Thank You NSA, Snowden & the Media for Showing our Super-Ness in Something!

The Most Innovative Plot Ever to Put us Back on the Map as the Super-est

I ask people to name the agency responsible for collecting all communication Intel in China, and they draw a blank. I quiz people on the Russian facility specifically in charge of communication data gathering (not the main FSB), and I draw more blanks. However, I suspect that today if you were to ask the entire adult population of the planet earth to name the intelligence facility in the United States where the entire US and world communication data is gathered you would receive a quick and accurate answer: NSA. Is this really ‘bad’ for the US image? Is this truly bad for the NSA?

Everyone agrees that this is the information age. Everyone will tell you that information is power today. It is uniformly agreed that those with the power to collect the most information are those with the most power. All true. Thus, the Super Global Power is the one with the best capability to collect the most information. And the world unanimously recognizes the United States of America as the Super-est Global Power with the most ominous agency-facility capable of collecting everyone’s every data every minute of every hour. We have the US government, Edward Snowden, and the mainstream media to thank for this.

Image is everything. It’s perception- not the real facts- that matter. Once upon a time it was the Arms Race. We went through decades of muscle flexing: who had the biggest and most powerful bombs, who had the most ominous delivery system for the biggest and most powerful bombs, who had the fastest and greatest rockets to reach the moon-Mars or hell, and who had the highest number of bases. Of course we, the Americans, aced every one of those criteria. Didn’t we? Even with the Missile Gap trickery and later revelations and all; we flexed our steroid-filled muscles everywhere. It really didn’t matter how many billions of people around the world actually hated us. We burned and murdered millions of people in Vietnam, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Laos and Cambodia. Ugly? Yes. But didn’t it establish our superiority when it came to nuclear weapons capabilities, chemical weapons mastery, and all the state-of-the-art machinery to deliver our killing agents and murder in mass? There: ugly or not, hated or not, we flexed our super-power muscles. We became known as a superpower-the only thing that mattered.

Who wouldn’t want to be perceived as the most powerful and ominous even if butt ugly? China does. Russia does. Iran does. Pakistan does… and we do. Please don’t let anyone fool you: when we talk about our world image we don’t give a damn about looking good or being perceived as good. No. It is about being the most powerful, being the most ominous when it comes to using power. Period. Think of our power footprint in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya. Think about our power shown through our black sites, Bagram, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Powerful, yes. Ominous yes. Good? Are you kidding me? But who cares!

As a nation so addicted to being known and perceived as a superpower, when we see ourselves in situations like this we feel devastated:

In 15 of 22 nations surveyed, the balance of opinion is that China either will replace or already has replaced the U.S. as the world’s leading superpower. This view is especially widespread in Western Europe, where at least six-in-ten people in France (72%), Spain (67%), Britain (65%) and Germany (61%) see China overtaking the U.S.

As a nation who has had the privilege of being perceived as the most ominous, when we face situations like this we are heartbroken:

For the first time in surveys dating back nearly 40 years, a majority (53%) says the United States plays a less important and powerful role as a world leader than it did a decade ago. The share saying the U.S. is less powerful has increased 12 points since 2009 and has more than doubled – from just 20% – since 2004.

So what if we are still the world’s super-est power when it comes to WMD and related military machinery. Obviously that doesn’t count nearly as much today in the eyes of the world. Our economy has been way too screwed up to even be considered as a vehicle to establish super-ness. Thus, we have to find something that is considered real super in this age and time: the Information Age & Information Warfare Era. So bring in and pump some steroids into some information muscle, flex it big time, and make sure it is enormously publicized: Thank you NSA, Edward Snowden and the Government PR media.

Those damn Chinese may have the economy on their side, but let’s flex our steroid-filled NSA muscles and show those dudes how pathetic they are when it comes to sucking information: Snowden: US Spies On China’s Universities and Mobile Firms  I tell you, even the NSA is directly pumping up Snowden’s narrative on how we put the Chinese under our surveillance microscope: NSA fears Snowden saw details of China spying

Look at the darn Chinese scrambling to protect themselves from our mighty info sucking monster-the NSA: Can China Protect Itself from NSA Spying?

How about those awful Russians, ey? Let’s show them too: Sweden has been spying on Russian leaders for the NSA, Snowden documents show That’s right. They better watch out. We are vacuuming up all their information: NSA leak reveals: US and Britain spied on Russians and other countries Hey, mate, look how desperate they are in the face of our mighty NSA sucker-uppers: Russia’s solution to NSA spying? Typewriters!!!

Even those pest-y little high-tech Japanese are getting nervous, seeing how they have lost their techie edge: Japan Must Safeguard Data from 'Superpower in Decline' Decline or not, who cares! It attaches that musical and beautiful adjective back to our nation’s name: Superpower.

Haven’t government researchers such as RAND been pounding our government for years on pumping and flexing its information gathering muscles?  Information is an instrument of national and global power. As such, control over its use, its protection, and its manipulation, are national and global security issues. Well, here we are, doing exactly that: showing our people and the entire world that we are capable of sucking every single piece of information from every person in every nation every single second of every single hour of every single day.

Thank you NSA, Edward Snowden and the government PR machine. Thank you for restoring our superpower status here at home and abroad. Thank you for showing our super-ness in something: Snooping & Surveillance of everyone everywhere all the time. Thank you for expanding and putting back the fear of government into our people’s psyche. Thank you for putting the weariness and fear of our mightiness back into the world. Thank you for plotting and executing one of the most innovative plots ever to put us back on the map as a super-est power in something; no matter how stinky or ugly. Thank you NSA, Snowden and the mainstream media. Thank you all.

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Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. Psyops Drones (memes)? Psychological Operatives embedded in every news story? Glado-C? You do keep us thinking Sibel. Thanks!

  2. Sibel, I think you might have hit upon an interesting analogy when it comes to information on “steroids.” However, it might be better served to understand the general term of “Performance Enhancing Information” like “Performance Enhancing Drugs” have many “programs” or variants than strictly the broad steroid connotation. Have we not at least learned that the NSA is “roided” up on a plethora of informational “drugs” which have morphed into yet untestable or unaccountable programs? I say, yes. Like athletes when challenged with testing they often find a synthesized non-detectable version to what has been exposed. Would it be fair the NSA has done the same thing? In fact, once any drug or information is exposed it has often been understood that the so-called “testers” who with a wink and nod look no further. Are we dealing with the same scenario? Do we even have the ability to “test” the informational athletes?

    If we compare programs of the NSA and what we know about athletic PEDs, then perhaps this chart on athletic drug abuses might just give us an indication of informational technologies we have yet discovered. And yes, some of those “cons” might be applicable to the program in which you speak of.

  3. Perry Watson says:

    You are forgetting that America is really good at incarcerating its citizens and for a profit!

  4. Point taken Sibel, but again I wish all attention to 007 had more to do with Ian Flemming than the current Snowden du jour. Really, what’s the point of chasing this down the rabbit hole. To give it attention is to give it credibility. No?

  5. paranoid piece of work you have here; having to cherry pick your leaks to paint the picture you want

    • to add, the washpost article on the ‘nsa fears snowden saw details of china spying’ doesnt even say what you want it to say. the article spends the entire time demonizing the leaks and and quoting the nsa saying any publicity is bad and talking about damage control.
      do you really think the chinese, russians, etc arent aware of spying attempts?
      all the leaks you point to have been beneficial for citizens of the world to hear to galvanize support for taking down the program.

      • Exactly what “support for taking down the program” are you alluding to here?

        Also… You seem to be overlooking the fact that Snowden’s leeks failed to reveal anything that wasn’t old news (which had already been revealed by other whistleblowers, such as Barrett Brown).

        • Why do people keep insisting that Snowden’s leaks are old news? Again, documents and evidence are important. Snowden provided documents and evidence of widespread USG criminality which other whistleblowers, Binney, Drake, Tice, did not. Mark Klein did Why minimize this? Saying this doesn’t diminish Binney, Drake or Tice; quite the opposite, Snowden corroborates Binney, Drake and Tice. This is not the hallmark of a “false flag” or a “limited hangout.”

          While I may disagree with Ms. Edmonds and others who reply here as to the importance of the Snowden revelations, let me again state: my criticism in no way, shape or form should be construed as minimizing either her importance to the research community nor an attack on her integrity as a whistleblower. OK, do people get that? The evidence she provided us concerning ongoing black ops by the US secret state before and after the 9/11 provocation, which includes her exposure of said US black ops in Syria long before they gained traction in the bourgeois media were critical in exposing USG lies vis-a-vis Syria.

          For the record, Barrett Brown is a journalist not a whistleblower currently incarcerated and persecuted by the feds (he faces 105 years in prison and needs our support for posting a link (!) on his Project PM web site which originated from the Stratfor hack by Jeremy Hammond Hammond is currently “serving” an unjust ten year sentence in the federal pen. In other words, both Brown and Hammond have done much to expose the not-so-secret “public-private” surveillance “partnership” to destroy our privacy- and civil rights. That my friends, is NOT “old news.”

          Also for the record, Brown cited my own work on his Romas/COIN research which resulted from the 2011 Anonymous hack of HPGary Federal. Again, Brown’s research derived from a close reading of primary source documents as I did in my exposure of the sinister “manhunting” JSOC-linked security firm Archimedes Global

          That piece and many others on my web site, for those who wish to believe I’m a disruptive Edmonds’ basher, cite Ms. Edmonds multiple times. My point here is NOT to bash Edmonds, but to insist on the critical importance of using primary source documents, not opinions or suppositions to advance critical research. Is that clear enough?

          • colinjames says:

            You make a good case; I think maybe you misconstrue Sibel (and James et al) arguments possibly? That she doesn’t minimize the documents so much as the way they are being used? I can’t be sure, I’m not aware of previous threads concerning this, plus I just woke up by the way so I’m not all there yet. For the record I’ve read a few of your pieces and thank you for your work, you do some good stuff, and I’m still on the fence as to whether Snowden is a spook caring out some kind of black op; my concern and criticism of Snowden comes by way of the GG/Omidyar venture and the monetization aspect of the leaks, plus the way the slow trickle of documents has seemingly not done much but confirm the worst fears of and further enrage those already in the know, and with some exceptions the majority of the public has taken it with a grain of salt and seemingly become enured to the mass spying, allowing it to become just another ‘oh-well that’s our government but what can we do it’s the war on trrrrur afterall and i ain’t no turrrrist so it don’t affect me’ moment. And because for Sibel this IS so personal, her anger it’s understandable imho, in the way these people have become pseudo-celebrities enjoying the limelight and getting rich in the process while others have had their caters and lives destroyed and disrupted.
            I agree with your point that documents are important, and applaud your advocacy and work publicizing the much much much under-reported Barret Brown case. Anyways I hope I made some sense, and you don’t continue getting bashed as a Sibel hater. I certainly get where you’re coming from. Keep up the good work.

        • “Exactly what “support for taking down the program” are you alluding to here?”

          popular support and pressure from citizens around the world. british citizens have already initiated a suit, the ccc in germany has filed a suit. if you look at the leaks, they involve the worlds citizens, as their rights have been infringed as well

  6. “Thank you NSA, Edward Snowden and the government PR machine … Thank you for expanding and putting back the fear of government into our people’s psyche. Thank you for putting the weariness and fear of our mightiness back into the world. Thank you for plotting and executing one of the most innovative plots ever to put us back on the map as a super-est power in something; no matter how stinky or ugly. Thank you NSA, Snowden and the mainstream media. Thank you all.”

    OK, I finally get it.

    Edward Snowden, the bourgeois media and the secret state have done it—they’ve created a “unified field theory” level conspiracy to pump up the superpower status of US imperialism—by exposing their insidious surveillance machinations designed to leave us all wetting our pants in fear. Never mind that the American people, fearful as always, stopped Washington’s filthy war plans against Syria at the height of Snowden revelations and are fighting for model legislation in a dozen states to deny state and local resources to NSA (Turn It Off

    In the case of Off Now, part of the “limited hangout” pumping up US roidrage I’m sure, is The Tenth Amendment Center (on the right) and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee (on the left). This only goes to “prove” the sinister nature of the “phony left-right paradigm” and the Machiavellian skills of the Snowden-NSA-Greenwald-Poitras cabal to snooker us fearful, gullible and easily manipulated “sheeple” into going back to sleep.

    According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, “Since July, many of the polls not only confirm the American people think the NSA’s actions violates their privacy, but think the surveillance should be stopped.”

    Thank you Edward Snowden!

  7. Is it possible that this piece as the previous one on Snowden was written by the same person who did the four-hour expose of Gladio Plan B? Could it be that BFP has been taken over by the enemy and real Sibel–kidnapped and drugged–is kept in some dark CIA dungeon somewhere in Poland or Indonesia while the disinformation squad from NSA is using BFP to undermine Snowden’s credibility in the eyes of some and that of the Gladio Plan B story in the minds of others?

  8. We live within the 911 deception. The ‘success’ of that atrocity being ‘blamed’ on Islam, is our actual ‘paradigm’. Drawn through it like a bloodied rag, our minds are opened to all kinds of possibility.
    On balance, ‘To Thank’ Edward Snowden is premature.
    Also. Antifascist, the Amercian[sic] people were not alone in stopping NATO/Wash/R2P after Ghouta. My memory has independent (other than Bilderburg)media screaming false flag and UNSC being delivered ‘alternate to mainstream’ evidence to that point-right from outset. The turning was ‘the people’ of UK telling Cameron to fuck off. Pulling the rug under the Warrior back in DC. Where did that ‘power’ come from?
    I go with the reality of those poor Mothers and children stolen from Latakia by mercenary alNusra butchers found later ‘arranged’ in the morgues of Ghouta finally generating the shift in the subliminal streams the ‘perception managers’ have REAL trouble with?
    But. I could be wrong.

  9. tonywicher says:

    The “Alternate media” of Greenwald, Scahill, Goodman etc. also live within the 9/11 deception. Anybody who automatically declares people who question 9/11 “conspiracy theorists” as they do is perpetuating the 9/11 deception and is not to be trusted. It’s not only 9/11. It comes down to calling anybody a crackpot who seriously questions the government about anything really bad. These people are nothing less than paid government shills who use the technique of “criticizing” the government in ways that only conceal the really bad things that the government does. That is the nature of a “limited hangout”. So, the government spies on everybody. Big deal. Suggest that the government engineered the Syria gas attack to have a pretext to bomb Syria, and you’re a conspiracy theorist ready for a straight jacket.

    • Quite so. And I am already well and truly IN the straightjacket of 911. In fact, the ‘straightjacket’ perfectly describes my mental state every single day SINCE nine eleven.

  10. Robots are the literal embodiment of knowledge transformed into power. Of course they are also networked, mobile, data collection nodes.

    For the most part, robots are and will be autonomous in the same sense as your car. Most of what happens in your car is the result of servo systems responding to user input. Your automatic transmission, engine management computer, Electronic Stability Control, anti-lock braking, airbags, etc. US drones know how to fly stably without stick and rudder input, and only need to be told where to go to get their sensors and weapons within range of a target. The human operator chooses to fire, or not. Upon command, the drone automatically returns to base and lands, while the operator is freed up for other tasks.

    From the operator standpoint, a combat robot will deliver an experience roughly equivalent to a FPS video game. The autonomy controversy is mostly premature. The immediate controversy is simply an extension of that surrounding killer drones: Point and Click Warfare. The only difference is the platform operating on the ground instead of in the air. In actual practice, humanoid ground robots will often be delivered and retrieved by special hovering drones.

    This is the arms race of the 21st century, and it has so far garnered relatively little visibility. Most of the advanced development is probably “black”, for now. It will be interesting to see how mature the technology is when it hits the proving grounds and eventually the battlefield. Since it is so revolutionary, they may be holding it back as long as possible in hopes of minimizing the chances of our first look seeing a bunch of machines falling down and flailing about. But that’s what we will probably see – at first. The first airplanes used in warfare shot their own propellers off, but look how far we’ve come.

    My point is, letting it be known the US has the mother of all databases and eyes and ears everywhere, is possibly the prelude to revealing this massive database now has the added dimension of legs and arms and deadly force, in expendable units which will eventually number in the millions, with each generation being probably twice as capable as the preceding.

    The crossover of military equipment and tactics to law enforcement we are seeing now, will not leave aside the robots, rest assured. Many of us now living will routinely have up close encounters with machines similar to us in general form but much more powerful and potentially dangerous, and these machines and their remote operators will be linked to The Database.

    Knowledge is Power will mean something different than we have yet experienced.

  11. Drama!! It’s fun, you have to admit –

  12. Bradley Fuller says:

    Interesting take on the revelations story. It is indeed the last gasp of the Anglo-American super entity. The rest of the world has grown tired of the bully boys and has struck at the Achilles heel of the neo nazi empire, it’s criminally corrupt financially weak support system. The far superior Russian missile systems have just enough clout to stop the Nazis from engaging in aggressive non nuclear war with nations like Iran. We are witness to the high water mark of empire, even as the Brits and U.S. are just spoiling for a war with anyone.North America will now drift towards it’s inevitable state of totalitarian de industrialized third world status come the forecast financial collapse….unless of course the BRICS wish to commercially re-colonize the hollowed out industrial infrastructure of the homeland, but at third world wage scales for those who receive employment. while the Jamie Dimons slide away to their Caribbean island estates.

  13. tonywicher says:

    Bradley, Well said, but I don’t know if the Russian missiles are “far superior”. We have invested nothing in infrastructure since the Nazis took over but ‘we” (they, that is) have invested tens of trillions in weapons, more than the rest of the world combined. They must surely have some pretty good stuff. There are Strangeloves among them crazy enough to think they can win if a nuclear war does happen, and with their financial empire collapsing, they are desperate enough to risk it. Their policy is to reduce the world population to less than one billion, whether through war, disease or famine. They cannot allow the BRICS nations to develop their economies. The Empire cannot survive unless it achieves world hegemony. It is we, the peoples of the countries which have lost their sovereignty to the Empire, the peoples of the United States, England and Europe, who must must rise up against our occupied, hijacked, sold out governments before it is too late.

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