De-Manufacturing Consent- “Prohibition Kills: Legislating Morality Has Deadly Consequences”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Peter Christ
On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by retired police captain and co-founder of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), Mr. Peter Christ. Guillermo and Peter discuss the heroin overdose of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the many other thousands of people whose deaths could have been prevented if not for our current drug policy. We cover the shift in the political, economic, social and cultural landscape in recent years regarding marijuana legalization, why an end to prohibition is the only sensible solution, and why the conversation must extend to "all consensual adult behavior."

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  1. Excellent program. Thanks for another interview with Mr. Christ! You guys are doing great work to broadcast this logical, rational stance on the WOD. Christ has such an awesome, down-to-earth communication style that I imagine does help many to see the light. (wait, I’m an atheist, did I just say that?)

    I remember a debate/discussion in the late 80’s which included the director of NYC General Hospital and William F. Buckley, among others, giving the exact same rationale, against prohibition of all drugs, in order to reduce harm and handle the situation like responsible adults. The hospital guy said that most drug-related deaths are from gunshot wounds and Buckley talked about the creation of black markets. I looked for it once on youtube a while back but didn’t find it. I’ll post if it if I do.

  2. People talk about the monetary benefits to legalizing marihuana, taxation etc.. And there right. But I believe the government is making much more money by “fighting” the “war on drugs”. Not only has the CIA been “caught” multiple times not only aiding those who produce and distribute drugs of all sorts, I’ve read that they have been involved in the drug trade in relation to the Vietnam war. I’m sure they continued to fund their black operations with drug money throughout most, if not all of their existence. Obviously, taking into account Gary Webb’s reporting, and lesser known people like Chip Tatum’s posting his experiences as a CIA operative working during the 1980’s smuggling cocaine into the US as part of operations overseen by none other then Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, so both parties have their hands in the muck. If pot were to be legalized, the prison industrial complex’s bottom line would take a massive hit. The subsidies they receive from imprisoning non-violent drug offenders have to be sizable. Then there’s the matter of local and state law enforcement agencies who receive huge grants in money and material to “continue the fight”. How many grants would be lost if pot were legalized? How many cops would be laid off? The scope is really huge when you consider how much money and how many people are employed just to “fight drugs”. Legalizing pot would go a long way toward pacifying much of the public, allowing the government to continue his illegal, immoral actions. So keeping pot a schedule 1 drug must be profitable to the higher up’s within the government. I’m all for legalizing everything, like Mr. Christ speaks of, but I don’t see that happening unless a huge change were to take place within the government. The fat cats won’t give up their perch without a fight.

  3. I’m a socialist, but this is the issue that brings out the libertarian in me. I have been smoking pot for 50 years, since my sophomore year in college (1964) and I have never had cause to regret it. My health is good. my mind is clear. My position has always been that so long as one is socially responsible, gets decent grades, holds down a job, etc., one is thereby entitled to consume whatever mind-altering substances might strike one’s fancy. Society has a right to intervene only when people become alcoholics or heroin addicts and can no longer function in society. The War on Drugs is totally bogus just like the War on Terror. The Empire runs the international drug trade as it has for several centuries. The drug problem cannot be solved unless and until the Empire falls. Then drugs become a minor health problem. When it comes to smoking pot, socialists who think they have a right to tell me how to live my life can go to hell.

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