Running for Public Office & Civil Servant Positions- The Fastest & Surest Path from Rags to Riches

The Most Needed Public Medical Intervention in the USA: Spinal Transplant

During the last few days a handful of media outlets have been running highly interesting headlines regarding Chelsea Clinton's Secret Holding Company. Additionally, an article or two pointed out the highly-significant discount offered to the well-known ugly duckling offspring of one of America’s past presidents who went from rags to riches, make that an Uber dynasty, in record time, thanks to this new phenomena called the Unlimited American Tolerance & Spinal Dysfunction Syndrome.

Chelsea Clinton and hubby Marc Mezvinksy paid $9,250,000 for a four-bedroom apartment in the celebrity-studded Whitman condominium building on Madison Square Park; city records filed this month show. That is $1.2 million less than the $10.5 million asking price, and $750,000 below what the building’s other two occupants paid for their 5,000-square-foot units. All three apartments are nearly identical …

Okay, that’s enough about Chelsea Clinton. Instead, I want to talk about the fastest and surest way to get rich in America today: Run for office, get a public servants position, serve the interest that matters (hint: not the public’s), and then get out, hold out your hand, collect all the payoffs, and become an Uber Millionaire Dynasty in less than 8 years. And for that, I have the perfect example. Here goes.

Bill Clinton, unlike other presidents, did not inherit any wealth, made almost no money prior to his public service career, and gained little net worth during 20 plus years of his public service. However, magically, between the time he left office and 2010, his individual personal net-worth reached an estimated $55,000, 000; that is $55 Million Dollars. Here is what USA Today reported on Clinton’s wealth accumulation in less than 8 years after leaving the White House:

But since leaving office we estimate that Clinton has earned more than $125 million before taxes.

As reported by Wall Street and other publications, Clinton didn't come from a wealthy family or have a high-paying job before becoming president, but earned most of his money from speaking fees. Of course, we all know what ‘speaking fees’ stand for: The surest and safest way to bribe public officials in their postpublic office careers for favors and services rendered during their public service careers; here is what I mean:

A bit less than half of the couple’s income, approximately $52 million, came from speeches given by Bill Clinton, primarily to corporations and business groups, generally at the rate of $100,000 to $450,000 an appearance. These payments are rendered not so much for the content of the speeches themselves, which are negligible in every respect, but rather as something of a lubricant between the cogwheels of the corporate and political establishments.

Let’s examine this a bit further [All Emphasis Mine]:

In tax filings released last week, Democratic Party presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, reported earnings of some $109 million in the years 2000 to 2007.

The total income translates to about $13.6 million a year. Even after taxes, the Clintons pulled in $10 million a year, or about 200 times the median family income in the United States.

Bill Clinton’s final year in office, the First Couple’s income was $350,000; the next year, it rose to $16 million. Their most lucrative years were 2004 and 2007, when they twice made $20 million.” In other words, in 2007 the Clintons made 57 times more than they did in 2000. These are remarkable figures.

Please read this well-documented detailed report on the meaning and applications of speaking fees and board/advisory positions for post-public office dynasties: Click Here

Of course, emboldened by the American public’s disinterest and unresponsiveness, the Clintons have not been the least bashful in flaunting their ritzy life-style and Nuevo-Rich attitudes:

Clintons threw a $3,000,000 (Read 3 Million Dollar) wedding for their ugly duckling. See the details and breakdown here

They have been buying mansions and yachts, hiring cooks and butlers, and travelling with private jets to get four-figure haircuts and dinners:

Owning several houses and traveling on private jets and yachts, the Clintons spend millions, own property worth millions, and have millions in stocks, bonds, and other investments. How do they pay the many servants, cooks, gardeners, and chauffeurs who work for them?

They set up their own private vineyard and Clinton-Labeled wines.

That’s right, but for the sake of accuracy, let’s gets one glaring fact straight here, ok? You see, all this wealth accumulation applies to the Clintons-as in plural Clinton: The Husband, The Wife, and The Ugly Duckling Offspring. What does that tell you? While the payoffs for Bill Clinton have been taking place during his post-public office non-career career, the application of these pay-offs has involved his Wife while in office-either as a Senator or Secretary of State.

Just think about it: The Clintons were receiving millions of dollars a month from the agenda-driven mega corporations and interest groups between 2000 and 2012, while Hillary Clinton played the public servant role:

The 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, serving under President Barack Obama

Senator from the State of New York from 2000 to 2009

You would think that would ring an alarm bell or two among those concerned with government corruption, ethics, bribery of public officials, and some such. No? Rest assured, content with their regular invitations to the Clinton Dynasty cocktails and balls, neither the liberal NGO parasites nor the socialist-wanna-be media outlets have uttered a single word or waged any finger-pointing. Well, we’ve never expected that from those obvious parasitic colonies, anyway.

What is most mind-boggling, at least for me, is the numbness and unresponsiveness of the American people. In this case no one, I mean no one, can excuse Americans with the usual ‘dumb and uninformed’ waiver. I mean come on! We are talking a bankrupt nation, high unemployment rates, declining life standards, the diminishing Middle-Class, record-high foreclosures and homelessness. And, we are talking about the bold Clintons and the like, together with the American media, flaunting their Uber wealth and dynastic life style daily, openly, and publicly. Even the blindest of the blind, even the dumbest of the dumb, could see all that. No?

Then, what does explain this lack of outrage and reaction? Even the French took it to a point, and then resorted to the guillotine. Here we are, children of the post-revolution, the nation of people historically known for its disdain for anything monarchical or dynastic, and forget the guillotine, no one is even batting an eye in reaction to the corrupt thieves enriching themselves of the backs of the nation’s economically suffering people.

I know everyone is now talking about publicly-funded, aka government-funded, healthcare benefits. But I believe we have a far more urgent public health need - a very specific one. We need major publicly-funded medical operations for our majority- spinal transplants. Almost as rapidly as the bubonic plague, the apathy and spine-less attitude among our people has been spreading and escalating. What we seem to lack the most is the spine to stand up and fight for our freedom and welfare. Well, with the latest medical breakthroughs we may now have an answer: Spinal Transplant. Let’s get every one of our public majority one of those. After that, we’ll be back to talking about bringing back and making use of guillotines. Until then.

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University

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  1. In preparation for this spinal transplant, and in a reversed role, the anesthesiologist will turn off the T.V. and wake people the hell up with some massive doses of Boiling Frogs Post!!!

  2. Actually, Sibel, it is from – Rags to Rackets to Riches to Respectability. Public service used to be about serving the public. Now it is about fostering offers for the hereafter which power consolidates in furtherance to control.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with all of that, and gotta love the guillotine reference. One small bit seems rather jarring to me though. I’ve always felt it was cruel to call Chelsea ugly when she was just basically a little girl growing up in the public eye. I mean can you imagine?

    Obviously she’s seriously over-privileged and is being sucked into the corruption machine herself as she grows up and into her role and will most likely become every bit as horrendous as her parents. But calling her ugly still feels…ugly. And coming from a woman who is herself extraordinarily beautiful, it seems particularly unfair.

    But anyway, yes, viva la France et la revolution!

  4. Point well made, John. I am not the least concerned with Chelsea’s looks. Agreed, Chelsea for all intensive purposes probably never struggled the way most Americans have too. With Hillary, I think Hillary in her heyday was quite attractive. Yet, I find a very ugly person inside when I look at her history. I think it is very wise we be careful on using such tags when describing vanity.

  5. Perhaps Sibel was not saying Chelsea “looks ugly”. In fact, I’m sure of it. If you remember the entire story of the ugly duckling, it was perceived as ugly because it was different than the other ducks. It was a swan chick. When it matured it was thought of quite differently. A different connotation.

  6. Maybe it’s a reference to a beautiful swan who is waddling and quacking, because of the disturbing reflection of her parents.

  7. the socialist-wanna-be media outlets >>

    What are these?

  8. Dang, Dennis, you beat me to it!

  9. @netter, I’m guessing she’s talking about the pseudo-alternative media, who might tout a socialist message, but find it difficult to attack a democrat.

  10. @Xicha: As always, you get me:-) Imagine if this would have applied to some big bad nasty Republican? They would be all about ‘corruption, corporate money, elitist …’ But No, not when the bastardly thief (the one who stole from the people via his position)is a Democrat Clinton.

    Also, who says ‘ugly’ is a bad thing … or a good thing. It is statement of a fact. I would call Ben Affleck ‘that pretty boy,’ and not necessarily mean his pretty look. There is nothing wrong with being ugly; and it is not an accomplishment to be pretty/beautiful. But when you add all other qualifications: Someone who has done no good for the society with millions of dollars of theft money, someone who has not accomplished anything in any career/field (whether art, medicine, writing, or even business, and add to that dumb shallowness of drinking and partying with Hollywood stars, showing off her stolen wealth with $9 million+ property at Dada-Mama money … you are looking at one God Damn Ugly person, and in this case, inside and out. And that’s one true ugliness. The entire family is bu.. ugly

    Of course, I shouldn’t insult ducks. My daughter loves little duckling, and I don’t want to ruin duckling for her;-)

    So, let’s talk about how we go about growing some spine for ‘some’! Should we raise money for transplants?

  11. Personally, I would like to see more combination punches laid directly on the faces of the media puppets. Knock em right off their strings. The controlled opposition offers a big target, so we need to focus directly at the places that will trigger a response. Their guard goes down when they fight back. Example – your recent exposure of ProPublica.

  12. I’m now thinking of it this way:

    The Majority is under constant anesthesia, so that they won’t notice their spines being removed, vertebrae by vertebrae. The Controlled Opposition Alternative Media can be thought of as the Anesthesiologist. If we knock the Pseudo-Alt in the face, we can maybe bump that IV out of the Majority’s arm.

    Then, the pain of the unwanted spine removal will wake the Majority up and, depending on how much spine has been removed, some will scream for more pain killers and others will scream malpractice.

  13. It’s hard to get upset about money issues after listening to all of James Corbett’s reports about the murders the Clintons committed, especially the ones of teenagers who witnessed their drug smuggling into Mena. I mean, they actually make Corleone look respectable.

    After listening to Guillermo Jimenez’s podcast on Detroit, I’d say that bankruptcy of the country is a good thing, Sibel. Once they run completely out of money they can’t keep track of us any more, and then the economy can take off like a rocket.

  14. @Consenesco, that’s exactly what the Anarcho-Capitalists, like the Clintons, want you to think. The corporate worm of privatization has wiggled its way into the resistance via this delusional nirvana called “no government”. It’s a private government that you’ll get more of, but maybe this will be that opportunity to finally wear a motorcycle club vest. Cool.

  15. So, Xicha, are you of “the answer to 1984 is 1776” club, or are you more of the socialist club? I don’t see how the Clintons’s can be considered Anarcho-Capitialists. They seem pretty status quo to me. I agree that there never will actually be “no government”. But it’s an ideal I think worth striving for. The black market looks pretty good to me. Mint juleps without a liquor license? I’m all for it.

  16. “The entire family is bu.. ugly . . . Of course, I shouldn’t insult ducks.”

    I think Sibel is ready to do some stand up comedy – that’s a couple of pretty good lines she’s got there.

  17. Thanks for the response, Consenesco.

    Right now, I think we need justice. We have a system for it, but it’s controlled by the criminals, hence the Catch 22. The only way it can happen is through the overwhelming influence of a public that is awake and hungry for justice.

    BFP is key, as it not only provides an example of how to successfully operate an independent news source, but also provides more and more evidence of the crimes in question. BFP has also been able to bump up against the controlled opposition effectively as well. This isn’t all that needs to happen, but it is the best way to continually begin new efforts.

    The Clintons represent ANCAP because they are capitalists without government. They pass themselves off as moderates, some think of them as socialists, but they are neither. They are thieving criminals who aren’t accountable to any government.

    We can’t be so naive to think that privatizing everything is not in the best interests of only those at the top. Yes, they own and control things already, but have had to make the effort to poison the people’s most effective organizational tool for justice, the government.

    We need to turn it back on them and we need people to stop being put to sleep by the controlled opposition to make that happen.

    The best label I can give myself right now is a member of the Irate Minority who simply calls for justice. More complex questions of government can come after we re-establish it as a public institution.

  18. Hi Xicha,

    I admit I was being a little flippant. On a more somber note, I really can’t get almost anyone I know to actually engage in a relatively intelligent conversation about any of these things. If I talk about the NSA whistleblowers, or the Clintons about what they’ve actually done, or what is going on in Syria, or what Sibel has told us about the heroine trade coming out of the central Caucases or anything else, they just want to change the subject. It’s too “uncomfortable”, because it means that the elected people aren’t really the ones controlling what is going on.

    On the other hand, I have studied intensely the tax issues and read Pete Hendrickson’s research and am doing it. I think it’s the best way to defund the “military industrial complex”, or, in other words, all those contractors that suck from the Federal Government teat on the imperialist side. It’s working for me, and it works for a lot of other people, too. It’s a way that each of us can hold the “government” accountable, which is Justice.

  19. Excellent, Consenesco! Breaking the Set just interviewed a tax protester. Writing on a phone now so no link but I’ll get back with one.

    I agree about having these conversations. Thanks

  20. I was reminded recently by some neighbors that 9/11 still serves as a spine removing conversation stopper. They were okay with the NSA listening to their phone calls because we live in a different world now. One that the Founders couldn’t have envisioned. After 9/11 they want the police state.

    Until it affects them negatively I guess.

  21. Starts at 2:10. War Tax Resistance

  22. MontanaMuleGal says:

    I’m glad to see this information about how to resist paying taxes.

    A huge hypocrisy is that so many of the top US/trans-national corporations claim they are in favor of the “free market,” which, to me, means they should be making their money off of the commerce of products they manufacture and sell to other “free market” companies. Yet the reality is that many of them are really on the ol’ dole with government contracts. Their immense profits are courtesy of the taxpayers.

    Here’s a Wikipedia link of the top 100 contractors of the US Federal Gov’t.

  23. What we seem to lack the most is the spine to stand up and fight for our freedom and welfare. >>

    And exactly how “we” are supposed to “stand up and fight”? Should I call my House representative?

  24. @netter, my advice would be to take a look around for some examples. Also don’t be afraid to lose. Just as with voting with integrity, any action or organizing that you do only needs to have your personal integrity to be effective. You don’t need to imagine changing the world by yourself. If you do that, you might give up.

    Everyone’s different and has different opportunities to take action. Supporting Boiling Frogs Post IS something.

  25. MontanaMuleGal,

    There are many taxes we can not get out of paying. If you have a cell phone bill, or even a land line, you can see all the taxes you pay there. Fuel road taxes, licenses, fees, fines, all are taxes you will inevitably pay. But there is one type of tax which most people do not actually have any liability for; that is, the income tax. If you understand what the powers of taxation the federal government has been authorized by the constitution to collect, and what income is, most of us do not have a liability for the income tax. Which is, nevertheless, the lion’s share of the money that the Federal government steals out of the US economy by fraudulently portraying it as a tax most people do indeed owe. But many people have learned the truth about it and do not contribute to the imperialist war maching with that particular tax, at the least.

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