization of power. Bigger fish eat smaller fish until the government itself is owned by corporations and we have what we now see.

    It’s like you guys are imagining some sort of idealized small-market decentralized Adam Smith capitalism, which yeah, would probably be wonderful, but has never existed any more than any socialist utopia has ever existed. And has the same odds of ever existing in future. Rockwell uses terms like “predatory force” and “gang of thieves” to describe government, and it’s frankly astounding that neither he nor Ryan Dawson ever acknowledge that these terms are at least as apt in describing the kingpins of capitalism. Oh yeah, give me the big capitalists! There’s a good place to put our trust! They’re sure to make the best possible decisions for their workers and the environment. Give me a flipping break.

    That’s the elephant in the room in these discussions. I mean, fine, let’s End the Fed, let’s fight government excess, but let’s keep our eyes open and not get carried away here by some reflexive pendulum effect where suddenly the whole problem can be summed up in one easy word: Government. There’s hopefully a balance possible there somewhere, an optimal balance of power. All government responsibilities are not created equal, nor are all regulations. If any of you think you really want (mostly) unfettered capitalism, have a nice long look at the nineteenth century and see if you’d like to go live there.

  2. teraspol says:

    Rockwell is simplist in blaming Keynes for the “deficit spending” which feeds the US war machine. It rather shows that this system is at its wits’ end. It is “Austrian” (Hayek) in imposing every time more austerity on ordinary people and “Keynesian” in building the biggest war infrastructure ever seen in this planet and bailing out the too big to fail.

    Then Rockwell makes a pirouette. All this would be due not to free market capitalism which is intrinsically good and pure but to state intervention…

    It is the other way: not only the state but also the capitalist world system is in crisis because of the falling profit rates since the 1970 due to automation, the growing extraction costs etc… Slashing on wages reduced purchase power. Growing endebtment of households and local authorities only gave a puff of oxygen but that is over now.
    The system is completely dismayed. It has always used the state and still needs it because entreprises need some backing and framework in the ruthless competition. On the other hand it slashes states. Yugoslavia was balkanised, now Lybia, Sudan, Syria, tomorrow maybe Spain, Belgium… Sometimes whole regions are left to rot. The coltane and uranium in the East of Congo can be exploited by gangs lead by the warlords of neighbouring countries… No need to have a state in Congo more than a facade!
    The remaining balkanised ethnical or denominational entities are easier to exploit and to abet the one against the other. “Divide et impera”. But too much division is not good for the system either. Without a sufficiently strong state no war economy, no bail outs..

    Behind Rockwell there is Ron Paul and the nihilist philosophy of Ayn Rand. She invoked rugged individualism but not for herself because she parasitised on rich sponsors. Nothing should make an obstacle to the development of the strong individual who has to push the weak aside. No state, no clan, no family should make an obstacle. In order to prevail Rockwell and the nihilists behind him will have to do away with the social teaching of catholicism and islam. Let us hope that pope Francis I will reaffirm those teachings from “Populorum Progressio”.
    Rockwell does not understand a lot about human rights either. In the French revolution the right of personal property was affirmed but this right is not absolute: it is counterbalanced by the need of assistance to those in need.

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