Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: More from the Dark Side of Google

Peter B. Collins Presents Journalist Yasha Levine

Journalist Yasha Levine returns to share his latest reports on Google’s business dealings with military and intelligence agencies and the corporate contractors who work for them. He explains that Google Federal is the DC marketing arm, that includes at least one former CIA employee, and it has secured business from Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and SAIC, to name a few. He also found connections to Blackbird Technologies, an offshoot of the Blackwater mercenary group that is headed by former CIA rendition specialist, J. Cofer Black. Blackbird makes high-tech tracking/snooping devices for the Navy and sells a consumer version to paranoid rich people.

We also touch on Google’s appeal to the US Supreme Court to retain data “incidentally” collected by StreetViews teams, and its cartel with Apple and other tech companies to suppress wages of its employees by restraining competition.

*Yasha Levine is a roving correspondent for Pando; read his Google article here. Levine previously wrote for The eXiled in Moscow, and is the author of The Corruption of Malcolm Gladwell.

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