Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 87

Stoking the Civil War in Syria

EPPSo now we are witnessing the hysterical war hawks of the Obama Administration & Co. calling for military strikes in Syria. What is the real reason for this? Why now? Many commentators have criticized Obama for opposing Assad, yet stopping short of deposing Assad. Why grant verbal support to the rebels, yet refrain (for so long) on direct military support? Why only work covertly through regional proxies/allies? Why was there so much hesitation for so long to pursue war? And why are they pushing so hard for it now? The press likes to refer to U.S. strategy in Syria as "confused" or "contradictory," but the reality is much worse: it's pure malevolence. The aim in Syria is to sustain civil war, to give Iran its "Vietnam," to keep the violence going, and only intervene when its necessary to "tilt the balance" in favor of the rebels. No peace. Only continuous war.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Thanks for this but what about Israel? Since they have been flying in and dropping bombs I thought it would get a mention.

  2. A mainstream version of Syrian war

    “Qatar, home to the world’s largest gas field along with Iran, has proposed a gas pipeline from the Gulf to Turkey that would traverse Syria to the Mediterranean, with the gas then being shipped to Europe. Assad in 2009 refused to go along with the Qatar plan, instead inking deals with Russia and Iran.”

    “The Islamic pipeline through Syria could cut energy power of Qatar and Turkey. ”

    No logic here

    “To make matters worse, most Arabs view the Islamic Pipeline as a Shi’ite pipeline serving Shi’ite interests. After all, it originates in Shi’ite Iran, passes through Shi’ite Iraq, and flows into Shi’ite controlled Syria. Therefore, the Sunni-dominated Gulf nations have both an economic and to a lesser extent, a religious reason, for stopping the Islamic Pipeline from becoming a reality”

    “This is certainly one reason why President Obama helped run weapons from Benghazi, Libya, through Turkey into the hands of the Syrian rebels. Al Qaeda strongly opposes the Assad government and has joined other rebel factions in an effort to overthrow Assad and to install a more Sunni-friendly government.”

    “Russia has built up naval presence in the ports of Latakia and Tartus to protect the pipeline.”

    “Saudi Arabia is desperate to get rid of Assad.”

    “So, it’s not about the weapons, it’s about money, power and Sunni Muslims…”

    The leak from Bandar-Putin meating is used as source, but writer Vicky Nissen carefully cuts off what is most revealing, Prince Bandar is controlling al Qaeda


    Anything that hides Zionism goes in MSM. MSM is Zionist media.

  3. Current backlash about Syria is something that is happening ON SEVERAL LEVELS?

    Alex Jones is pro-Isreal. Here is an interesting discussion about “the power structure” (Alex Jones’ term for Zionism) facing a backclash because they have “overplayed” their (racist/anti-semitic) “namecalling”

  4. Alex Jones – above discussion: “We are funding al Qaeda”

    Alex Jones should by now know that al Qaeda is not an independent force, they are not “Jihadists”, they are foot soldiers, paid $100 per day, our foot soldiers. They do what they are paid to do. Of course they sometimes think it it not worth the money – that is a union question. But they cannot go on without payments, they too have family

    Alex Jones here plays into the MSM myths, like an idiot

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