Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Can We Restore Constitutional Rule?

Peter B. Collins Presents Rocky Anderson

Rocky Anderson is a founder of the Justice Party, and ran for president in 2012. In this wide-ranging interview, Anderson talks about surveillance, drones, targeted killing and other constitutional violations under Obama’s watch. Impeachment is the remedy, but most of the partisans who supported impeachment of Bush and Cheney are silent and most elected Democrats are not willing to challenge “their” president. Anderson challenges our leaders and all of us to take action to restore the rule of law.

Ross Carl “Rocky” Anderson served as Mayor of Salt Lake City from 2000 to 2008, and was the presidential nominee for the Justice Party in 2012. He is founder and executive director of the nonprofit High Road for Human Rights.

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  1. Go Rocky! He got my vote in 2012 as well.

    Justice and accountability are interests on which we can all work together to resist tyranny.

    Thanks for doing this interview.

  2. Great interview Peter. I really appreciate that Mr. Anderson didnt pull any punches, nor skirt any “sensitive” issues. He seems like someone who means what he says. Definitely a near impossibility to find in politicians today. I like his approach to the multitude of problems facing us, and that he proposes rational solutions. He’s seen through the illusion of the political parties. That alone was worth hearing, we need more people like him.

  3. Another great interview. I agree there needs to be a mass people’s movement. I disagree, however, w/ Rocky about his turn off the tap commentary. That is precisely the kind of specific approach that if it got the sort of mass movement/ civil disobedience he is talking about behind it, it could have an effect. Contracts may be in place, but the constitution is a deeper contract, and with enough people,I’m sure those contracts could be nullified. It’s not like the criminals aren’t making things up as they go. If we are going to have a real effect, we will have to overturn past agreements and take novel approaches.

    But the crisis that we are in is so dire not simply because of the depth of the corruption, but the power of these game changing technologies, which will only intensify. We are on a technological track whose implications few people have considered in much detail. Is it even possible to have functional privacy or 4th ammendment protections, given the power of the snoop tech and it naturally secretive environment. How can we ever be sure we’re not being spied on? How can trust ever be justifiably restored?

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