De-Manufacturing Consent- “The PayPal 14, Pierre’s Shame & the Billionaire Independent Media”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Stanley Cohen

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by attorney and activist, Stanley Cohen, who currently represents one of the "Anons" collectively known as the PayPal 14. We discuss who the PayPal 14 are, what they did, why they did it, and the shameful actions of eBay and Pierre Omidyar throughout the ordeal. Stanley also shares his thoughts on the new "hip Rupert Murdoch," the rise of the "billionaire independent media," the Snowden files, Greenwald "shilling for points" with the Israel lobby, and much more.

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  1. Great fucking interview! 🙂

    It does stink. GG has said that Snowden demanded that they don’t release everything. Let us see the agreement? Why spread so many docs to MSM, so they can decide? Please see response by Kevin Ryan, that tears apart GG’s whiny defensive, probably untruthful, explanations for pimping the docs.

    Anybody think that Snowden is CIA and these releases are part of a turf war? I’ve heard that speculation, but don’t really go for it, though don’t discount that it’s possible that he is still working for the intelligence services of the USA.

    Meanwhile, the docs so far have not been proven false, have done some good, like validation of concerns, inspiring more whistle blowing (Tice), providing legal standing to many plaintiffs against the government, and, most importantly, they have shown us that the rest of the docs should be released all at once, because they are evidence of serious, ongoing crimes and we, the victims of those crimes, have a right to see the evidence, which outweighs all other concerns.

  2. colinjames says:

    I love this guy Stanley Cohen, I never knew about him before this interview, maybe heard his name, but dude is f*cking hilarious. And sharp. Hope to see more of him on BFP, please invite him back, make him a regular, follow his work, give him a link, something!

    • Fred Mertz says:

      Ditto to everything you just wrote, so 2 thumbs up on it all.

      Now, regarding the Greenwald/Snowden “affair”.
      NONE of this is a matter of WHAT Greenwald is now doing with all this power and prestige. THAT is all completely predictable and follows the same tired old pattern. This is completely the natural course considering who he is, and is certainly NOT a surprise there. Is ANYBODY really surprised?

      Since that ethnicity holds the great penchant for wedging themselves in as the middleman, does anybody know exactly HOW Greenwald got ahold of this grand prize? Greenwald somehow weaseled this Gold Metal of Judaism (money, power, and secret information), which might make Bernie Madoff and Walt Disney jealous, but HOW did he do it? He didn’t!

      This is all too common and typical to be taken at face value. Israel certainly had access to these exact same documents, so let us work backward from there.

      Could Snowden have been a patsy in this? Here is a possible scenario:

      Israel gives these certain documents (the earth-shattering secrets) to Snowden under the guise of him “stealing them”, with the deal being that he in turn them over to Greenwald and run. Then the GLOBAL drama begins. (The greatest show on EARTH!) He ‘escapes’ to Hong Kong and captivates the world’s attention, winds up in the Russian airport begging asylum worldwide, thereby escalating the theatrics and attention for months more! This is all about garnering ATTENTION worldwide!

      (Remember the Ecuadorian president, wasn’t allowed to land for gas? What total nonsense, since any country could have assembled a swat team, let the plane land, and refuel the plane, either Snowden was on the plane or he wasn’t. It WAS a plane on a vast concrete runway, NOT the Amazon rain forest. Where could he hide? Is it really that hard to kick-in the door of an airplane bathroom? )
      Mission accomplished. The U.S. goes from “superpower” to GOD! Omniscient! The U.S. now knows every sin you have ever committed and will know every sin you will commit in the future. Disobey? Well…then you go to “HELL”.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing Mr. Cohen. He was blunt, to the point, no flowery legaleeze or diplomatic answers. He said he is gonna continue to fight these fuckers and that is what we ALL must do. FIGHT THESE FUCKERS

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