De-Manufacturing Consent- “Spies, Lies & the Money that Binds Them”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Douglas Valentine

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by author and CIA expert, Douglas Valentine. We discuss the NSA leaks regarding the agency's assistance in the CIA assassination program that were promised, but so far not delivered, and how the focus on tactical matters as opposed to strategic may be a diversion.

We also go over the use of "black propaganda" within the media that serves to legitimize agencies like the CIA or NSA. Does anything revealed so far by Edward Snowden challenge the national security state in a meaningful way? Does limiting the release of the documents, while reiterating that "not all spying is bad," weaken the national security state or strengthen it?

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    thanks for this, it is a great service that BFP gives voice to the pertinent and learned Douglas Valentine

  2. Mr. Valentina’s comment “Jeremy Scahill”, the Justin Bieber of journalism.. I love it! Many great insightful points here. Great interview Guillermo! There’s a lot I could say, but I imagine “preaching to the choir” would aptly explain most of it. Sadly though, a dyed in the wool Obamaite I know was “surprised” to learn that Greenwald had gone into partnership with Omyidar. Which indicates how little the MSM tells their adherents. To quote the movie “Cool Hand Luke”: “Some men, you just can’t reach”

  3. Goodness gracious! This interview is like a gulp of fresh air in the stuffy room filled with well-meaning but, oh, so predictable “progressive” middle-class talk US style. It’s nothing short of a miracle that individuals like Mr. (Comrade?) Valentine have survived in the spiritual desert of 21st century North America. For how many people among about 400 million living now in the US & Canada understand the following simple truths:
    – that by itself no amount of “truly alternative media,” sensational “revelations,” and stolen “state secrets” can make even a microscopic dent in the system of power, only an “alternative” power can;
    – that all those “secret services” are but tools of the ruling class to preserve and expand its rule;
    – that secrecy is its powerful weapon primarily used to defend this rule against its own subjects (“citizens”) rather than the Ruskies or the Chinese who know about US “secrets” ten thousand times more than an average US citizen;
    – that the real war is waged not between the propertied classes of different nations but by the propertied classes against the expropriated of the world.
    Very few and far apart.
    Here’s one proof of the above taken from the front page of this publication. When Mrs. Edmonds time and again expresses her amazement that “the Russians” do not reveal the “secrets” they know about the US government standing behind terror in Russia, she has in mind the handful sitting in the Kremlin, not the 140 million citizens of Russia, who have no access even to the secrets of their local police precinct. From the vantage point of ordinary people, the silence of the Kremlin lambs does not make sense. But it’s only because ordinary people are powerless people by definition. The logic of class power is the greatest secret to them and should remain such. In comparison with this secret, the one of 9-11 is trivial. This is why it’s hidden so well. Experienced spooks know that the best place to hide a secret is to put it in the most conspicuous place, in plain view. That’s where class secrets are hidden. Everyone can see them, yet no one notice, so contrary to the logic of ordinary people they are. This logic can be summarized in this maxim: Wars are thinkable only between allies. This is why Putin will never tell us the secrets the US government keeps secret from us.

  4. More very illuminating discussion by Doug Valentine:
    move your cursor 17 minutes in; DV tells Abby about the CIA’s Phoenix program–
    2 books re CIA crimes, discussion re. CIA media influence–
    CIA dealing drugs–

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