Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 102

Methods of Research for Financial Markets

EPPHow does one go about researching and trying to understand the complexities of global financial markets and the economic and monetary order? Where does one even start? In this episode, I explain my research project - the People's Book Project - and how I have been doing my research in recent months, the sources I use, how I use them, and what uses they serve, from studying the academic literature, to going through official reports and scouring the archives of newspapers. Drawing from a wide range of sources - and primarily official and mainstream sources or internal documents - I try to explain some of the techniques for removing interpretation of official sources, while keeping the facts, and then placing the information in a wider and more realistic context.

This episode examines my methods of research for understanding financial markets, a subject that will be one of my main focuses in coming months, and thus, a continuing subject for analysis and discussion on the Empire, Power and People podcast.

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  1. raymond arruda says:

    AGAIN am unable to listen to the full episode. My subscription (Dec. 28, 2013) is not active????????? When this was brought to the attention of BFP concerning my inabilty to listen to the Peter Collins post it was immediately activated. Now same problem with this post by AGM. Sincerely Raymond Arruda

    • Hi Raymond,

      Maybe I can help you troubleshoot, just in case it’s not an issue with your membership being active.

      Can you describe what happens in more detail? Are you attempting to login? Does that go okay?

      Do you see these links in each podcast, under Listen to the full episode here (BFP Subscribers Only)?
      Podcast: Play in new window | Download

      The reason I think it’s not related to your membership being activated is because permissions are not podcast independent, in my understanding. Either you’re a logged in member or not. And you said you were able to get the Processing Distortion podcast.

      • I usually use the Download link. Can you right click on it and choose Save As… (windows) to see if you can download it? The Play and Play in new window links are both working for me too. You’re obviously logged in, to comment.

  2. jackdonovan says:


    Hopefully you’ll read this.

    The rabbit hole of public debt, unfortunately, as usual, goes deeper. The debt restructuring plans in Latin America did not simply ensure the flow of money to the creditor banks. The equivalent to US Treasuries the banks held from the foreign countries were “traded” for state companies. So not only did the foreign countries bleed interest payments for decades, while being targets of wild financial speculation on their currencies, but also, in the end, they had to give up very valuable and strategic companies for less than pennies in order to get the banks off their backs… I know this happened to a Brazilian telecom that had its controlling capital transferred to a Citibank consortium based on one billion dollars worth of “bradies”.

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