Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson-“Search & Destroy: The Rape of Iraq”

Ryan Dawson Presents Pepe Escobar

GPInvestigative journalist and geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar joins us to explain what really happened with the so called "surge" in Iraq, how the sectarian violence was fostered to divide and conquer, and what a time bomb Iraq still may be. How did the pentagon and press turn 9/11 into a psychological hammer to dehumanize and demonize Iraqis? Is the media on Syria any better than it was with Iraq?

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Ry
    You are privy to Pepe Escobar which I would love to have.

    I hate it when ppl shut him off, he has BEEN there and knows firt hand

    and he is not a puppet of the hotel trash MSM

    To Pepe- After about 4-5 yrs of reading #geopoliticks of all ppl I have learned the most from is you. I”m a novice at all geopolicks needless to say but your perspecive is so informative and refreshing.

    May Mother EArth shine upon you andme. 🙂

  2. gogetem says:

    A bit off topic, but here is a long, but very interesting account from Webster Tarpley on what he refers to as the “Pro-War Left”.

    A very good litmus test and gut check of any so-called left leader or gatekeeper is where they stand on the JFK assassination and 9/11.

  3. Castillonis says:

    Thanks for the discussion about pipelines, BRIC, and the Shanghai corporation. I am very interested in these topics. I check the Asia times often, and I mention it to other people.

    1. I have Nick Turse’s Vietnam book “Kill Anything That Moves” on my list of ebooks to read. I heard the interview on Fresh Air from WHYY.

    2. You should consider interviewing Middle Eastern history professor Juan Cole. He speaks standard Arabic and has studied Turkish, Farsi, and Urdu. He can explain quite a bit about religion and history.

    3. An absolutely fascinating history about the events which lead up to Pearl Harbor is Robert Stinnett’s “Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor” It is available in audio, ebook, and paperback. You can electronically search the ebooks, but the ebook Location and the paperback pages do not match. Look for Lieutenant Commander McCollum’s eight-action memo and learn about how all of the codes had been broken. It is a game changer about how you will think about Pearl Harbor.

    Again, thanks for the great discussion.

  4. * I’ll have Pepe back as we stated to talk about BRICS.
    * I will send Juan Cole and email that’s a good idea.
    * I’ve read Day of Deceit, I believe we plugged that with Dr. Gerson.

    * Tarpley is a charlatan and a fool. (that’s my opinion)
    * I hope you were not alluding that I shut off Pepe, we do have time constraints. I’m privy to him because I earned that. We talked on other radio shows before I started one.

    Next up is Professor Hong on North Korea.

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