Villains, Heroes & Villain-Made Heroes

The Real Truth is Never Popular-When Truth Really Matters

We often hear of viewing the world in black and white terms. In many of my interviews I talk about the tendency of people to simplify politics by dividing its actors into two groups: guys in white hats versus guys in black hats. I don’t know how much of this is cultural, nor have I pinpointed a correlation further explaining this phenomenon. But I know one thing: in our current political world filled with deception and showcased on a stage of smoke and mirrors, this trend of seeking absolute heroes and villains counters the ultimate goal of finding the truth and real answers.

No one can deny the existence of a multitude of dark villains in the center of the current political machine directing our current police state. Similarly, no one would deny the existence of the very few heroes who dare this machine and attempt to expose and counter it.  However, only a small percentage is able to identify another category present on this stage, and an even lesser percentage has the courage and willingness to point to it and call it what it is.

Yes, there are many villains. And yes, there indeed are a few heroes. But there exists another group: The villains-made heroes.

Villains can be very smart and calculative; as we all know. Just as we do, they too know a thing or two about this thing called the psychology of the masses. They are aware of the increase in the number of those who are turning away from the villains’ mainstream outlets to those considered alternative. They understand the masses’ tendency to seek and follow heroes. Trust me; they do, and their knowledge of all this translates into more planning, plotting and action; and think about it- what would that planning,  plotting and action entail?

Think about wolves in sheep’s’ clothing. Think about the use of decoys. Think about penetration and neutralization.

Let me put it this way: the latest surveys show that virtually No One trusts the mainstream media. See it for yourself: here- a new Gallup poll shows that a whopping 77% of Americans distrust mainstream media television.

Do you believe we the people are the only ones who see, read, hear, and realize this new phenomenon? In other words: Don’t you think the villains are perfectly aware of this reality? Okay, now think about what the villains would do knowing this fact.  Put yourself in the villains’ shoes and think what ploys you would come up with to keep up with these latest changes, or even better, what would you do to stay ahead of the curve with the changing trends and counter them.

Do I have to spell it out further? If you are the villain, and you are aware of the new trend called ‘alternative media’, would you still plot, plan, and work as you did years ago, and extend your tentacles only into the mainstream media domain? Or would you grow more tentacles, grab hold of the outlets within the new arena called the alternatives? Would you put all your plots and actions into baskets no longer trusted, such as Fox, NYT or Times Magazine? Or would you cast your net over and get your hooks into villain-made and funded channels posing as alternatives, such as the Nation, Salon and the like?

The exact same principle applies to heroes. Villains know and fully understand the hero phenomenon and the danger presented by heroes. I am talking about real heroes who rise among the people and take on the villains-as they’ve done throughout human history. I am referring to real heroes who earn the public’s respect and trust, and who are followed and supported by the people. I mean those who are perceived by the villains as a real threat.

The villains know all about the power of heroes. They are fully aware of the influence heroes exert on the people. They know and understand the people’s hero phenomenon. Villains never underestimate the power and importance of heroes. In fact, they take it very seriously- serious enough to plan, create, and plant their own heroes posing as the people’s heroes. Let’s call these plans the villains’ counter-hero measures, or perhaps Manchurian-Heroes: villain-made heroes.

Villain-made heroes have tremendous utility. They can be used to penetrate the real heroes’ realm. They can be used as decoys to neutralize or eliminate real heroes. They can be used to distract and re-channel the people’s dissatisfaction, discontent, and/or rage. They can be used to manufacture consent … As I’ve said- the villain-made heroes can be very useful to the villains.

If I were a villain among the plentiful villains, I would put my hero-sniffers out via NGOs who have been set up to detect and neutralize heroes or to-be-heroes. If I were a villain, I would pick, groom, and plant alternative journalists who would be perceived by many real heroes as trust-worthy channels to turn to. I would make sure my villain-made journalist looks as real as possible by having him or her write some damning condemnation of me, and be the loudest amongst the villain-damning crowd. How else could you fool, entrap, and neutralize real heroes and real public condemnation?

After being a whistleblower for over eleven years, and working with government whistleblowers and whistleblower issues for nine years, I have learned a thing or two about villain-made channels and villain-made heroes. And I am certain I have before me much more to learn- as we all know, the villains grow, evolve and improvise continuously, and sometimes they manage to stay a few steps ahead of us.

What I have learned and experienced-personally and through dozens of real whistleblower cases, tells me that things are rarely what they seem to be. It is important, crucial, to investigate, ask questions, and demand real answers. Sometimes it is unpopular to question and expose the popular villain-made channels or heroes. It is a matter of mass psychology. It is one of the greatest contributing factors to mass ignorance. It was the case when I publicly questioned, criticized and condemned Barack Obama in 2008-2009-2010. He talked like a real hero; he wrote like one. He even assumed all the body-language and mimics of a real hero. He was a villain-made masterpiece among many other villain-made heroes.

It was an unpopular thing for me to do during the height of popularity of that Manchurian-Hero. Today not so much.  Same goes for our staunch stand as a news and information site when it comes to casting needed doubts on currently popular channels posing as alternatives and characters masquerading as heroes. Time and experience have taught us to look beyond the hero appearances, detect irregularities and inconsistencies, ask the questions that need to be asked, and help expose what needs to be exposed. Doing all that when no one else does- daring to dare current popularity. The real truth is never popular-when truth really matters.

Like so many cover-ups throughout history the veils covering villain-created channels and villain-made heroes are bound to fall. It is up to us whether to leave the unveiling to the passage of time as we become history, or to take it upon ourselves to lift the veils. It is up to us to seek and attain the truth sooner rather than later; unpopularity notwithstanding.

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Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. A very astute analytical article, Sibel. After reading David Ray Griffin’s book – “9/11, Ten Years later, two inescapable conclusions have cemented my thoughts. One, is power. What people fear they will gravitate towards so as not to be a casualty. People will embrace power hoping that they too will have control over that control. Michio Kaku a theoretical physicist at CUNY might liken this to the “caveman principle.” A principle which all humans have in common concerning survival. It is the old paradigm of spirituality versus materialism. A baseness which social Darwinism exploits between the have and have nots.

    The second variable is the one that confronts us tactically. It is the “Nationalistic Faith.” The belief that government is good and would never do the such heinous crimes, such as 9/11, on its people. It blinds such reasoned men as Bill Moyers and William Parry. Two who have fought over the years, in varying degrees, against government corruption. But, for Moyers and Parry to admit that our government is indeed capable of such nefarious acts toward Americans would require that they reevaluate their own belief system. Moreover, by evaluating their cognitive dissonance and its accompanying “Nationalistic Faith” would mean that they invalidate their system of truth. Yes, for Moyers and Parry they cannot serve two masters yet do so through subconscious default.

  2. AVIONBLANC says:

    Ms. Edmonds–As always well done.

    However, I’m thick. You have mentioned, on your podcast, outlets that are less than “alternative”, however, I believe more exposure should be done by you and the others associated with you here at Boiling Frogs. Name names.

    You have been banned from some outlets so exposing that would not be “opinion”, it is fact. Others of your associates must have similar stories or can reveal stories from these faux alternative sites that have been proven incorrect or just follow the government line.

    Clearly, the Snowden thing is contrived. You’ve commented on that and through the treatment of Russ Tice it is shown that the issue isn’t what the MSM say it is. I don’t know what it is, and it isn’t the story being portrayed in the media.

    Your comments about the Boston event was not the MSM nor Faux alternative meme. Actually, whatever happened to that story? It seems to have entered the memory hole.

    Anyhow, you and many of the folks who publish and post podcasts here are the ones I turn to to get some clear perspective on the events surrounding us.

    Good work!

  3. Bill Bergman says:

    Great stuff, Sibel.

    “It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry. ”
    ― Thomas Paine

  4. danny7323 says:

    Very important issue Sibel, thanks. What happened entering the age of information, the internet, was that people were thrown back more on their competence of differating, the awareness to separate facts and rumours for example. And I always loved the Thora saying, man know your thoughts for they become your words, actions, habits, character, destiny. It is a chain who is straight lined with certain subjects, not so much with others… But I’m afraid that users here are aware of these things… And yes, if not too risky for any reasons, name further names. You shine in this media landscape, keep going, thank you indeed!

  5. dutchbradt says:

    As others have already said, I think we here know about the exploitation of mass psychology by the oligarchs, and their co-option of the media. You have mentioned some specific sites and reporters who should not be trusted at various times, but perhaps a compendium of unreliable sources would be useful. One big problem with a simple list however is the fact that the same source can be reliable on some topics but not on others. A truly useful compendium of sources to be leery of would need to delve into each’s strengths (if there are any) and weaknesses. This would be a lot of work and probably too much to ask for, but …

  6. carolcrumlish says:

    Thank you, Sibel, for taking the time to write this very insightful piece on a crucial topic. I, too, request more names. Who are the “fake” alternatives?

  7. gogetem says:

    Cass Sunstein, I believe, is still hard at work.

  8. Sibel, your article reflects deep insight regarding a key aspect of the human psyche. You are not simply talking about your garden variety agent provocateur. Your analysis, among other things, points to the darker side of what humans can do. In crude terms, one sees that humans must “cover your ass”(CYA) as they conveniently switch their position 180 degrees. And many succumb to the elixir of power or status.
    My experiences in Berkeley in the 60s, 70s forced me to question not only those elites in power; I had to include anti-establishment types with whom I associated or listened to. A curious paranoia was ever-present. Who, really, can one trust? Can I trust you? Can you trust me? etc., etc.

    But this is nothing new regarding the thousands of years of endless wars, plotting groups, and lying by humans.

    From The Art of War by Sun Tzu, circa 600 B.C.: “To know your enemy become your enemy” or “All war is based on deception.”
    I feel those smart-ass cowardly neocons know how to play this game of deception and switching–they will always claim their position to be the right one(pun intended).

    I am now 72 and still get fooled, but not disappointed, since I usually don’t expect much integrity or empathy from humans. When I see it, however, it is an amazing delight. In the end, of course, one’s actions speak louder than words. So, unless I see Sibel Edmonds with a talk show on Fox News(actually I don’t watch TV), you have my full respect, trust and admiration. “Freedom is a Struggle”(60s saying)!

  9. ProudPrimate says:

    Scary, though, that the US population trusts the military above all others, at 70%?

  10. ProudPrimate says:

    Sorry — 76%. Too bad these posts are not editable. Would you consider invoking the Edit functions of WordPress, for klutzy posters like me?

  11. manix37 says:

    Great piece Sibel. I for one think you are doing the right thing in “not naming names”. If you were to do this I think your site might degenerate into a name naming vortex, whereas you leave it up to us to make our own judgements. I’d rather you stay with what you do best, helping us connect the dots in the matrix. Thanks!

  12. danny7323 says:

    Oh yeah, editable posts would be great. I forgot writing one word, “already” aware of these things, that gave kind of an opposite meaning…

  13. tonywicher says:

    Good column, lots of interesting comments. I would like to add the observation that the creation of these “villain created heroes” not only co-opts and misleads those who follow them, as Obama did so many, they also create such confusion that they cause people to doubt and not to support the real heroes, leaving them in a state of depressed cynicism and apathy. One minor case is Ed Snowden. Is he a real hero or is he a villain-created one? I’m actually not sure, although I currently come down on the side of thinking he is a sincere whistleblower, as Sibel said from the beginning. I still see no good reason to doubt that, but I could be wrong, and so could Sibel. It’s very confusing in this hall of mirrors. My question to those who say he is not real, is what the motive could be for such a psyop? Qui bono? Putin said the Snowden case is like shearing a pig, lots of squealing but very little wool. I take this as meaning that Snowden has no great information that is not well-known to him and most other knowledgeable people. Russian intelligence knows, just as anybody listening to Tice, Binney etc. already knew, that the NSA is spying on everybody. The only “damage to the United States” involved in the Snowden case is the damage of widespread publicity in the mainstream media alerting the less-knowledgeable majority of the American people to what the rest of us already knew. This I can only regard as a beneficial outcome, the beginning of an awakening of the American people. If this is true, then if Snowden really is some kind of double agent or patsy in a psyop, I would say it has backfired. For diplomatic reasons Putin can’t allow Putin to live in Russia unless he shuts up, but Venezuela has offered him asylum, and we shall see where it goes from there, perhaps a partnership with Assange and Wikileaks. Is Assange also a “villain-created hero”? Some have said this too. I don’t see enough reason to believe this either. As I said, I could be wrong. Some have even said that Sibel is a villain-created hero. What shall we say of people who say this? Probably that they are Cass Sunstein style disinformation agents deliberately sewing confusion, or people successfully misled by such agents.

    Or, let’s take the “Arab Spring”. Some have made a good case that the whole thing was and is an imperial or CIA operation. But is it that simple? No. Take Egypt. The CIA has all kinds of assets in the government, in the Army, in the Muslim Brotherhood, among the Salafists. There is also genuine popular discontent. What the Empire does is to piggyback on genuine popular movements by supplying villain-created heroes to mislead them. In this case they succeeded with Morsi. The Empire managed to stay in control, but as we now see, not for long. The genuine popular discontent got bigger. Now you have people that didn’t want Mubarak after 40 years combined with people who like the Islamist imperial stooge Morsi even less. You also have many sincere dupes of the Muslim Brotherhood opposing them. The army has come down against the Muslim Brotherhood. The question is how corrupt is the Egyptian army, how influenced by the billions in “military assistance”(bribes, that is) it receives from the Empire?
    Egypt’s true anti-imperial nationalist leader, Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser, was put in power by the Egyptian military, and the great hope is that these forces will prevail against the forces of imperial corruption. There is a Nasserist former candidate who came in third in the previous election with 21% of the vote, Hamdeen Sabahi, whose record indicates to me that he might be a “real hero”, and I am hoping that he will lead the political force that out of all this turmoil unites the people of Egypt and puts the country on the path of real progress.

    I third the motion for allowing editing. I make lots of typos too.

  14. tonywicher says:

    Another plea for editing: I meant to say “Putin can’t allow Snowden to live in Russia unless he shuts up” but I typed “Putin can’t allow Putin to live in Russia unless he shuts up”. I’m sure people know what I meant, but it makes me wince to read it.

  15. jschoneboom says:

    I can’t shake the feeling you’re still talking about Glenn Greenwald 😉

    You’re right to highlight this strategy of the “villains.” After all, why wouldn’t they do that? They’re clever, and they spend a lot of time thinking about the art of war.

    I sometimes wonder how paranoid is too paranoid. I mean, for me. With all this disinformation and spies and halls of mirrors and impostors and fake stories and partly true stories hiding deeper stories and hero villains and villain heroes, a person could literally go mad.

    Clearly a high level of distrust is called for, but when I find myself second and third guessing people who have, for example, done something useful but maybe it doesn’t tick off ALL my boxes, I just want to say to hell with it all, politics is a cesspool, they can have it, I’m focusing entirely on art and love from now on.

    But so far I haven’t quite been able to forsake the mundane world.

  16. tonywicher says:

    Most Americans are apathetic and cynical, without leaders or direction. There are real heroes, real leaders, but they are marginalized or killed if necessary. To determine who is a real leader, the best bet is to take a close look at their record. Obama, for example, came out of nowhere, but he did have a record. But instead of taking a good look at it, people read “Dreams of my Father” which were dreams all right, produced by a propaganda factory. His mother was not an “anthropologist:”, she was a CIA agent who helped Suharto betray the country to the Empire and kill some 500,000 Indonesian citizens. Obama is a complete and total fabrication. Snowden has no prior record so it’s hard to say. On he other hand, Sibel has an impeccable record for her entire career. In Egypt, Sabahi has a long record of principled opposition to the Sadat, Mubarak and Morsi governments, so he looks like a good bet to me. We have not yet seen a mass movement in this country, and we do not see anyone in particular on the horizon that is looking to be the next real national leader. But rapidly worsening economic conditions may soon change that. A real hero, such as FDR, sometimes emerges at crucial moments of history.

  17. jschoneboom says:

    You mean the FDR who let Pearl Harbor happen? 😉

  18. tonywicher says:

    Who wrote your history book?

  19. gogetem says:

    This is a pretty good summation of what seems to be the fakery of Assange/Snowden. Plus it mentions how Sibel, on the contrary, was pretty much ignored by the Corporate Media.
    I only take issue with the description of Greenwald as a “homosexual”. This may be true, but his sexual orientation is irrelevant and is an unnecessary and unfair smear.

  20. ‘No matter how paranoid I get, I just can’t keep up'( apologies to Lilly T)
    76% trusting the military is the scariest thing I can think of in terms of brain damage since seeing George BUSH’s utterly revealing “bathroom paintings”, where he paints himself bathing because he has so much blood on him by dint of that same military 76% of Amercians trust; a military unleashed by 911 deception.

    That he is a mass murdering war criminal painting himself bathing stands testament to something I need a little help with.

    But 911- the continued deception of 911 – still trumps all in terms of distortion to the fabric of time and space in the universe. It has broken the back of our collective ability to ‘know’ and deal with great crime. These awful people have stolen the joy from the world which may well be one of the reasons for it, But that we are unable to recognise malevolence at this level because it is so well dressed, by glitz, by love of UNIFORM; is one of the great triumphs of the deception.
    The conspirators are indeed ‘ahead’ of ‘us’. They write the script. But for all that, they are ahead looking back, watching and covering their miserable arses. Defending. watching for any disturbance to the narrative. I guess we know that.
    But looking back means not looking forward, and if you want to control the future,

    you better keep looking ahead.

    In that regard, Kevin Ryan has just published a book (“Another Nineteen”) full of NAMES.

  21. Bill Bergman says:

    Thanks for that link, gogetem. Interesting notes on Bruce Fein in there, among other things.

  22. jschoneboom says:

    tonywicher: Robert Stinnett.

  23. Hi Remo,

    Yes, my brother purchased Kevin’s Ryan’s book – “Another Nineteen.” I’ll definitely read it after him. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Bamford’s book – “The Shadow Factory” to come in.

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