The EyeOpener Report- Failure to Withdraw: The CIA, the Taliban, and the Strategy of Tension in Afghanistan

BFP VideoThe Afghan war has provided NATO with access to control the $200+ Billion opium trade. The war has given NATO a key toe-hold in a geostrategic region, bordering perennial US target Iran as well as providing access to the key Central Asian nations- a vital area in NATO's ongoing quest to encircle China and Russia. The occupation also affords the ISAF forces direct access to Afghanistan's mineral resources, and the compliant Kabul regime is only too happy to allow multinational corporations access to those resources. Given that this mission has been such a success for NATO, one wonders how they can possibly live up to their promise to pull their forces out of the country by 2014.

That the NATO forces are going to stay in Afghanistan after 2014 is not in dispute. In order to sell this to the public, of course, the Big Lie is required. And until the Big Lie is exposed, the Afghan war will never be brought to an end.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Excellent, as usual James! Sets within sets ad infinitum. Bad, bad phenomena.
    FYI: The 1st soldier named on the Vietnam War Memorial died in 1956! Ergo, although undeclared for a long period, Vietnam War was our longest. One can also note how long US troops have been in Korea with the peace still in suspension.

  2. War itself is a profit center, and it also generates and supports ancillary profit centers. I remember the 60’s and mass protests of the Vietnam war, which was stretched out but never a candidate for Perpetuity. Now the Flower Children and their children have been conditioned into tolerance of War in Perpetuity, both overseas and on home soil. We have come a long ways, baby.

    Across the waters we must perpetually prosecute the War on Terror, though it has a home front as well, personified by the TSA and NSA both virtually crawling into our rectums.

    At home we must perpetually prosecute the War on Drugs, though it has bloody fronts in other spots such as northern Mexico, Columbia and Afghanistan.

    Since these two wars are incredibly lucrative for their maestros, there must inevitably be calculations taking place aimed at replicating those successes with another un-winnable War on Something. The Something must be that which can be portrayed as evil and threatening; it must spawn armed resistance to give the military a role, and there should be as many side-benefits as possible. For example, a side-benefit of the WOD is massive flows of under-the-table cash to all major players. A side-benefit of the War on Terror is justification for all manner of fun things such as invasion of other countries and invasion of our privacy.

    What is the next Something to have a War on? Whatever it is, we might expect to see signs it is being prepared for prime time. As we see from other perpetual wars, the enemies don’t come from nowhere. They must be cultured and fertilized in our fears, and the public consciousness must be focused on the new threat by some catalyzing event(s).

    In the case of the WOD it began with fear of the drugged Negro (as gun control started with fear of the armed Negro). Or almost as bad as the drugged Negro, the drugged white female succumbing to the hyper-sexed Negro. It simmered along for decades not even given a name, until Nixon formally declared the WOD while the white majority was spun up over racial mixing engendered by the success of Civil Rights, and spun up as well by the hippie counter-culture. Masterful timing.

    We know all too well how the War on Terror arrived officially. The wound is bleeding still. Prior to 9/11, the field of our fears had already been plowed and fertilized, by Beiruit in 1983, the WTC bombing in 1993, and various embassy bombings. But it took 9/11 to get the official declaration of “War”, on a tactic which has a somewhat nebulous definition.

    So if are to foresee what is to fill the blank in the next “War on _____”, which field of our fears can we observe being plowed and fertilized now, in preparation? I would say there are multiple candidates.

    One target under preparation is organized religion. We’re deluged with jihadists severing screaming heads on YouTube, and child-sodomizing priests, and “super-church” pastors and televangelists exhibiting every foible imaginable while raking in millions from good-hearted dupes. We can’t have a war on this religion or that, because that would be bigoted. So perhaps we are being primed for a general War on Organized Religion. If not for the very next War on Something, then perhaps the one after that.

    So I would say the field is still open for guesses. What is already lurking in our fears, and ready to be sprung on us full force within the next few years? I can’t pin it down at the moment, maybe another can. Such things are difficult to see coming with clarity.

    But it will be Something.

  3. I see that we are now beginning the War on Unapproved Journalism.

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