The West Dethroned

The World is No Longer Willing to Go Along with the West’s Lies & Murderous Ways

“The European race’s last three hundred years of evolutionary progress have all come down to nothing but four words: selfishness, slaughter, shamelessness and corruption.” --Yan Fu

It only took the rest of the world 300 years to catch on to the evil that masquerades as “western civilization,” or perhaps it only took the rise of new powers with the confidence to state the obvious. Anyone doubtful of America’s responsibility for the evil needs to read The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.

The “New American Century” proclaimed by the neoconservatives came to an abrupt end on September 6 at the G20 meeting in Russia. The leaders of most of the world’s peoples told Obama that they do not believe him and that it is a violation of international law if the US government attacks Syria without UN authorization.

Putin told the assembled world leaders that the chemical weapons attack was “a provocation on behalf of the armed insurgents in hope of the help from the outside, from the countries which supported them from day one.” In other words, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Washington–the axis of evil.

China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, and Argentina joined Putin in affirming that a leader who commits military aggression without the approval of the UN Security Council puts himself “outside of law.”

In other words, if you defy the world, Obama, you are a war criminal.

The entire world is waiting to see if the Israel Lobby can push Obama into the role of war criminal. Many are betting that Israel will prevail over the weak American president, a cipher devoid of all principle. A couple of decades ago before the advent of the American sheeple, one of the last tough Americans, Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, publicly declared that “no US president can stand up to Israel.” America’s highest ranking military officer could not get an honest investigation of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

We are yet to see an American president who can stand up to Israel. Or, for that matter, a Congress that can. Or a media.

The Obama regime tried to counter its smashing defeat at the G20 Summit by forcing its puppet states to sign a joint statement condemning Syria. However the puppet states qualified their position by stating that they opposed military action and awaited the UN report.

Most of Obama’s bought-and-paid-for “supporters” are impotent, powerless. For example Obama counts the UK as a supporting country because of the personal support of the discredited UK prime minister, David Cameron, despite the fact that Cameron was repudiated by the British Parliament in a vote that prohibits British participation in another of Washington’s war crimes. So, although Cameron cannot bring the British people and the British government with him, Obama counts the UK as a supporter of Obama’s attack on Syria. Clearly, this is a desperate count of “supporting countries.”

The Turkish puppet government, which has been shooting its peacefully demonstrating citizens down in the streets, with no protest from Obama or the Israel Lobby, supports “holding Syria accountable,” but not itself, of course, or Washington.

The puppet states of Canada and Australia, powerless countries, neither of which carry one ounce of world influence, have lined up to do the bidding of their Washington master. The entire point of having the top government job in Canada and Australia is the payoff from Washington.

The Obama cipher also claims the support of Japan and the Republic of Korea, another two countries devoid of all diplomatic influence and power of any kind. Helpless Japan is on the verge of being destroyed by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, for which it has no solution. As the radiation leaks spread into the aquifer upon which Tokyo and surrounding areas rely, Japan is faced with the possibility of having to relocate 40 million people.

Saudi Arabia, implicated in the transfer to al-Nusra rebels of the chemical weapons used in the attack, supports Washington, knowing that otherwise its tyranny is toast. Even the neoconservatives headed by Obama’s shrill National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, want to overthrow the Saudis.

Obama claims also to have support from France and Germany. However both Hollande and Merkel have stated clearly that a diplomatic solution, not war, is their first choice and that the outcome rests on the UN.

As for Italy and Spain’s support, both governments are hoping to be rewarded with the Federal Reserve printing enough dollars to bail out their indebted economies so that both governments are not overthrown in the streets for their acquiescence to the looting of their countries by international banksters. Like so many Western governments, those of Italy and Spain, and, of course, Greece, support the international banksters, not their own citizens.

The president of the European Commission has declared that the European Union, the central overlord over Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, does not support a military solution to the Syrian Crisis. “The European Union is certain that the efforts should be aimed at a political settlement,” Jose Manuel Barroso told reporters at the G20 meeting. The EU has the power to issue arrest warrants for the heads of EU governments that participate in war crimes.

What this reveals is that the support behind the liar obama is feeble and limited. The ability of the Western countries to dominate international politics came to an end at the G20 meeting. The moral authority of the West is completely gone, shattered and eroded by countless lies and shameless acts of aggression based on nothing but lies and self-interests. Nothing remains of the West’s “moral authority,” which was never anything but a cover for self-interest, murder, and genocide.

The West has been destroyed by its own governments, who have told too many self-serving lies, and by its capitalist corporations, who offshored the West’s jobs and technology to China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil, depriving the Western governments of a tax base and the support of its citizens.

It is difficult to know whether citizens in the West hate their corrupt governments any less than do Muslims, whose lives and countries have been devastated by Western aggression, or than do citizens of third world countries who have been impoverished by being looted by predatory First World financial organizations.

The idiot Western governments have pissed away their clout. There is no prospect whatsoever of the neoconservative fantasy of US hegemony being exercised over Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, South America, Iran. These countries can establish their own system of international payments and finance and leave the dollar standard whenever they wish. One wonders why they wait. The US dollar is being printed in unbelievable quantities and is no longer qualified to be the world reserve currency. The US dollar is on the verge of total worthlessness.

The G20 Summit made it clear that the world is no longer willing to go along with the West’s lies and murderous ways. The world has caught on to the West. Every country now understands that the bailouts offered by the West are merely mechanisms for looting the bailed-out countries and impoverishing the people.

In the 21st century Washington has treated its own citizens the way it treats citizens of third world countries. Untold trillions of dollars have been lavished on a handful of banks, while the banks threw millions of Americans out of their homes and seized any remaining assets of the broken families.

US corporations had their taxes cut to practically nothing, with few paying any taxes at all, while the corporations gave the jobs and careers of millions of Americans to the Chinese and Indians. With those jobs went US GDP, tax base, and economic power, leaving Americans with massive budget deficits, a debased currency, and bankrupt cities, such as Detroit, which once was the manufacturing powerhouse of the world.

How long before Washington shoots down its own homeless, hungry, and protesting citizens in the streets?

Washington represents Israel and a handful of powerful organized private interests. Washington represents no one else. Washington is a plague upon the American people and a plague upon the world.

# # # #

Paul Craig Roberts, Boiling Frogs Post contributing author, is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has been reporting on executive branch and cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. He has written or co-written eight books, contributed chapters to numerous books, and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. Mr. Roberts has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy, and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. You can visit his website here.


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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.



    I though Hitler and Mussolino were the worst. Here we have someone with tons of nuclear bombs and the authority to used them, and he is a liar

  2. donilo252525 says:

    Keep ’em coming Paul – they’re on the ropes.

  3. iwantpeace13 says:

    I guess the main reason behind the Wests, esspecialy America’s decline is that all the nations are bankrupt or close to it. No longer do they have money to bribe over nations to their will and unlike Russia and China who have been stock pileing their gold most western nations don’t have anything to fall back on once the US dollor collapes and hopfuly the big banks with it. I think America is going to become nasty before long I almost feel that once the US dollor collapses and the US economy sinks that is when WW3 will likly take place. America wont allow China and Russia to become the world’s super powers and will strive to drag them down the hole with it.

  4. Randle Caire says:

    Lets not despair.

    There has always existed a present day Sanhedrin, rich and powerful people infected by avarice and lust. They are our lost brothers and sisters who do not recognize the temptation of Satan. Unless we pray for them, we risk their losing their place in Heaven. However nasty they are at this moment, they can become wonderful souls who will lay down their life for us all.

    Jesus says in John 14:12 that if we pray from our heart, contrition will come to many of those who at this moment are our enemies. It hard to pray a Hail Mary for Barack Obama, or John Kerry, or Paul Bremer, or Allen Dulles. Lets try.

    Jesus, help us choose Mercy over Justice. Send Your Holy Spirit into our minds and hearts so that we know what to do in this most difficult time.

    “The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is manipulating intelligence about Syria in exactly the same ways that the Bush administration did to justify the Iraq war.”

    What is wrong here?

    Obama’s agenda was to be president. Now the agenda is someone else’s agenda … to start a war – for 3 months? If they say so, Obama will have to give the orders even if he afterwards will be impeached. It is better to be impeached than to be “suicided” or “heart stroked”.

    If their timeline requires a WW III, then Obama’s life does count. Biden will replace Obama.

  6. then Obama’s life does NOT count

  7. As we remember, when Dr. Kerry did not cooperate he was “suicided”. It was not Blair that “suicided” Dr. Kerry, Blair could also have been “suicided”. Those who thought “Bush and Blair” was running the show understand nothing.

    “In possibly the biggest development yet in the story, we learned this weekend that the CIA has now been enlisted to sell this new war with unproven evidence. On Saturday, U.S. intelligence officials claimed they “authenticated” 13 videos that show the horrific aftermath of a chemical attack in Syria in August. What exactly did they “authenticate”?”

    It confirms the Zionists have made their decision – f… Obama’s rating and f… the Congress.
    (When one is employed one has to do what one is told to do, here to produce “something” from nothing = shit job)

  9. The Zionist position on Syria

    ““The failure to uphold the international norm could be an invitation to the other members of the Axis of Evil to act in a similar manner,” Hoenlein said.” .. “It’s not just passing a resolution,” said the official. “It’s showing determination that the US will not stand for the use of unconventional weapons against a civilian population.”

    (As we understand, an attack on Syria should be justifified by “unconventional weapons” and “evil” dictators)

    “For the Zionist Organization of America, the question of whether to bomb Syria was not clear-cut.” .. “We feel that if American attacks Syria, it’s important that it be a serious strike to degrade Assad’s arms and weaken Iran and Hezbollah,” Klein continued.

    And as we understand, the purpose is about weakening Syria, Iran, Hezbollah = not to protect civilians.

    The Zionist agenda is to fool us into a war on Syria – to save the “rebels” from defeat, and to strengthen those terrorists that has caused a 100.000 deaths already)


    Hopefully we are not that stupid

  10. Current CIA chief:
    “[he] suggests the US is at war with the religion of Islam.[24]”

    Oh my God, another Zionist as CIA chief. And he is the one posting “intelligence assessments” to Obama.


  11. Susan Rice:
    “Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice made a statement saying that Damascus’ alleged “use of chemical weapons against its own people” posed *a threat to US national security*. “The use of chemical weapons also directly threatens our closest ally in the region, Israel,” she said, speaking at the New America Foundation in Washington.”

    Now chemical weapons is presented as “a threat to US national security”

    Wikipedia on Susan Rice:
    “Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, a longtime mentor and family friend to Rice, urged Clinton to appoint Rice as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in 1997.[4] ”

    Madeleine Albright was “a mentor to” Susan Rice ?? Susan Rice is a Zionist too. It is all over who they are.

    Israel will try a false flag operation to get a US involvent in Syria? The false flag operation has to kill Americans, now Syrians are not good enough for that. They are going to kill American!


    “It is more doable in Syria than in Libya”

    What is more “doable”?
    To take down Assad

    (Meaning civil war in Syria forever. That is how this fine French intellectual will “help civilians”.
    We have to learn how these people are “thinking”. It makes as much sense as Nazi Propaganda)

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