Podcast Show #118- Sibel Edmonds & Peter B. Collins Unplugged- Big Time!

This week Boiling Frogs Show brings to you an unusual segment. Peter B. and I decided to have a show where we just talk-talking the talk. The day we recorded this show my mood was totally affected by Jeremy Hammond’s speech during his sentencing session. We talked about that. We also discussed my latest commentary on Activism Within the System and what it means, and from there we ventured into the major disinformation campaign brought to you by Democracy Now, the pseudo-alternative fronts, Peter B.’s coverage of the Roger Shuler case, and beyond. Just to let you know, this was a show where I didn’t have to bite my tongue 😉

Listen to the full episode here (BFP Subscribers Only):


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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Frankly, Sibel, I just cannot imagine you biting your tongue on any topic or any venue. That’s a compliment too. Yes, Democracy Now makes me grind my teeth. A limited “journalistic” hangout which comes up short on the truth. Yes, they have had some good guests and once in awhile offer very good information. However, when the fire gets hot their iron seems to be missing from the fire.

    • Fred Mertz says:

      Sibel has NO FEAR!!! Amy Goodman IS a whore. Follow the money!
      I somehow never trusted Democracy Now. Could not say exactly why, maybe it was the omissions? But now I know exactly why, I have only watched her less than 2 times. They time she supposedly got beat up trying to cover a Ron Paul rally in 2012, just seemed too fishy.

      • Whipping Boy says:

        It could have happened, some Rondroids were not very bright in their “row row” fight the powah rhetoric where they didn’t even know what they were mad about.

  2. Well said, Peter and Sibel! I loved the Goodman analogies, though I’m not sure that her kind of prostitution should be legal any longer. I hope you got her John’s attention. (Hmm… Maybe that’d be a good name for a series on the pseudo-alt: Exposing the Johns)

    I’m looking forward to a slightly more exposed and open back and forth with the two of you and James, for whom I am also very grateful. Bring on the new series! And, I’m excited to see the site update. I don’t know how you get so much accomplished. Must be those lists.

    Again, thank you for standing tall! Your appeal for financial support is very understandable and appropriate. I would add that this is one donation that does more than satiate a guilty conscience. With BFP, at least personally, I feel like my dollars are transmuted into swords and arrows with the skill of a blacksmith and the aim of an archer. I hope you will feel the support of all who are grateful for this thing we call BFP.

    Another great way to contribute is to encourage a friend or family member, or even a complete stranger, to sign up for a membership.

  3. mariotrevi says:

    On the “no-guest” format, I really enjoyed today’s podcast because Peter B. and Sibel are well-informed and will discuss topics that MSM and foundations-funded Alt-media won’t. I’m looking forward to future BFP show podcasts.
    As far as donations/contributions to BFP, I’m already convinced of their importance. I don’t have clues or insight on “how to get that message through”.

  4. My ‘vote’ is for an eventual BFP NIGHTLY NEWSCAST.

    Youtube — as example — is now available on my TV via in-house wifi and my wifi capable DVD player. In other words, we are capable now of getting out of the den (computer) and into the living room (TVs).

    I’m no techie. There may be, and likely are, better solutions.

    I can dream, can’t I?

    Thanks for all you do Peter B & Sibel

  5. jackdonovan says:

    That was awesome!

    You really put Azerbaijan (and George Soros) on my map now… It’s truly a global game with incredible possibilities… And results!
    I’m glad to have joined you on the front lines of the information battlefield. The people will really take the power back by bypassing the media, seeing through it all…

  6. On “working within the system,” I’m with you Sibel on the author’s comments being… what, at best, utterly unrealistic. There are other ways however in which some may “work within the system” effectively. As a case in point I’ll just refer to my comment in this post… http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2013/11/19/ben-swann-report-did-fbi-execute-friend-of-boston-bombing-suspect-during-interrogation/#comment-12357

    Ben Swann, while he was at FOX 19 in Cincinnati, was in a sense “working within the system” as a regular news-caster, but at the same time he was pushing the limits of what that system would normally accept, and in so doing managed to bring vital issues to the attention of a good part of the general public that otherwise would have remained ignorant. His time there was in a sense a merging of old media and new media; the subject matter in his “Reality Check” series was what independent outlets like BFP would cover (albeit not as in depth) while, through the old media venue, reaching a much wider audience of the general public -anybody who happened to have the set on after the game or whatever at 10:15 PM.

    I’d say we could use many more Ben Swann’s in every market in the US… Ben himself got a good deal of attention not just locally but nationally and the spotlight basically meant that he had to be, shall we say, encouraged to move on, from having started out as just another news-caster. There are plenty of “nobodies” out there however who could do the same “within the system,” and have a real effect. It’s all contingent on circumstances of course.

  7. 2goodponies says:

    i agree with you about Amy Goodman and no long listen to her. However, she did challenge me to dig deeper into the issues and I think that is positive 🙂

  8. Whatever changes are coming to BFP, I hope you never change the introduction and closing to the original BFP podcast hosted by Peter and Sibel. Every time I listen to a new episode and hear that intro, it takes me back to the humble beginnings of BFP. When that podcast began, I eagerly awaited and savored each new episode. For me, that intro is a connection to the past with great sentimental value.

  9. I think of Democracy Now as a useful tool to push certain issues the left deems news worthy. We shouldn’t burn bridges and cut ourselves off from any news outlet. We have to be as cunning and ruthless as our adversaries.

  10. Hi Michael M,

    Not quite sure I understand the benefit, if we know they are paid liars. They give people the idea and self-satisfaction of being on the”left”, as they shape said people’s views and perceptions. It’s a truthy peep show with the oligarchy taking your quarters and making you ashamed to talk to real girls. (The figurative you)

  11. Hello Xicha

    If they will allow you to go on the air and bring up an issue then they serve a purpose. If we become too stringent and “idealogically” pure we can shut ourselves out of the public’s eye. If Fox “News” lets you bring up government abuses. even if it’s just to embarrass a Democratic administration. I say go for it. Be consistant with the message, don’t pick sides and tell the whole truth even if it offends their idealogic sensibilities and you should come across as fair and principled.

  12. Avery Easter says:

    OW Sibel! BAM! tells us how ya really feel why don’t cha. lol.
    Hey thank you for naming names and being so clear. Also you and Peter telling us of your’s and other’s experiences. Shows like this help clear the cobwebs for those of us who are media consumers and allow us to speak to those that are no where NEAR “awake” or who are members of the holy churches of the left and right who faithfully believe “their guys” can be trusted but those others are evil scumbags.

    i Agree with you HAL 9000… the intro and exit for this podcast really set the tone.

    i Agree with you Michael M … to a point. “be Wise as Serpents…” is how one revolutionary put it. I won’t donate to D.Now but will get some news from there and other MSM and ASM (alternate) from time to time.(does the ending acronym SM apply in more than one way here? hmm)
    Take the meat and leave the bones is my attitude toward most news media.
    Wasn’t there an old view that the people in the USSR all read Pravda but they didn’t believe it. Sadly we have to dissect just about everything. frankly it’s a bit wearing. My young daughter will mention a news event she’s seen on “the news” and nearly every time i have contextualize it add to it, or correct it, or some time call it out as false. I know sometimes she’s wondering where i come up with some of this.
    so yeah.. um.. thanks a lot Sybil and Peter i guess.

    Keep pushing

  13. Imants Virsnieks says:

    Bravo! More! Brilliant! A pivotal moment. The point is not to interpret the world but to change it. Who said that?:) My understanding of BFPs purpose is to increase the number of people that can see the forest, recognize, and to tell the truth. The rich and powerful own the forest. Robin Hood will not help. The rich and powerful will ruthlessly do whatever it takes to stay in power. The only weapon they fear is the truth. I am not saying anything as insipid as “the truth will make you free”. Telling the truth to a growing audience is a revolutionary act. The BFP tells the truth. It is ethical and principled. Truth telling in this exchange between Peter and Sibel was as refreshing, and as sweet, as the air after a cleansing rain! I can smell the ozone. This is real change. A paradigm shift. A new standard for unfettered and unvarnished truth. Sibel; to paraphrase words from your book “Classified Woman” you are your fathers’ daughter. Thank you and Peter for a brilliant unfiltered, lucid and hilarious no holds barred discussion and thank you for BFP!!!

  14. Gerald Hines says:

    Let me begin by a Big Thank-you for all of the work that you take on. Your energies devoted towards broadcasts such as these is paramount in waking people up who have gotten past the point of wringing their hands of the mainstream media. I subscribe to No Newspapers anymore! I barely turn on TV news, or more rather avoid the fluff stories that riddle the networks. And of the world stories that TV news offer is spoon-fed by their tilt of observation, and the removal for people to re-think said news stations platforms. My main gripe of citizens is being lazy, of which into that pattern I fell for several years. So yes, there is a sense of guilt I hold unto myself but which also I recognize as a motive to push/levy upon your subscribers. Such is partially the situation of how the mainstream media keeps Joe Six-Pack manageable to the agendas of our keepers. Try explaining even partially the events that took place during 9/11, to a member of ‘The Greatest Generation’, (e.g. my 91yr old mother) and the confusion upon her face is quite evident. But, even that hard nut can be cracked! So there is a glimmer of hope. With that said, I will gladly contribute as much financial support as I can manage to help grow your site, because the alternative offers only wasted money by bricks thrown through my Televisions!! Thank-you Sibel & Peter.

  15. YourEyeColours says:

    Great show

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