Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 105

Anarchy, Socialism and Free Markets

EPPIn this rant of Empire, Power and People, I try to begin a discussion on the subject of anarchism: beginning with discussing some fundamental principles of anarchist thought in questioning and legitimacy of all power structures. From there, ideas of socialism and free market "libertarianism" are discussed and critiqued. If one follows the logical train of thought behind both socialist and free market ideologies, the middle-ground between the two is Anarchy. It is there that the future of humanity “may” rest.

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  1. Thanks for focusing on this topic, Andrew. Listening to your podcast made me feel more sane.

    I remember when the punk movement hit my small city in the 80’s. It seemed very much like a fad; everyone seemed to be different in the same way.

    I agree that we haven’t been subjected to a collectivist conspiracy and that our society is filled with a focus on the individual and the privatization of everything.

    What you describe as anarchy is very appealing. I hope you follow up with more on the subject.

  2. Very interesting! When you started out I immediately thought of Anarchy as chaos. I guess we’ve been lead to believe this. Then I started thinking about Argentina after it’s collapse and how the people decided to take over the abandoned factories and they had no leaders per say but made decisions together and the factories began to thrive. Of course, then the owners decided they didn’t like this idea and began to take their property back. But for a brief period I guess that was Anarchy. In theory it is a wonderful concept. I wish you would talk more about it next time. Specifically, do you think we could locally or somehow start to bring about a middle ground in the US? If so, how would you invision this beginning? I agree with you that if we are unable to change, the human race will go extinct because it is today being run by corporations with no thought except the bottom $ line–no thought to earth or to most of the people. I also think the idea of private property makes for the destruction of family and community and therefore joy in life. At a period in my life I was in a relationship with a Dominican man and I have a son by him. It was interesting to me to see how his family was so close. They had nothing, all lived in a large tenement apartment but joined their money and their family was everything. When I would come over with my son, all the uncles, aunts, grandmother, etc just took him over and everyone took joy in caring for him. So different from Americans. Well, I am rambling. Thanks for your podcast. I hope you follow-up and continue on with this subject.

  3. Hey Andrew, I’m glad to see you back making shows again and this was a really good one. To many people ‘socialism’ and ‘Libertarianism’ are antithetical, as are ‘collectivism’ and ‘individualism’ and rarely do I hear anyone presenting an argument for how they can be combined in a fruitful way. I think you did a pretty good job, very much enjoyed listening to this one.

    • I agree. As you may have noticed from various previous threads, I’m someone who has had a lot of complaints and strong opinions about the ways in which these have been presented in the past. I’ve gone as far as suggesting that there may be oligarchy-funded messaging, meant to subvert resistance, either wittingly or unwittingly being passed along by some articles and presentations here. One question I have is about who the private donors to the Von Mises Institute are.

      James published a conversation with Andrew about these issues a couple years ago, I think. I’d love to see them both as part of a BFP Roundtable episode focused on the subject in the near future.

  4. Mihiri Lim says:

    This is a great a great episode. Please continue on this theme.
    Thank you.

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