De-Manufacturing Consent- “Vigilante Justice in Mexico: Government Corruption, Inaction Revives a Movement”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Ioan Grillo

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by investigative journalist and author of the book El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency, Ioan Grillo. Guillermo and Ioan discuss the ongoing struggle in Mexico with focus on the state of Michoacan and the rise of "autodefensas" (civilian self-defense groups) that some have compared to the Zapatista movement of the 1990s.

Mr. Grillo describes how a people subjected to brutal violence, kidnapping, extortion, and systematic rape at the hands of organized criminals have come together and begun to do what the federal government is unable or unwilling to do. Grillo provides a brief history of the conflict and how it led to an armed confrontation between the autodefensas, the Cabelleros Templarios (Knights Templar Cartel), and the Mexican military. We also discuss broader issues of "narco culture," media and the risk of sensationalism, prohibition, marijuana legalization, and the drug war economy.

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  1. Great interview! I really applaud these brave Mexican citizens for standing up to these criminals. The government is so corrupt and obviously doesn’t give a crap what happens to their citizens. Between the corrupt government, the cartels who are supported by elements within the US, and the military which do the bidding of the government and the cartels, the people have no chance for justice or a better life. They have to take matters into their own hands. The draconian anti-firearm laws in Mexico are flaunted by the cartels and the wealthy, but common citizens receive the full brunt of the unjust laws. Is no wonder they are flocking to the US

    I’ve got so much contempt for the Lame Stream Media. They won’t cover these topics, big topics like the military shooting citizens recently who’s only crime was trying to keep the drug dealers out of their towns. More and more links are coming out that prove agencies like the DEA, ICE and even the State Department are in bed with the cartels. I just don’t see any way for the Mexican citizens to change things working within the system. Like in the US, their political candidates are chosen by the puppet masters and whoever they choose is just as corrupt as their predecessors.

  2. Fred Mertz says:

    Guilllermo, I’ll bet your name is terribly butchered!

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