A Dangerous & Absurd Disconnect: “Everything on the Internet Should Be Free!”

The Hidden Price of the Establishment Sugar Daddies-Backed Propaganda & Vulture Advertisers-Sponsored Free Content

The other day I was chatting with a man who was expressing his appreciation for our irate minority home-Boiling Frogs Post. Everything, all the brief communication, up to a certain point, was going well. Until … until he made the following comment:

I love what you guys are doing. It is activism, and it is so badly needed. I wish I had the time to participate and contribute work to your site. But the thing is I have a very hectic life … a full-time job, family and kids, and elderly mother who is about to go to a care facility, and a bunch of health issues. So, unfortunately, I can’t afford spending any time on activism at this time.

I was truly taken aback. I was offended. I was also offended on behalf of all my partners and activist friends here at BFP. Why? Here is why:

There is this assumption, not only by the man I was chatting with, but many others, that people who engage in activism, or those who work hard to further the truth and provide independent and solid needed information, are either:

A- Independently wealthy-as in millionaires

B- Have no family and children responsibilities, or loved ones to care for

C- Have no health issues or other difficult life circumstances to deal with

D- Are a bunch who have somehow forsaken and abdicated all their responsibilities, family, survival needs and health for the cause

I was offended because none of the above applies to either me or any of the people I work with. I, for one, am one of those jugglers who is handling family responsibilities, including a five-year old handful daughter, working to survive and have my family survive, handling health related emergencies and needs with bare-bones private insurance with a high deductible in order to keep monthly costs down, and … well, like all of you, so much more.

The decision to establish this amazing independent and nonpartisan information site did not come easy for me. Allow me to put it in perspective. I first had to turn my full-time job into a part-time one. And last year I gave up that job altogether to manage this website full-time (and overtime). The income difference between the two, my previous work and this work, is 70-%. This is a cost that is not only born by me but also my family. Is it hard? You bet it is. Can it be sustained? I don’t know for sure. But I am not the determinant of that- those who benefit from and appreciate what we are providing here will be determining that.

Over a year ago one of our partners here at BFP did the same thing. He quit his full-time teaching job, began dedicating all his time to producing needed independent information and news, and took a chance with not only himself but his family’s survival as well. And that includes a newly arrived baby.

There seems to be this highly absurd belief among the masses that everything on the Internet has to and must be free. That is nothing short of ridiculous. I marvel at that widely held absurd notion that says we are entitled to free information and content because it's out there on the Internet and on our laptops, and the absurdity of the belief that there is a separation between information and analyses placed in a book and that on pages over the internet.

Information, whether it is a product of hours of research and writing, or hours spent producing and publishing video and podcast programs, isn't free. Nor are music, movies, literature ... housing, food and clothing. The people who report, analyze, write, and produce, need, like everyone else, to be paid for their work. It is a matter of survival. It is a matter of necessity. And there is no way around it.

Those who produce information of value have to take time, somehow, to think, research, write, create, produce and perform to bring to you an informative and significant product, whether it is a video report or a podcast show or an analysis of a current event. 

And somehow people, the same people who hold to this absurd notion that all information production should be free, seem to be in denial of the high price they are paying for free access. They don’t even consider the price of looking and clicking on ads that appear on many of these so-called free for all websites. And it doesn’t matter if you abstain from clicking or decide to ignore the pesky pop-ops, because the vultures capture your data and place their cookie-presence in your system anyway.

Likewise, these same people refuse to acknowledge the purpose behind free-for-all websites that are backed by establishment sugar daddies such as George Soros or Rockefeller Foundations. They are either unable to distinguish the difference between independent factual information and propaganda, or, they can, but don’t want to admit to themselves that they are being sold loads of cow manure and well-calculated and designed propaganda BS.

There is a reason you do not see a single advertisement here at Boiling Frogs Post. We are not a website backed by advertising money to sell you hot Asian women or Slim Fast concoctions. We do not capture and pass along your information to anyone, and by that we mean anyone. Period. I find that concept simply despicable. Disgusting. We will never ever choose that route. Period.

There is a reason we do not have a single foundation sponsoring, backing and or contributing to this website. Those foundations are extensions of the same very establishment we are fighting against. They can take their millions and shove it … to the sold-out presstitute pseudo alternatives. Their money comes with dirty strings. We are above that. And we will remain above that. Period.

There is a reason we are not established as a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt entity. When the government, in this case, the criminal government, offers you a tax-free exemption, they make sure they put enough restraints and conditions on it to neuter one as a free and daring entity. No thank you, government. We are keeping our cohunes intact. Period.

During our first three years of operation we tried very hard to keep all our programs and content free and open to all by relying only on voluntary contributions. We tried, and tried and tried. But it didn’t work. For whatever reason. That’s why two years ago we began our subscription model for our multimedia productions. But still, we kept our other work open and free to all, thinking that between subscriptions and contributions we could offer both. I have to tell you, even that model hasn’t been dependable and reliable.

Think about it: In order for me to go out and recruit talented, independent and professional producers, I have to be able to confidently offer them regular modest compensation for their hard work. I cannot do that if I don’t know what the outcome of each quarterly contribution drive will be. Thus, the reason for our subscription model. With this model I can be reasonably confident enough to recruit additional reporters and producers. Some may call it highly ambitious, but I am still striving to expand this site to include our very own investigative journalists. I want to be able to go out and grab Ms. X who is currently working for Company Y, not very happily, but in order to pay her bills and survive. In order for me to do that I need the resources to provide timely compensation to reporters like her.

As I have been saying repeatedly, there is only one way, only one, for an untainted, independent, nonpartisan, reliable, daring, and yet professional news website to exist: One Hundred Percent Publicly Subsidized. Meaning; no sugar daddies, no foundations, no advertisers, no government subsidies in the form of tax exemptions, and no political party interference. And to make that a reality you come into the picture. You the people. People have to decide whether to seek free garbage brought to them by the garbage establishment, or, to help create and sustain one outside that garbage paradigm.

This quarter, as before, we are depending on you. We believe we have been effective: we have been shining the light on the truth, and have been irritating the powers and their puppetries. We have been proving that it is indeed possible to have an independent and truly alternative media model based on a solely publicly subsidized model. And, we have accomplished this through one source (and one source only): You and your support.

Please take a stand and make a statement today by supporting a real alternative. Please help us continue and expand- for the independent truth, and for all of us. You can, and here is how:

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Sibel Edmonds

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  1. Imants Virsnieks says:

    Well said Sibel . Everybody who follows BFP should send a donation now. I plan to donate before the end of the year. As soon as possible. It is the least we can do. It is the obligation of all BFP followers to keep this going so others can discover BFP.

  2. Mgrdichian says:

    His comment isn’t worth getting offended over. And I don’t see any hidden meaning in his remarks. He has measured his ability to meet his commitments and drawn a line for himself. We all do that. If he’s saying anything under his breath, it’s that he feels he would be ineffective as an activist right now. I’ve had many people say that to me over the years. I’m in a similar place right now, myself. Being an effective activist is directly related being effective in our personal lives. I would have said to your acquaintance, “Family, career and health comes first, so I hope you can find peace with all of it. And when you do, I hope you’ll consider sharing some of your remarkable talents with BFP,” or something like that….. and then just move on.

  3. Sibel, thank you for that accounting of yourself and Boiling Frogs. One of the main reasons I contributed to BF is the transparency you folks stand by. Frankly, this is one of the most important posts you have put up. Again, accountability and respect for privacy to your subscribers is what makes BF very attractive. Please continue to do so. Moreover, I find the prospect of BF having an investigative reporting staff covering events immensely attractive. I hope you guys use Helen Thomas as a model.

    As for the gentleman who is too busy to sacrifice and contribute, take heart. I often have debates about this with my NYPD detective friend. He always points to the guy with the briefcase carrying his cup of coffee to work and says that is what I am dealing with – “He just hasn’t the time.” I tell him, no. That is what you are dealing with. Sometimes I can become quite cynical when I see this and say to myself that all those carrying briefcases with their coffee who are locked in the system are the real enemies. Alas, I bite my tongue or rather grind my teeth.

  4. carolcrumlish says:

    Thank you, Sibel, for your articulate and hard-hitting remarks. I am a paying supporter of BFP and proud to be able to lend a hand. You are know by my friends up here in the mountains of southern Oregon as the bravest person in this country. Each of your pieces is a first-class lesson in Poli Sci. You put Rachel Maddow to shame–her Stanford-Oxford-Rhode’s Scholar status notwithstanding. If she had any integrity left, she would be standing right beside you. I pass on and post BFP work on Facebook and via email to my friends, some of whom do not want to know what you have to say. Tough! They get a dose at least weekly.
    Will you be raising hell soon about the fact of the cover-up of the lethality of the Fukushima to-put-it-mildly disaster? No one is helping the people of the world to protect our bodies. I am getting wind of the notion that that tsunami was HAARP initiated. Any ideas?

  5. carolcrumlish says:

    I meant *known*. Jeeeez.

  6. I think you’re thinking of cojones (j has h sound), though cohunes (silent h) ends up working 😉

    There are gray areas and black and white areas to this, IMO. I remember growing up with my mom being the only one to stand up against the city. Her fellow employees, who patted her on the back, had too much to risk. Right. Unlike my mom, single mother of eight. And she suffered for being alone.

    On the other hand, there is a continuum and people don’t need to jump off any cliffs. Did this guy have something valuable to offer as “work”, so that a monetary contribution just wouldn’t cut it? I think there’s something to be said for having something to offer. James built that; he learned and grew and built it. You seemed to have had it thrust onto you, as I remember you once pondering yourself never having had the whistle blower experience, on that Aussie or NZ interview last Spring or Summer, that you might not even be complaining about the wiretapping. You were an insider with extremely valuable knowledge and a spine. That’s why most of us are here. The developments of the information/news/analysis site came after and were semi-based on this initial knowledge-spine value.

    Anyway, thanks, as always. I’ve told you that you remind me of my mother, in this respect. Two ladies with cojones/cohunes.

  7. @ Mgrdichian: I have to say, partly, Wrong.Based on those standards all of us would be in that category, but we are all pushing the limits. Let’s take Xicha as an example here: a hectic life, family, kids, jobs, spouse’s job … yet he is pushing the limits- doing his share. Easy? No. Possible: yes. I am saying this as someone who is applying it first to herself. No hypocrisy here.

    @ Xicha: That’s a good point. But then again, during that period, I wouldn’t have considered others’ work as crucial either. If we are in a position where we recognize that badly needed participation, then, we better make it our goal to participate. Either that, we shut up and stop bit..ing about it. Also, you are following her example, obviously. With all the responsibilities and tough life circumstances, you’ve been here, in forefront, since … well, for years;-) That says: doable.

    There is a reason I always emphasize ‘Irate Minority’ here. Because the majority is too busy and too self-occupied to want to learn, think and take action. Always been the case. If I wanted to attract and get that majority I wouldn’t be running a site like this, and say what I’ve been saying here. I would follow the footsteps of entertainers and snake oil salesmen, tell them what they really want to hear, do what they really want to see be done … talk Britney, Jolie, maybe have boobsy pictures instead of the dead drone victims … No? But here I am, here we are, talking the hard truth that hurts and not many want to hear about…

  8. In the words of Voltaire’s Candide, “we all must tend to our gardens”

  9. Thank you Sibel, for your dedication, time, morals and beautiful mind! I’m glad I found BFP, and am a proud subscriber!

    I will gladly support BFP, additional, and continue to tell family and friends this is where they need to subscribe. I look forward to your nightly news stories, The EyeOpener Video Report with James Corbett, The Boiling Frogs Show , Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins (his Voice!), De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez and Empire, Power, (AG Marshall, another smooth voice!)and People Podcast Report. I truly do!

    Thank you fellow subscribers, supporters and all that make up BFP!

  10. Thank you, hanneesh.

    Sibel: “Based on those standards all of us would be [are] in that category”
    EXACTLY! no buts.

    Regarding your example of Xicha, along with “easy/hard, possible and doable” there is “desirable,” which involves a far more subjective, personal and private evaluation, the dynamics of which often change quite frequently. I’ve seen marriages threatened due to over-extended activists. Not pretty and not worth it.

  11. Sibel, let us be very careful on what we say is doable. There are those of us who do not have families, have no appreciable incomes, no pensions, no medical and no fall back. In fact, there are some who are one step away from the street. We “the irate masses” are not accountable to any group or cause. We are many who do so because they have contemplated the inadequacies of the world and CHOOSE to make a difference because we see clearly the hardships of an unjust world. I am often reminded of the late Victor Frankel’s work. He was a man who endured 4 years of hardship in the Nazi concentration camps. He had only a small ball of bread in his pocket and tied his shoes with barbwire only to endure the cold of hard labor. Yet, Frankel understood that misery lives in a vacuum. A fashion model who gets a big zit on her forehead suffers the same misery before a big shoot. Misery shares the same air whether we understand it or not. Let us be very careful and measure these perspectives accordingly.

  12. I do wish to add one more thought to the overall idea of motivation:

    The truth has no obligation but to that from within itself it binds.

  13. Sibel- For those at the margin, the type of commitment you’ve made may be difficult, if not impossible to replicate. Yet, at the same time, there is a price, albeit ‘unbilled’, that comes with citizenship, and there are many ways one can pay the tab- e.g., whether it is in the streets, or lobbying governmental representatives or business institutions, or commenting on public websites to raise the consciousness and educate others who may be informed, or raising (or earning) money to support you and others like you, or teaching (or raising our own) kids to think critically and meaningfully, etc. There are many ways we can improve the world we live in. So, I agree with you- and acknowledge that your commitment, efforts, and deeds have been extraordinary- but also plead for some flexibility.

  14. Where the mind is without fear
    and the head is held high;
    Where knowledge is free;
    Where the world has not been
    broken up into fragments
    by narrow domestic walls; …
    Where the clear stream of reason
    has not lost its way into the
    dreary desert sand of dead habit; …
    Into that heaven of freedom,
    my Father, let my country awake.

    The Nobel Prize in Literature 1913
    Rabindranath Tagore

  15. I understand that you need financial support to continue what you’re doing, it’s worthwhile and I’m glad to be able to contribute. That’s how it is for me.

    But it is an interesting question you ask. What about taking it the other way around: should everything on the Internet come with a price tag? If you consider that everything has a price and “free” isn’t really free, then I consider the price of supporting this site to be very acceptable.

  16. You the people. People have to decide whether to seek free garbage brought to them by the garbage establishment, or, to help create and sustain one outside that garbage paradigm.

    three monkeys….


  17. Wait, I can’t find hot asian women here??? 😛

  18. Mitchell Bupp says:

    I sent Sibel 2 dollar hope you like them ….

  19. To me, it seems obvious that making an effort to be active IS IN ITSELF a crucial part of tending one’s own garden. For, what will be in store for your precious garden in the very near future (and beyond?) if you fail to do anything to stop the bleeding right now? Before it’s too late? Whenever I come across this type of person – the kind who let me know that they appreciate my effort, but regretfully have no intention of making any effort themselves – I immediately think to myself, “Yeah, this person just doesn’t get it”. Because, in order for you to feel like you have the luxury to make that choice you can’t possibly have a full grasp of just how deep is the shit we’re in right now. I certainly don’t feel like I have a choice. I imagine everyone else here feels the same way. I mean, time is of the essence. I don’t know, maybe these people are giving us too much credit. Maybe they have the crazy idea in their heads that a few people will be able to save the world on their own while everybody else watches from the sidelines? pffft

    – Amanda

  20. On the internet nothing is really free, you only pay later.

    With your freedom.

  21. “The majority” –aka “middle class” aka small bourgeoisie– cannot support projects like this. Period. Not because the majority is lazy, self-centered, cowardly and so on, but because the majority benefits from this system and is happily complicit with it. There is a thing called “class interest,” admittedly rarely if ever mentioned in sociology courses taught in this country. The existence and sustainability of US Empire is central to the class interests of American majority. And if Perl Harbor, assassinating a US President, or 911 help to sustain and expand the empire so be it. The government “we elect” might be evil, even infinitely evil, but not the system. Things may change only when and if the bulk of the present majority gets pauperized to the extent that they no longer feel to have a stake in the empire. Marx described this condition in his famous dictum: Proletarians have no Fatherland. So I would argue that no amount of “information”, however truthful it may appear, won’t change a tiny bit in public’s mind and the affairs of this country.

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