Charlie McGrath & Sibel Edmonds on Boston Terror

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  1. tonywicher says:


    Oh thank you for correcting Charlie on the idea of “blowback”. 9/11, the Marathon bombing and everything in between are all cases of state-sponsored terror, not “blowback” by people enraged by our policies. Just as we sponsor terrorism abroad, using “Al Qaeda” operatives to destabilize Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia and China, so also we sponsor terrorism at home, as in 9/11, Marathon, and all the other domestic terror incidents. It is all one piece. How is the Marathon case “blowback”? The entire series of events going back to the beginning of contacts with the Tsarnaevs was initiated by the FBI/CIA. Those boys would otherwise have been leading normal lives. The intelligence services are always cultivating assets years in advance. These boys were totally under their control. They were puppets. There was no mistake. There was no incompetence. The FBI/CIA/Craft etc. are the terrorists. This is the strategy of tension. The objective can be no other than a police state.

  2. ollikingelin says:

    In this interview (between 32-33 min), as well as in couple of others, there’s this idea of getting “the obstacle of Russia” away from protecting Syria by showing the Russians green light in going after the [U.S.-backed/created] Chechen terrorist groups. What might be the main reason for the Russians *not* going public with the whole thing and telling the U.S. leaders something like: “Well, now that we both agree (per the Boston bombing) that the Chechens are terrorists, we’d suggest that you call the rest of your “imams”, “consults”, “language teachers”, and “aid workers” home. For the trials, we could supply you with some stuff they have been doing around here, in case you cannot find it in your own papers. Could you please also cross Chechnya over from your black ops budgets in the future..?”

    The Russians surely do have enough evidence to show that at least some of the Chechen assets have been recruited by the C.I.A., don’t they?

    Blowing the rest of the Chechen agents’ cover might save the Russians the Syria card and might have the advantage of seriously damaging the C.I.A.’s al-Qaida weapon in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. This of course depends on whether the Russians are willing/able to stop playing along this globalist “Agents with False Flags” game.

    What are the worst skeletons in the Russians’ closets preventing them from blowing the whistle and making it a public humiliation? They sure know that they are being surrounded, and that sooner or later the U.S. war machine will aimed directly at them? I think a public disclosure would work the best for them.

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