Corbett Report Presents: A Brief History of False Flag Terror

A Whirlwind Tour of False Flag History- From the Gleiwitz Incident, the Lavon Affair to Operation Northwoods & 9/11

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  1. Corbett claims–after the corporate media and conservative think tanks–that it was Russian government who blew up its citizens in Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk in the fall of 1999 in order to make Putin president. As if Putin, earlier appointed prime minister by Yeltsin, had no other chance to be elected but to cold-bloodily slaughter hundreds of his fellow citizens. If that was indeed so what should we make of Mrs. Edmonds’ claim that all large acts of terror in Russia, from 1996 to the spring of 2002, were directly organized by the US government? I want to use this opportunity to ask Mrs. Edmonds to clarify this. Do you agree with your associate’s claim that September 1999 bombings of apartment buildings in Moscow were organized by the Russian government?

  2. I remember the cold chill in my spine when it was revealed the bombing of those apartment buildings was false flag. It was a reminder that despite our self-delusions and hopes, we had yet to turn any kind of corner as a civilization from the entire human history of ruthless slaughter of innocents by those with no scruples. We are not yet enlightened enough to keep ourselves and our children from being herded like cattle into chutes for slaughter. We still tolerate and subscribe to a public “education” system which amounts to organized child abuse in the name of indoctrination. OK, now, I must stop ranting…breathe…breathe…

    Public “education” notwithstanding, public skepticism has thankfully progressed. I believe the current crop of DC clowns are genuinely shocked their official narrative of the chem attack in Syria is sitting on the plate, getting cold, while most of us refuse to swallow it. Did I say getting cold? I meant to say, attracting flies and beginning to squirm with maggots.

    They are in a hole but keep digging. But fools or not, they on paper control the most mighty military ever, and I have little doubt they will TRY to use it to blast themselves out of their hole as the last resort. Stand by for another soul-crushing false flag, or whatever they think it takes to extricate their regime-change policy in the ME.

    Have they realized, I wonder, how growing public skepticism is going to work itself backwards in time to 9/11? There is this huge facade of 9/11 lies which is a fragile structure, and anyone who is part of it and still afraid to bring forth hard evidence, should consider what that means. It’s going to come down, and the only choice now is to in the rubble pile or standing outside.

  3. The purpose of the false flag 911 operation? Do the Zionists want to bring a WWIII upon us (in the same way as WWII)?

    The Zionists were the mastermind behind the Treaty of Versailles that imposed impossible war payments on Germany. That was to prepare for WWII (This was before Israel existed).

    (How WWII started: From “Stranger than fiction”)

    “The German people were bitterly resentful of not only the Zionist role in bringing about their defeat in World War I, but also over the brutal monetary reparations which had been imposed upon them by certain Zionist bankers who helped craft the brutal Treaty of Versailles after the war. Stripped of formerly German territory, and with the German economy in ruins, the people of Germany elected Adolf Hitler as their Chancellor. Hitler and the Nazi party soon seized control of the German media, banks, and universities away from the influential Zionists who had reigned supreme in those institutions.

    Almost immediately, Zionists all over the world began to agitate for action against Germany. Boycotts of German imports were imposed and calls for the UK and USA to take immediate action against Germany began to emanate from Zionist circles. On March 24, 1933, The Daily Express of England carried the bold headline; “Judea Declares War on Germany. Jews of All the World Unite in Action 11 . (1 7) The front page story revealed that the Zionists had announced a concerted worldwide effort to isolate Germany and turn other nations against her.

    The following year, Zionist political leader Vladimir Jabotinksy wrote: “The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every continent… We shall start a spiritual and material war of the world against Germany. Our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany” (1 8)

    A few years later, Lord Beaverbrook, a British newspaper magnate issued this warning about the Zionist influence over the British press. Beaverbrook warned: “There are 20,000 German Jews who have come here to England. They all work against an agreement with Germany. The Jews have got a big position in the press here. Their political influence is driving us into the direction of war. “(19)

    In September of 1939, Germany and Poland went to war over disputed territory that was taken away from Germany by the Versailles Treaty of 1918. Under the phony pretext of protecting Poland, Great Britain and France immediately declared war on Germany (conveniently ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union had invaded Poland too). Germany pleaded with Britain and France (the Allies) to withdraw their war declarations but to no avail. The Allies continued their massive military buildup along Germany’s western frontiers. In the spring of 1940, the war in the West began when Germany launched pre-emptive invasions of Norway, Holland, and Belgium, pinning the British and French forces on the beaches of Belgium. Beaverbrook’s prediction was realized.

    In the United States, the Zionist Mafia again went to work on a US president. The names of the players had changed but the game was still the same. Baruch was still pulling presidential strings along with other Zionist “advisors” like Henry Morgenthau and Harold Ickes. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s turn to deliver the US into another European war. Patriotic Americans such as famed aviator Charles Lindbergh saw this and tried to warn the American people that Zionist media influence was intending to drive us into another World War. Said Lindbergh: “I am not attacking the Jewish people. But I am saying that the leaders of both the British and the Jewish races, for reasons which are as understandable from their viewpoint as they are inadvisable from ours, for reasons which are not American, wish to involve us in the war. ” (20)

    Because of strong public anti-war sentiment, FDR and his Zionist handlers had a very difficult time dragging the US into the European war. Then another “incident” occurred at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Japan and Germany were bound to a mutual defense agreement, which meant that war with Japan would automatically mean war with Germany. FDR embargoed Japan’s oil supply in the hopes of forcing Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Overwhelming evidence from government documents clearly shows that FDR had advance knowledge of the Japanese attack and allowed it to happen so that he could drag the US into World War II. (21)”

    High ranking US Major General about 911

    There are information here that is new
    He concludes US government was involved
    (Very suitable for being sent to military servicemen)

  5. Corbett’s presentation:
    1. Russians -> Swedish king
    2. Chinese dissident -> Japan
    3. 1941-Gleiwitz -> Himmler to start WWII
    4. 1954 Lovan -> Israel
    5. 1962 Northwood (not implemented) -> US Joint Chief of Staff
    6. 1964 Tonkin -> President Johnson
    7. 1967 USS Liberty -> Israel
    8. 1999 Chechen terrorists -> Putin
    9. 2001/911 – al Qaeda -> US government to build pipelines in Afghanistan
    10. 2013 Syria -> ?

    My rewrite (Zionism = a people that is 1000+ years old)
    1. Russians -> Swedish king/black nobility?
    2. Chinese dissident -> Japan
    3. 1941-Gleiwitz -> more likely Polish Zionists to start WWII, Hitler wanted to avoid WWII
    4. 1954 Lovan -> Zionist
    5. 1962 Northwood (not implemented) -> Zionist
    6. 1964 Tonkin -> Zionist
    7. 1967 USS Liberty -> Zionist
    8. 1999 Chechen terrrorists -> Putin or Bandar/Zionist
    9. 2001/911 – al Qaeda -> Zionists to get Iraq war/Patriotic Act/?
    10. 2013 Syria -> Zionist?

  6. Another false flag operation for sure. This is very factual. What is interesting here is the identity av the perpetrators. It happened 30 days after 911. From Albert D. Pastore “Stranger than fiction”

    “On October 10, 2001 , CNN made a brief mention of a foiled terrorist bomb plot in the Mexican Parliament building. They promised to bring any further developments of this story to their viewers, but the incident was never heard of again in America. But the story appeared in bold headlines on the front page of the major Mexican newspapers (155. Diario de Mexico. Bomba en San Lazaro. October 1 1 , 2001 ) and was also posted on the official website of the Mexican Justice Department. (156)

    Two terrorist suspects were apprehended in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Caught red-handed, they had in their possession a high powered gun, nine hand grenades, and C-4 plastic explosives (great stuff for demolishing buildings!) (157) Within days, this blockbuster story not only disappeared from the Mexican press, but the terrorists were released and deported!

    The two terrorists were Salvador Gerson Sunke and Sar ben Zui. Can you guess what their ethnicity was? Gerson Sunke was a Mexican jew and Zui was a colonel with the Israeli special forces. (158) Can you say “Mossad?” The story in El Diario de Mexico went on to reveal that the Zionist terrorists had fake Pakistani passports on them. (159) Can you say “false flag operation?” The probable motive of this particular botched terrorist operation was to involve oil rich Mexico in the “War on Terrorism”. (The War on Israel’s enemies would be a more accurate description).”

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