Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Important Disclosures from Internal NSA Whistleblowers

Peter B. Collins Presents Former NSA Insiders Drake, Binney, Tice & Roark

The Snowden files have confirmed the prior and subsequent disclosures of former high ranking NSA employees that exposed internal corruption, billions of dollars of wasteful spending/contractor profiteering, and reckless disregard for our constitutional rights. In powerful excerpts from interviews with Thomas Drake, William Binney, Russell Tice and Diane Roark, you will hear what ObamaCo has refused to listen to: true accounts of NSA wrongdoing from eyewitnesses.

Tice reveals NSA surveillance of top elected officials and judges, Drake expresses his indignation over the NSA-approved talking point “more spying on Americans could’ve prevented 9/11", Binney explains why he resigned after 30 years, and Roark, who was a top staffer at the House Intelligence Committee, shares her nightmare from being targeted for retaliation along with Drake, Binney and others.

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  1. I just noticed that Russ Baker posted a recent interview with Russell Tice as well. Not that there’s a shortage of interviews with him, but in the wake of the apparently stalled Snowden information, the interview, (transcript) gives further analysis on the whole NSA collecting every type of data it can on everyone.


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