Corbett Video Report- Plamegate Revisited: Who Really Leaked Valerie Plame’s Cover?

We all know the official story of Plamegate by now: the Bush administration, angry at ex-Ambassador Joe Wilson's op-ed accusing the White House of "twisting the evidence" to lead the country into war with Iraq, leaked his wife's identity as a CIA agent to journalist Robert Novak, who then revealed it in the Washington Post. After a lengthy investigation, "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's Chief of Staff, was convicted for obstruction of justice and Richard Armitage took the fall for leaking the name in the first place. However, the real Plamegate affair predates the 2003 scandal by two years and leads straight to the doorstep of Marc Grossman and the American-Turkish Council mega lobby.

This is an introduction to our multi-part series on the Real Plamegate scandal at BFP EyeOpener Report. Stay Tuned for Part I coming up next week at Boiling Frogs Post.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Great idea for a series, psyched for this one. I never thought the Plamegate narrative made any sense. Outing an undercover operative and undermining an entire CIA program…in retaliation against her husband? Huh? Just doesn’t quite make anything resembling sense. After all, when these guys feel wild and vindictive, they normally take people out like adults, not third-graders, like in a mysterious small plane crash or something.

    Knowing Sibel’s story, I’ve presumed that the real reason for the leak was to warn the nuclear traffickers away from Brewster Jennings. But since THAT had been done two years EARLIER, I’m back to square one with Plamegate, which is: WTF?

    Looking forward to your analysis.

  2. I agree with john and would add that this is exactly why I love BFP. As the steady stream of corruption blazes by, it’s not often enough that we stop and really dig into a story. And this one has the validation of sworn testimony and, as James summarizes
    , offers no excuse or wiggle room for the audience not to see a giant problem.

    I can only imagine they blew this up on stage on purpose to cover something or somebody, but it is very intriguing that jail time was served and by whom. Looking forward to more connected dots.

    On a side note, I found the YouTube comments interesting. The anti-statists are out in force telling us to ignore it. How ironic, considering James’ own views.

    Thank you James and Sibel!!!

  3. Good comments. My own contribution occurred in 2007 after meeting Plame and Wilson at her book signing in Albuquerque. There I learned of her civil suit against Cheney and the name of her attorney, Melanie Sloan. My association with BFP was just beginning at that time. As I read more about Sibel’s story, I sent emails to Ms. Sloan recommending she subpoena Edmonds as a material witness for the suit to establish the timeline of Brewster/Jennings actual compromise and the identity of the very FIRST leaker. I was met with total silence as a response. That’s when I knew the Fix was in. Now Joe has his lobbying firm & Val has her showy nuclear non-proliferation NGO which is, for all intents and purposes, totally ineffective. What might be interesting for Corbett to look into would be any connections or contributions between the ATC and the Wilsons’ current business and campaign.

  4. I remember you saying that before, Ishmael. Thanks for the reminder – another story that points to the fact that they’re not playing on the same ball field, when it concerns the truth. Or maybe they didn’t expect you to walk on the field, instead of keeping your place in the stands.

    I wonder if Corbett would try to contact Ms. Sloan to ask for comments on this series?

    We need a mind map for all these people. I bet it would get pretty big.

  5. “The Wilsons is still the icon of the Left”?! What does this guy mean by the Left? I know people who call Obama “communist.” “Washington elites” are commonly referred to as “socialist” by outlets like Fox News or Alex Jones. I happen to keep in touch with what I consider to be the Left in the US context, roughly the public from, say, Chomsky and Counterpunch to Monthly Review and CPUSA. I never read or heard anything by them that could be even remotely constructed as making an icon of CIA and State Department agents like the Wilsons. Should we be concerned that Corbett is getting somewhat unhinged in pushing on us his far right-wing agenda or it’s the question of definitions? is it too much to ask the “truly alternative media” personalities to clarify their use of political terminology?

  6. I’m guessing he meant the Hollywood Left, netter. But it’s a fair question, so I don’t know why you need to throw accusations in order to ask it. I don’t see Corbett as someone who actually believes the popular “Left” and “Right” are accurate descriptions of the ideologies they represent. The popular left and right are represented in terms of Democrats and Republicans, and, as we know, these are two sides of the same coin.

    Also, is this terminology question somehow pertinent to the central issues mentioned for this upcoming series (true leak happening years earlier than official story, backroom nuclear secrets trade involving US officials, for instance), in your understanding?

  7. To me, the absolutely central issue is the ideological spin that all this spooky stuff receives in the “truly alternative media” and elsewhere. Not what one group of spooks from the FBI overhears what another group of CIA-State Department operatives whispers to their Turkish liaisons. And I do not expect any earth-shattering revelations following this sound bit and bait from Corbett if only because neither he nor anybody in “the truly alternative media” has access to the world of secret politics and crimes. The only imaginable reason for doing this type of journalism and being its readers in good faith is to put an end to that world which can be done through political action and this is where the absolute priority of the spin becomes clear. As to the “Hollywood Left,” if this mythic entity ever existed, it rests in piece since the days of Senator McCarthy.

  8. I see. So out of all this information, provided by a whistle blower at great personal risk and cost, you focus on the lack of an explanation for a term be ause you want the “Left” to come out as innocent. Corbett’s use of the term, in the context of telling us about a Hollywood film about the subject, is somehow purposefully spinning the story away from political action against the criminals involved.

    Since Plame and Wilson are the protagonists in both the official story and the Hollywood film, presenting evidence that they might be participants in the criminal cabal is damaging to the real “Left” because they are associated with the popular (MSM/Hollywood) “Left”.


    Please considet the following:

    Sibel did indeed have access to this criminal world. Pick up a copy of Classified Woman and watch the Gladio Plan B series if you don’t understand this.

    If you want activism, don’t you think that informing people with real evidence and eye witness testimony to the crimes is necessary? Or maybe you think the activism should be inspired by ideology alone?

    Personally, I question your priorities, if I’m understanding what you mean. If you don’t think I understand what you are saying, could you be a little bit more explicit?


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