De-Manufacturing Consent- “El Chapo & Bin Laden: PR, Propaganda & the Politics of Violence”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Danny Benavides

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent Guillermo is joined by Danny Benavides, Contributing Editor of We discuss the capture of Sinaloa Cartel leader and "Public Enemy No. 1," Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, and go over Danny's latest article, "Mexico’s Bin Laden: The Capture of Chapo Guzman Provides Illusory Victory in the Narcowar."
How was the "world's most powerful" drug kingpin taken alive without firing a single shot? What does this actually mean for the Cartel de Sinaloa, the reality on the ground in Mexico, or the war on drugs as a whole? Is El Chapo really "Mexico's Bin Laden"?

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  1. 1) 2000/2001 the Heroin crop in Afghanistan (90% of the world supply) was 180 metric tons. The following year the US was there (plant Nov. – harvest Apr.) the crop was 3700 metric tons of Heroin. In 2010 the crop was 9,000 metric tons. How does 60% of that crop get to the USA? Through Mexico? or thru O’Hare? When did you last read of a DEA bust of a Jet freighter or an ocean tanker? Guzman will not be tried, he will commit suicide, his trial will expose the Heroin trade and the CIA’s major source of funding. The Boston bomber kid was not supposed to live – he’ll hang himself in his cell before the trial.

    2) I donate monthly to BFP but find I must pay Netflix monthly to listen to the podcast. I don’t do Netflix and never will, I don’t drink gasoline, either. Switched the lying b———-‘s off 18 years ago and I’ll switch this off, too. Selling NEWS very soon becomes SELLING. Things move so fast now : 1 – idea with motivation, 2 – develop, 3 – mature + selling, 4 – thrive + money, 5 – decline, 6 – rot !

    • 2) wth are you talking about? Netflix to listen to this podcast? How about not selling yourself short, when you consider this subscription anything other than supporting an outlet and service that you use. Why don’t you do the work so everyone else can consume it for free? Get off your high horse with that nonsense. If you don’t value BFP, then don’t support it. But try to understand that it won’t happen if no one does. Get your head straight.

      • Well, it’s not a high horse, it’s age – I get a little short, wanted to read the story and get a $7.99 a month ad to continue. I tell you, this entire American culture, from top to bottom, is awash with
        this insane ethos of money – sick of it and whenever I encounter it, I click off. This site was a breath of fresh air for quite awhile but I now “feel” the ads, Edmond’s dad it fading. “Get wealth and place with grace, if not get wealth and place.” The code of western culture. Many of us know, if you acquire grace, wealth and place follow, always.

  2. Sounds like the only player you have, or its set to default, is the Netflix player. Go d/l a free player.

  3. I understand your pain Marv. Ad based content is trash. And any site that has Ron Paul’s book on a banner ad. I personally still enjoy “some” of the content posted on this site. Id rather support this and have it still available than cable or any other “independent” media site that I can think of give or take a few.

    If you want some real politically INCORRECT data. Check out ….
    This guy Mike Stathis is smart. He will make your hairs stand on end at first if you are still profane to the knowledge. But give it a whirl. I implore everyone too. Sibel included.

    • I understand your pain Marv. Ad based content is trash. And any site that has Ron Paul’s book on a banner ad. I personally still enjoy “some” of the content posted on this site.

      What are you implying Nicholas? Are you understanding the pain Marv experienced, because he was so confused about his media player that he thought this site had ads? Are you feeling his pain of guilt for trashing this site in comments that were unjustified and stupid, with no apology? The pain of not being able to express an idea clearly in writing? Are you really the CEO of Nfotainment and commenting on the content of this site in a critical manner?

      I was surprised by Marv’s comment. But I’m a little flabbergasted that you’re here commiserating with him, as if he was as clear as day. Am I in the Twilight Zone? LOL

      • I am the most confused one. First, I thought maybe somehow someone inserted ‘some’ ads on our site- I was looking for it frantically. Frantically, because as far as ‘advertisement’ goes: it won’t happen here. Well, let me be honest here: I have a link and image for my book (Classified Woman)-It is self published, and not own by any corporation. I also have a list of several books that I have read personally (some of our partners too) that are offered by Amazon. Supposedly, our site makes some small percentage if people go to their site from ours to get any of those books. We haven’t received more than a $200-$300 from that in the last few years. Is that (Amazon books) what is being referred to? We also have the link and images to our own DVDs that are produced by us (James Corbett, Jamiol, myself, and a third party company that makes the copies for us) .

        That is about it. I am not pro advertisement, and our site doesn’t run ads (Even for YouTube we have the ad option disabled; no thank you!). I will shut down this site long before even considering corporate advertisement.

        • Sweet! Thx, a contributor and will remain so and promote your work and site at every opportunity.

          By the way: a great showing in Eugene last night for a D. Chandler presentation 200 +. Keep on keepin on, marvin

  4. Could you just check our the dern site already(avaresearchcom)b. BFP is the only vestige of real journalism left and it’s awesome. Corbett report also. Center for research on globalization as well. Media monarchy is another. But the focus is and should be on Israel and the so called JEWS. That’s who’s orchestrating drug gangs and trades and all the other deviance you can think of. From on high. From the ancient of days until today. Not the chosen ones who were the whisle blowers of their time whome of which were elected from out of the masses. As a Chaldean American / so called negro I assure you I have the experience, literature, and proof to back up my claims.

    Now I am sorry If my comment got misconstrued but I understand banner ads and other items may be merely overlayed pop up, script or what have you. But whenever I see a banner add with any book or item adhereing to or afilliated with the likes or any liar hacks bozos or clowns my whiskers alert me. Mike STATHIS from AVA research taught me this and this is why I recommended the page and why I made the comment in the first place.

    If I made a mistake I am more than willing to humble myself and correct it.

    Satan get behind me.

    Excuse me.


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