De-Manufacturing Consent- “Protest is Not Terrorism: The NATO 3 & Chicago Style Subversion”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Kevin Gosztola

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Kevin Gosztola, writer for and co-author of the book Truth and Consequences: The US vs. Private Manning. We discuss the trial of Brian Jacob Church, Brent Betterly and Jared Chase, better known collectively in the media as the NATO 3. We talk about the significance of the court's decision and what this case tells us about the current state of "free speech" in the United States. As the only national journalist to cover the trial of the NATO 3 from start to finish, Gosztola lays out the important details of the case, why the state pursued terrorism charges, the role of undercover police, and why the actions of police in this case were "worse than entrapment." We also discuss the broader issues of suspicionless surveillance and how local police play a larger role in the "panopticon" than you might think.

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  1. Ah, once again the law enforcers swoop in and save us all from those dastardly “terrorists”! All the militarization, the spying and loss of right are totally justified…. Not. Yet another travesty of (in)justice. Good show Guillermo, love the intro song, Rage, very appropriate.

  2. Fred Mertz says:

    Guillermo, I am new to BFP just this month. I knew about James and I forget how, maybe from Ryan Dawson? I have heard of Sibel, but did not really know who she was. Then James Corbett posted the round table report on Youtube with yourself and Bill and Sibel. Wow! I was really impressed with everybody.
    My point is that I realize that you have to make a living, and the very people who need and want to hear you are financially strapped, but I joined on a trial basis for 6 bucks/month and I would guess that that is “doable” for many more people than myself. So the problem is that not many people know who you and Bill and Sibel are! Ojala que estuvieran mas conocidos! Que valen tus analisis que nadie no les oiga?
    Guillermo, have you tried to post more on yt just to get better well-known? What about doing more interview with more youtubers?

    It is very hard how to know who to trust in the alternative media. Alex Jones, C Greene and Mark Dice are obvious idiots to me, but obviously not to most people. I only ask that you get your name out there…somehow.

  3. I see a strong ramping-up of “authoritarian” rule. It’s perhaps not technically fascism. I suggest to you studying the post-WW I scene in Italy, with basically socialist&”left-leading” gorvernments in cities duking-it out with the infamous Black Shirts, former veterans of WW I of Italy, very Nationalistic, p*ssed-off at not getting a small piece of Northern Balkans, in wake of armistice of 11 Nov 1918, and Treaties that meant cutting-up pieces of former Ottoman Empire (like pieces of cake) for various victors. To cap-up, the Black shirts wanted more for Italy, etc. etc., “right-wing” as Super-patriotic chest-beating Italians (Hello Signor Mussollini). So, I suggest to you that the rise of `fascia” (Roman Empire symbolism, etc) or nodes of out-laws to challenge liberal governments: that would be my reference (or case A) of Fascism.
    Then rise of Hitler is another story, other context, so “Hitler-style” Facscism (case B).
    The United States, in my opinion, is on a dansgerous Paternalistic, Auroritarian-style way of thinking in some Elites. It’s not a club, it’s a fuzzy network with un-challenged assumptions through “in-breeding”, but a bit “paranoid”, fumbling, bungling, out-for-the-take, kind of “culture”, but not all elected officials, clearly. Vigorous verbal quizzing is a may to detect the posers. It’s not completely broken; it’s severely dtfunctional democracy, meant to be “reprensentative government”, but the details and semantics of democracy is rather philsophical, I hope you get the general idea. Building networks of trust among citizens with deep understanding of “the scene”: good.

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