Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: “Secret Reports Reveal Secrets”

Peter B. Collins Presents Philip Giraldi

CIA veteran Philip Giraldi expands on his recent commentary about what we learn from our government’s illusions of secrecy. Terrorism has declined sharply, according to the state department; yet NSA dragnet surveillance is justified by exaggerated threats. The Senate report on torture has been suppressed for more than a year by the CIA, but we know it catalogs criminal behavior and concludes that no valuable intelligence was extracted from men who were tortured. And the notorious “Saudi memo” about the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 recently gained new attention from members of Congress who read the complete 28-page memo, yet many who have questioned the Saudi role or other obvious flaws in the official narrative are dismissed as “truthers”. We open with comments on Ed Snowden and recent revelations, after 42 years, of the whistleblowers who broke into an FBI office, then leaked the Cointelpro documents to the media, prompting some major investigations and reforms.

Philip Giraldi is a former CIA and DIA counter-terrorism officer, member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance, and contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine.

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  1. In fact, there is central command and control for al qaeda. It’s housed in the Pentagon, within a division full of high ranking, Turkish speaking officers.

    Please take your blow back. Thank you.

  2. chris bagg says:

    Questions for Peter:
    Given that the 911 commission was a whitewash, do you think that it is appropriate for concerned citizens to do their own research into what really happened on 911? Which lines of research do you think have been most fruitful? Do you think that concerned citizen scientists, architects, and engineers could independently form a scientific consensus about how the 3 buildings were destroyed? What do you think of the theory put forth by Richard Gage and others that the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition? If Gage is correct, then how could the Saudi hijackers be anything other than patsies in this whole affair. How could they have put the bombs into the buildings?

  3. Peter, you said there would be a link to Giraldi’s piece in the show notes. I can’t find the show notes, and for Jan 1 doesn’t seem to have an article by him. I’d like to be able to read it.

  4. Forget that, I found it in the news on your site:

    But it still would be helpful to know where one finds the show notes to these pieces.

  5. mariotrevi says:

    I think it’s odd that the CIA gets to decide whether or not the Senate report on CIA-led interrogations can be declassified. Is it because of a loophole in US laws? Say, with NASA and the first space shuttle disaster, the findings of a special committee were released in due course.

  6. Michael McDonald says:

    I congratulate both Sibel and Peter for having someone from the right on the show and keeping the conversation in the middle. I visited Judicial Watch after the show and it is chock full of partisan pastries, and his commentary dripping with resentment for the past treatment of Republicans. Hopefully this kind of conversation will encourage an asset like Mr. Giraldi to move away from the divide and conquer paradigm afflicting our country and focus on the big picture. Otherwise our political preferences mean nothing.

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