The Rule of Zombies: Why Are Obama & Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War?

On Syria Washington’s Lie Serves Its Undeclared Agenda

What is the real agenda?

Why is the obama Regime so desperate to commit a war crime despite the warnings delivered to the White House Fool two days ago by the most important countries in the world at the G20 Summit?

What powerful interest is pushing the White House Fool to act outside of law, outside the will of the American people, outside the warnings of the world community?

The obama Regime has admitted, as UK Prime Minister David Cameron had to admit, that no one has any conclusive evidence that the Assad government in Syria used chemical weapons. Nevertheless, obama has sent the despicable john Kerry out to convince the public and Congress on the basis of videos that Assad used chemical weapons “against his own people.”

What the videos show are dead and suffering people. The videos do not show who did it. The obama Regime’s case is nonexistent. It rests on nothing that indicates responsibility. The obama Regime’s case is nothing but an unsubstantiated allegation.

What kind of depraved person would take the world to war based on nothing whatsoever but an unsubstantiated allegation?

The world’s two worse liars, obama and Kerry, say Assad did it, but they admit that they cannot prove it. It is what they want to believe, because they want it to be true. The lie serves their undeclared agenda.

If obama and Kerry were to tell the public the real reasons they want to attack Syria, they would be removed from office.

The entire world is teetering on a war, the consequences of which are unknown, for no other reason than two people, devoid of all integrity who lack the intelligence and humanity to be in high office, are determined to serve a tiny collection of warmongers consisting of the crazed, murderous Israeli government and their Muslim-hating neoconservative agents, who comprise a fifth column inside the obama Regime.

The Russian government has given evidence to the UN that conclusively proves that the al-Nusra, al-Qaeda affiliated invaders are responsible for the attack. There is also conclusive proof that the “rebels” have chemical weapons. In addition, a highly regarded journalist has reported, using direct quotes and the names of al-Nusra fighters, that the chemical weapons were given to al-Nusra by Saudi Arabia without proper handling instructions, and that an accidental explosion occurred before al-Nusra could use the Saudi-supplied weapons to frame-up the Assad government.

However the deaths were caused, they are unfortunate, but no more so that the deaths that obama has caused in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, and Syria. The proven deaths for which obama is responsible are many times the unproven deaths that obama attributes without evidence to Assad.

The indisputable fact is that Syrian deaths occur only because Washington initiated the invasion of Syria by external forces similar to the ones that Washington used against Libya. However the deaths occurred, the deaths are the doings of the criminal obama Regime. Without the criminal obama Regime seeking the overthrow of the Syrian government, there would be no deaths by chemical weapons or by any other means. This was a war initiated by Washington, Israel, Israel’s neoconservative fifth column inside America and the White House, and the captive western media that is bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby.

Assad did not start the war. The Syrian government was attacked by outside forces sent in by Washington and Israel.

Assad has much higher public support in Syria than obama has in the US, or Cameron has in the UK, or Hollande has in France, or Merkel has in Germany, or Netanyahu has in Israel.

The White House Fool keeps repeating his nonsensical statement, as if the Fool is a wound-up talking doll, that Assad’s unproven “use of chemical weapons is a threat to global security.”

Dear reader, who besides the White House Fool is so unbelievably stupid as to believe that Syria is a threat to world security?

If Syria is a “threat to world security,” like Iraq was a “threat to world security,” like Iran is alleged to be a “threat to world security,” what kind of superpower is the United States? How low does the IQ have to be, how mentally impaired does the public have to be to fall for these absurd hysterical allegations?

Let’s turn Obama’s claim upon the Fool. Why isn’t it a threat to global security for obama to attack Syria? There is no authority for obama to attack Syria just because he wants to and just because he has demonized Assad with endless lies and just because obama is the total puppet of the crazed Israeli government and his neoconservative national security advisor, in effect an Israeli agent, and just because the Ministry of Propaganda, including NPR, repeats every obama lie as if it were the truth.

Isn’t it a threat to international security when a superpower can, acting on a whim, demonize a leader and a country and unleash mass destruction, as the US has done seven times in the past twelve years,? There are millions of innocent but demonized victims of the “indispensable, exceptional USA,” the “light unto the world.”

Forget about the US media, which is nothing but a propaganda ministry for the Israel Lobby. What the members of Congress and what the American people need to ask obama is why does the White House only represent the Israel Lobby?

No one supports an attack on Syria but the Israel Lobby.

Why is obama going to add yet another war crime to Washington’s 12-year record? Wasn’t it enough to destroy the lives and prospects of millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, and Egypt? Why kill and destroy the life prospects of yet more millions of people in Syria and other countries into which Obama’s war could spread?

Maybe the answer is that obama, Kerry, and the crazed Netanyahu and his neoconservative fifth column are zombies.

# # # #

Paul Craig Roberts, Boiling Frogs Post contributing author, is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has been reporting on executive branch and cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. He has written or co-written eight books, contributed chapters to numerous books, and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. Mr. Roberts has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy, and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. You can visit his website here.


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  1. “the White House Fool”

  2. So as usual with Roberts, it’s the “jooooos”. We are to believe Obama’s strings are pulled by Bibi, and Israelis secretly control Riyadh and DC.

    I would like to know what trail bloodhound Roberts follows, because it isn’t the money trail. It isn’t any discernible logic derived from recent events. Bibi has been publicly snubbed by the same Obama who practically kissed the feet of the toad king of Saud. I guess that was just a trick by the ninjas of deceit to throw us mere mortals off the scent?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I’m a simple man. I work in a technical field and it’s my job to find problems in complex systems, and I do so in a systematic way which relies on measurable data and logic. Show me data and show me a logical path to follow. This ranting from Roberts contains no data or logic. If there is a case to be made, then make it, but don’t expect me to accept rhetoric in place of logic.

    For the record, I am not Jewish, I’ve never been to Israel or inside a synagogue. My bloodline is English, Irish and Choctaw. My only Jewish friend is a man who struggles to support his family and is far from rich. I understand about the banking empires supposedly being Zionist, but I haven’t noticed all this vast wealth flowing to Israel and ordinary Jews. What am I missing? Explain it to me.

    Here is what I see as facts-on-the-ground data: The Saudis sell millions of barrels of oil each day. The price of oil is the center of their universe. They realize they live in a dangerous world and need protection, so they’ve bought the best protection in the world, the US military and the people who control it. This of course requires protecting the petrodollar, which is a common interest of the US and the Saudis.

    Iran, backed by the Russians, is a threat to the petrodollar, and a rival of the Saudis for dominance of the region. Syria is a domino which needs to fall before Iran is dealt with. The object in Syria is regime change, everything else is noise.

    There is also the Sunni-Shia dimension in this conflict, which serves a useful purpose for both sides in recruiting warm bodies to carry guns.

    There is also the dimension of conflict being an objective rather than just a means to an end, because conflict itself is profitable. Conflict chews up armaments, keeps the price of oil unnaturally high, and perhaps most importantly of all, creates a diversion. There are many subjects besides the ME conflict which need careful thought and investigation, and first of all, attention. But conflict draws us in like moths to a flame. It’s mesmerizing.

    The objective in Syria is regime change, so there will ultimately be no graceful exit from the conflict brokered by Russia. Whatever it takes, will be done.

    For that reason, tomorrow is a day I am very worried about.

  3. And oh yes, I know about AIPAC. The AIPAC lobby, and for that matter the Israeli government, are no more likely to be truly working in the interests of common Israelis than our wonderful government and corporate lobbyists are likely to be working in our interests. Which is to say, zero odds.

    Given the concealment of AIPAC’s major funding sources, and it’s past connections with intelligence activities, there seems to be a parallel with our own wonderful CIA. Boy, I sleep better each night because the CIA supposedly works for me – don’t you? /s

    I have no doubt that at this time it’s fairly easy to propagandize the Israeli public into thinking any American action against their hostile neighbors is desirable. They are daily reminded of their isolation, they have a siege mentality, so any perceived US action on their behalf will naturally be welcomed. Particularly in regards to Iran/Syria.

    But the Israeli people will go under the bus just as readily as any of us other “cattle”, to whatever extent the money demands it. There will be plenty of company down there.

  4. Sure target is “regime change” in Syria, as in Libya and Iraq.. then Iran. Why was Libya important for Israel? I don’t know. Will ME become peaceful after that? Probably not. Israelis are queing up for getting out, at least they should. Some place outside CIA sphere is my suggestion, and not Kongo for sure.

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