The Reality Principle -Episode 31

“Move to Amend” with David Cobb

RPLogoThis week, Eric sits down with David Cobb to discuss the nature of corporations and their immense power over our lives. Eric and David examine the symbiotic relationship between corporations and imperialism, with particular attention to key historical examples. The conversation touches upon some of the most insidious examples of corporate power in the world today, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Monsanto and big Agribusiness, etc. Additionally, David discusses the Move to Amend coalition which is leading a grassroots movement to amend the Constitution to limit the power of corporations. They analyze ways in which this issue is trans-partisan, uniting like-minded people from across the political spectrum behind the causes of freedom, sovereignty and human rights.

David Cobb is an activist and organizer. He is one of the founders of Move to Amend as well as a former presidential candidate from the Green Party. Visit the organization's website at

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. One strategy that the folks in Oregon are using to challenge corporate abuse with GMO’s is to present plants and animals with the same corporate rights of an individual in their lawsuits. They are trying to keep GMO wheat out of Oregon.

  2. Hi Eric,

    You’re really doing terrific at communicating the need for and existence of the joining of forces to fight against imperialism and tyranny. I thought you and Mr. Cobb hit the nail on the head with your comments about “before we even get to political philosophy, we need accountability and justice.” [paraphrasing]

    The corruption is so pervasive that all good people can come together to work for justice. I’m so glad that point is at the front of your mind and that you’re able to speak so clearly about it.


  3. Oh, and sorry Mr. Cobb, Nader beat you out on my ballot in 2004. But, had we an instant-runoff voting system, you would have been my second choice, if that’s any consolation. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication!

  4. Robertj446 says:

    Eric, I am a Libertarian/Conservative voter and I applaud anyone working to hold centralized power to account. The key problem however is there is a wide chasm between anti-corporation groups and small government groups. Those in power are quite happy with that-divide and conquer type strategy. Most of the time I find it useless if not impossible to even have a conversation with “the other side”. Public sector unions run states like NY,CA,NJ,Illinois but groups like “move to amend” seem to ignore that when they want to minimize corporate involvement in elections. The chasm is big and sometimes I agree with RUSH “Liberalism needs to be defeated not compromised with” and that goes for the RINO’s as well. Instead of new amendments we need to start enforcing and supporting the ones we already have.

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