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  1. Yankee Prison Blues
    (to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues)

    I hear the drones a comin’, they’re flyin’ overhead.
    They see everything that happens, and hear everything that said.
    I’m stuck in Yankee prison, workin’ for Uncle Sam.
    And payin’ interest to the bankers, who run Ameriscam.

    My Momma told me “Son” when I was just a boy,
    “The Yankees are the good guys, that’s why they go to war.
    That’s why they murder children, and kill their parents too.
    ‘Cause they have to kill the bad guys, or else they’ll come for you.”

    Their agents hunt me down, come knockin’ on my door.
    They say I owe them taxes, but I’m not payin’ any more.
    They use my money to murder, people who want to be free.
    And when they’re done killing those folks, that’s when they’ll come for me.

    If I could wake these prisoners up, if the truth could be set free,
    Perhaps they’d take back power from the devils in D.C.
    And put an end to bankers, who live off usury.
    And then the prisoners could be masters, and we could all be free.

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