Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 84

The Global Cartel: Central Banks & Financial Markets

EPPWhat is the nature of financial markets? What are central banks and how are they controlled? These two areas are heavily overlapped, with private banks playing a leading role in the shaping of policy and institutions. Financial markets influence central banks, and central banks influence financial markets, but at the centre are the world's major bank groups with unprecedented influence to shape a new system of global governance. Welcome to the global cartel.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Andrew, I respect your knowledge and erudition regarding the global picture and who, in particular, the big players are. I would like to suggest however, a few key points to consider for your next presentation.

    In your lead-in you asked “what are central banks” and how are they controlled? You came tantalizingly close at several points–especially towards the last part, of tackling the deep essence of finance, which is of course, MONEY.
    I’ve been studying the Federal Reserve System for about the last 5 years, among other things, and have discovered the following:

    1. Most Americans, including most Economic professors do not understand how the Fed actually works.
    2. Most do not understand the quasi-governmental role it has and especially how it came into being.
    3. Most do not understand what happened at Jeckyl Is. in 1910.
    4. Most do not understand what “fiat money” is.
    5. Most do not understand what “fractional reserves” are and how a local
    bank can lend out 100K based on 10% actual reserves in the bank thereby creating 90K out of thin air and then amazingly charge the borrower an interest rate based on the 100K which the local bank never had in the 1st place.
    6. Most do not understand how the Fed and its 12 banks have never been totally audited and how/why then Fed has been totally opaque since 1913.
    7. Most do not understand what “quantatative easing”(QE) actually is and, in particular, who really benefits. Certainly not the 99%!
    8.Most believe economists who write for the MSM and never discuss the dark movements of the Fed.
    9. Most have never heard of the “Shadow Banking “System.

    All right, all right…I damn well know I went into a bit of a rant here and I can’t use the excuse that I’m an old school radical. But I feel that we were all born into a money system of which we knew nothing and honest, hardworking people got screwed and it will continue unless a wake miracle occurs. I ain’t holding my breath.

    As an after thought, google “Mandrake’s Mechanism” baesd on G. Edward Griffin’s book, chapter 10 of The Creature From Jeckyl Island.
    And please accept my thanks for your deep studies.

  2. Rose Mary says:

    AGW views the world as basically an American empire, and acknowledges US is propping up undemocratic regimes -> because that as “in the interest of the American empire”. This is basically a mainstream version of history. A very mainstream version will be to deny US is propping up anything undemokratic. What this means = there are no ruling elite in world according to AGW

    In case of central banking AGW presents one fact after another supporting the existence of world global supergovernment, but concludes there is no central control of central banking, some are public, some are private, a random collection – Rothschild/Rockefeller has no controlling interest in this system according to AGW.

    AGW uses Bank of Canada as an example of a central bank that historically has been a governmental bank. What I have learned about Bank of Canada is that it is an independent bank (= like most central banks). In this case I will classify it as an obvious “money master” controlled central bank.

  3. Rose Mary says:

    “Independent” = disguised controlled

  4. Rose Mary says:

    “Most Canadians are aware of the existence of the Bank of Canada (BoC) but beyond that, very few know little more. It is assumed that the BoC is owned by the federal government, i.e. a public asset. Under Section 3(2) of The Bank of Canada Act, the BoC is described as a “body corporate”. Black’s Law dictionary, 6th edition (page 175) defines a body corporate as “a public or private corporation”. In a recent communication received from the BoC, a representative stated that the BoC “is not a public corporation.” The BoC is, therefore, a private corporation! But who owns it?”

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