Corbett Video Report: Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?

Who benefits from the ongoing destabilization of Assad's government?

Given that the pretext for attacking Syria is falling apart before the public's eyes, why is the US preparing to wage war on that country? Who benefits from the ongoing destabilization of Assad's government? What will the Middle East look like if the Sunnis take over Syria? What is Israel's role in this? What do Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have to gain from a war in Syria? And what does Bandar Bush have to do with all of this? Join us on The Corbett Report as we discuss these and other pressing issues as the world stands on the brink of yet another US-led Middle Eastern military adventure.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Irish Nobel Peace Laureate: Surviving witness told her: THE FOREIGN FIGHTERS ARE NOT MUSLIM JIHADIST

    When foreign fighters are not “muslims”, but rapists and killers flushed with money, then I think it is time to re-evaluate what “Al Qaeda” is. Bin Laden did not promote rape and murder.

    Rapist & killers? Isn’t that satanic values = renegades?

  2. Corbett at his best

  3. “Cannonball Taffy O Jones – Proud Zionist – 1231 Fans
    So here we have the highest ranking soldier [Hassan Firouzabadi] in a state that controls a private terrorist army which is armed to the teeth with Iranian weapons on Israel’s northern border and which has thousands of men fighting in Syria for a regime capable of using nerve gas on its own people threatening that if any state intervene militarily in Syria (apart from his own state obviously) violence will be directed against Israel.
    And yet it Israel which is accused of ‘warmongering’ and ‘provocation’ …”

    I am wondering what these self-declared Zionists want?
    1) We should regard Assad as a new Saddam (no doubt that is message)
    2) We should attack Syria (no doubt that is message)
    3) Israel should do nothing?

    (This we be like Micheal Rivero describes Zionists, some who would like US to do the dirty job while they are watching)

    But then? Is the goal to turn Syria into a “failed state”?

  4. A problem: Assuming “Jihadist” mercenaries in Syria paid by Quatar includes the same as those in Libya: Why was Quatar waging war against Gaddafi? And what has Libya to do with a greater Israel?

  5. Corbett’s conclusion: We have five countries that would like to topple Assad.

    Why? Because in 2011 Syria/Iraq/Iran agreed upon a “Islamic pipline” from Iran to Mediterranean Sea.

    1) This will be a threat to US (M-I-C) because that pipeline will strenghen Iran (well .. Iran is no threat to US)
    2) This will be a threat to Israel (M-I-C) because that will compete with Israeli gas resources (assuming there is so much gas in the world it all cannot be sold on the market)
    3) This will be a threat to Quatar because they too has gas resources to market
    4) This will be a threat to Saudi-Arabia (?)
    5) This will be a threat to Turkey because they have their own pipelines

    Anything that is not pro-US is a threat to US. Anyone that may offer competing oil/gas supplies to world market is a threat to the competing countries’ “geo-political interests”.

    In short: 1) Everything is about oil and money 2) There is so much gas in the world it is a threat to the major players

    (We used to think the other way around – there is too little oil in the world)

  6. “The Times reports that “the C.I.A.’s program to arm the rebels would be deliberately limited at first to allow a trial run for American officials to monitor it before ramping up to a larger, more aggressive campaign.”
    “There seems to be emerging from this administration a pretty solid plan to upgrade the opposition,” Graham said after the meeting.”

    – to stop oil from Iran? Nope
    – to stop chemical attacks? Nope, wrong timeline

    US, Israel, NATO, Turkey, Qutar and Saudi-Arabia are co-operating. This is a globalist attack consistent with Gen. Clark’s testimonial.

    Read: Qatar is Rothschild’s Arab City, similar to London City and Wall Street. Muslim Brotherhood is funded from Qatar. Remember Linsey William’s elite quote: “We are giving the Arabs countries to Muslim Brotherhood”.

    This is a new “Bolshevik” revolution in the making – run by Zonists bankers

  7. The first thing FSA will do in government (what we learned for Libya)

    1) Create a (private) central bank
    2) Syria will be open for investments
    (it goes without saying: only dollar for oil, no EUROs)

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