De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez Presents Douglas Valentine: Beyond Dirty Wars

Vietnam, the Phoenix Program, the CIA/DEA Connection, and Modern Day Terror in Latin America

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent, Guillermo is joined by author and CIA expert, Douglas Valentine. Guillermo and Douglas discuss the origins of The Phoenix Program, the exportation of these methods and tactics to Latin America (Salvador Option), and the ways in which Phoenix lives on today. We discuss the merger of the "war on drugs" and the" war on terror," how and why the CIA influences and directs "Narco-Terrorists" in the form of "drug cartels" in present-day Mexico, and how The Agency maintains control through social engineering practices and manufactured crises in the United States and throughout the world.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Rose Mary says:

    This is a great podcast.

    Valentine: “The Phoenix Program (=terror) is a concept that is adaptable to any situation”.
    Valentine: “(In the seventies) The Phoenix Program became the perfect template for …”
    Valentine: “War on Drug” is a program for corrupting foreign countries … an integral part of world domination
    “The Salvador options” = The Phoenix Program
    Valentine: $300 billions a year profit

    Guillermo Jimenez: “To what extent is CIA still involved in drug trades? .. To what extent is this done for strictly political reason?”


    Valentine: “The farmers are doing what the hacienda landowners are saying, and hacienda landowners are doing what the North Americans are saying”.

    Not exacly, the “landowners” are local globalists, and “the North Americans” are globalists supporting the local globalists. Allen Dulles was a globalist. “American” is camuflage.

    Valentine: “US has a policy of destabilizing Mexico” (to keep Mexico down)

    Valentine’s understanding is not right. This is something we should discuss here.

    Valentine: “The biggest intelligence organisation in history”

    Not right.

  2. Great.

  3. CuChulainn says:

    Hendrix soundtrack at the end a gratuitous annoyance

  4. @CuChulainn:

    As was your comment 😉

  5. Xicha,

    You made me laugh out loud. Thanks

  6. DV is one of the very few researchers in the West who combines solid research with a broad historical perspective and fearlessness in his conclusions. I may be wrong but at least in part these qualities are enhanced by him being non-committal to any particular political ideology. Yet it is this quality which, in a dialectical reversal, might be responsible for a certain blind spot in his work. This blind spot is revealed in that concluding quote from his book on the Phoenix Program (PHP). It says that the PHP is present everywhere when Left or Right governments conduct their secret wars on dissenters. This, of course, nullifies his entire historical analysis and trivializes PHP (as well as similar programs) by reducing it to a set of techniques in a war of terror against civil population or just individual “dissidents.” From such a perspective, there is no difference between PHP and the war of the revolutionary government in Paris against the counterrevolutionary peasants in Vandee or the Soviet government’s use of the Red Army and OGPU against the Tambov Rebellion or later the Banderovite underground in Western Ukraine. The KGB running “dissident” groups and using psychiatry to suppress the voices of a capitalist restoration is also a part of the PHP family together with the CIA’s reign of terror in the Northern Caucasus or El Salvador. Everything is lumped together. I just hope that this line is nothing more that a tribute to that perennial fear of North American middle-class dissenters to be labeled “commies” and does not affect the bulk of his analysis.

    I didn’t read the book (I’ll certainly do) but if this interview is a fair summary of the historical origin(s) of PHP it’s far from being complete or even touching its central roots. The fact is that by the end of WWII the United States had relatively little experience in conducting anti-partisan war and clandestine warfare in general. I can think only of the Philippines and the “pacification” of American Indians. The supreme experts in this business were the British and the Nazis. The latter were of a higher importance because they had a unique experience of fighting the partisan movement in the SU the like of which even the British never dealt with. In the early CIA, the battle worthy core for this type of warfare were the Gehlen Org and Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B). The Gehlen Org, led by the chief of Wehrmacht’s intelligence in the Eastern Front General Reinhard Gehlen, was stuffed with the intelligence cadres of the Abwehr and other Nazi secret services. Importantly, it also included highly knowledgeable ethnic specialists from Rosenberg’s Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories. Importantly, because the secret warfare the US ruling class was to carry out on a global scale was essentially construed as ethnicity based. To give one example, what we call now Operation Gladio Plan B, that is the use of “Islamism” as proxy for gaining control over the Caucasus and Central Asia (with Russia proper and China to follow) began soon after WWII in a mosque in Munich which served for organizing veterans from Muslim Wehrmacht and SS units fighting in the Eastern Front. This CIA project was run by Rosenberg’s specialist on Soviet Muslims Dr. Gerhard von Mende who was also a member of Gehlen Org. The latter’s role in the original Operation Gladio in Europe and Turkey where the Nazis had extensive intelligence network is yet to be researched as far as I know.

    A very special group within Nazi intelligence apparatus appropriated by the US were Russian White officers who specialized in all types of political warfare, from scorched land tactics to false flag operations to penetrating Soviet partisan movement and even Soviet counterintelligence. They could teach Americans a lot and were most likely used in European Gladio and anti partisan warfare in LA. See for instance the career of Boris Smyslovsky aka Colonel Holmston .

    As to OUN-B (B is for Bandera) and its Bespeka (Security) organization, these were the best of the best, a genuine treasure trove for the CIA and DIA. These people knew the guerrilla warfare from the inside and had experience in ethnic and political cleansing operations. The head of Bespeka and later a CIA agent Mykola Lebed organized the genocide of Polish population in Volhynia (1943) which in scope was second only to the Nazi cum OUN genocide of Jews in Ukraine and Belorussia. Under the CIA’s DOD Frank Wisner, the military and security wing of OUN-B waged military and terror operations in Soviet Ukraine. Wisner calculated that by 1951 Lebed’s people killed some 35,000 Soviet police troops and Communist party cadres (Blowback – America’s recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy by Christopher Simpson). This count doesn’t include other victims of Banderovite terror — ordinary Ukrainians who refused to cooperate and the pro-Russian intelligentsia. OUN and Nazis believed that preventive terror should aim at the extermination of the creme of national intelligentsia. I suspect that the PHP type of operations had adopted this principle and that the assassination of hundreds of Middle East scientists and intellectuals that began with the invasion of Iraq may have something to do with this.

    Anyway, this is my longish 2 cents to this excellent broadcast.

  7. Rose Mary says:

    Interesting reading

    PHP = The Phoenix Program?

    “This, of course, nullifies his entire historical analysis and trivializes PHP (as well as similar programs) by reducing it to a set of techniques in a war of terror against civil population or just individual “dissidents.” ”

    Actually I favor this “nullification” of PHP as something new. “PAC” was maybe be an innovation, but murder/death quads I suspect can be found as early as the Roman empire.

    PHP is belief in terror as a “timeproven tool” of defeating an hostile civilian population -> “the right thing to do”.

    Of course this is contrary to everything privates learn about warfare, and US Army was never considered suitable for terror operations (killing civilians was demoralising for Germans soldiers). That task was delegated to CIA and Delta Force.

    Does terror work? I don’t think there is a scientific answer here, I suspect the answer is belief based -> satanists believe in terror.

  8. CuChulainn says:

    BFP and Corbett have done a great service by interviewing Valentine, who does not seem to have much audio available. I hope there will be more from him.

  9. @netter:

    While I understand your point about relating Gladio Plan B to things that were happening just after WWII, I think it’s important to specify that Gladio Plan B did not start then. We aren’t talking about tactics and strategy alone, when we mention this program. We are also talking about real institutionalization in the Pentagon and NATO.

    To quote from an article by Tom Secker:

    “To paraphrase Edmonds: though the collusion with radical Islam had been going on for decades, it wasn’t until 1996 that a formal decision was made by NATO to abandon their previous secret relationship with neo-Fascists and arch-Nationalists and replace them with Islamists.”

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