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This morning I woke up to yet another discouraging report re-affirming the sorry state of our country due to the even sorrier state of our majority. Despite being the worst president this nation has ever had when it comes to secrecy, persecution and prosecution of whistleblowers, civil liberties abuses, many-fronted wars, furthering police-state practices, and numerous current scandals surpassing even those of President Nixon, 50% of our nation’s people approve and support Barack Obama. That’s right- Our uninformed majority is still defending the indefensible.

As I read and listen to case after case illustrating the ever-growing public ignorance and apathy I can’t help but think of one of my favorite stories-analogies. This is how the story goes:

Once upon a time an evil witch visits a kingdom and poisons the central well with a potion that drives people mad. The next morning all who drink from that well go crazy. The king, however, knew about this in advance, and didn’t drink from the communal well. The next day, those who drank the poisoned water came to the king and accused him of being the crazy one. The king, aware of what had transpired, was faced with a dilemma: drink from the well and lose his sanity like the rest of his subjects, but remain king; or don’t drink, remain sane, but be swept from power by those who would view his very sanity as madness.


Our majority is exactly in this sorry state due to their regular consumption of the water from the establishment’s poisoned wells. Meanwhile, those who refrain from drinking from the wells poisoned by the establishment witches are categorized, marginalized, and labeled extremists, crazies, conspiracy theorists, and other adjectives along the same line.

We have the witches of the establishment pouring the poisoned concoction into the communal wells. Maybe a little bit of pseudo patriotism mixed with a fair amount of fear-mongering laced with dependency-inducing barbitals topped with fluffy fantasy puffs. Maybe three portions of false security shaken with two portions of false prosperity into a hallucinogenic elixir blended with a shot of apathy-enhancing liquor. Maybe all of the above and more.

Equally if not more importantly we have the poison-water bearers. After all, the objective of poisoning the majority is too important to be left to chance. You see, for the poisoned well plot to work, most if not all should drink from the poisoned wells, so what better way to ensure that than having water bearers deliver to most if not all. The mainstream and pseudo-alternative poison-water-bearers do just that: take the water poisoned by the establishment witches, put it into easy-to-swallow portions and easy-to-drink containers, and then deliver it to as many people as they can. That’s right. You take the establishment poisons together with the mainstream media poison-bearers, and you get a whole a lot of poisoned people acting crazy as hell. And if by any chance you have refrained from drinking, then you better be ready to be singled out, pointed at, and called a nut and a crazy.

All this brings me to why I started this website named so very aptly-Boiling Frogs Post. My main objective was to provide people with a real alternative- an alternative to the many poisoned information sources. An alternative not poisoned with concoctions poured out by the mega corporations, corporate-foundations, or lap-dog NGOs. An alternative not tainted by shrewdly-crafted divisiveness called partisanship.

Fundraising ThermometerTo achieve this objective I, together with my partners at Boiling Frogs Post, made a pledge: We would receive no funding, not even a dime, from corporate advertisers, corporate-foundations or lap-top NGOs. We pledged not to allow partisanship poison to slip into our content. We put our existence and continuance solely in the hands of our readers and supporters- The Irate Minority.

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting this true alternative website and its mission, during the last three years we have survived, grown, expanded, and increased our reach and impact-solely due to your backing.

We have carefully expanded our partnership to bring to you unmatched daily podcast and video reports untainted by any establishment poison, propaganda or partisanship. We have been breaking stories and reports that no mainstream or pseudo-alternative media dares to touch. We have been publishing daring articles and analyses to neutralize and counter establishment poisons. Whether it is our ground-breaking video report series, or original and daring podcast interviews, or enlightening analyses and articles censored by the establishment, or nightly news roundups gathered from non-mainstream sources and channels … we have continued our quest to provide a true alternative and informative source of information.

This website is a true alternative to the many poisoned wells. We are growing and expanding, but we are still the minority. We can only exist with the support of our irate minority members and supporters. Without your subscriptions we won’t be able to create and produce original and independent multimedia shows. Without your donations we won’t be able to research, verify, select and present to you crucial news and developments night after night…Without your support this truth source cannot exist. Without your support the obscurers of the truth will win. Without your support there will not be a true alternative to the poisoned wells

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