BFP Roundtable Video 5– Our Takes on NATO, Russia, Turkey & the “New Cold War”

In this edition of the BFP Roundtable, Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds discuss the latest moves in the formation of a so-called "new cold war" between NATO and Russia. We also tackle Seymour Hersh and his recent article in the London Review of Books examining Turkish involvement in the Syrian chemical weapons attack in Ghouta last year.

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  1. Thank you all for another thought-provoking Round Table. You covered many good points – and “the good-looking one of the group” finished up with a marvelous rant! 🙂

    You four keep reminding us in various ways not to be lured into the good guy/bad guy scenario. Both sides may look like predators, but are mere prey, acting out on a stage set up by the real predators – those standing atop the financial pyramid with their hands on all the strings. Yeah – let’s create more need to by weapons . . .

    Great questions and insightful answers – as usual!

  2. treefrog12 says:

    Ditto what Dennis said… my thoughts exactly. The best roundtable yet! Thank you so much for bringing clarity, perspective and food for thought to these discussion topics.

  3. tonywicher says:

    I see Putin as a real Russian nationalist, at least compared to the wimpy Medvedev or the alcoholic puppet Yeltsin. It’s true, of course, that Eurasia vs. the Anglo-American Empire is certainly not a case of pure good vs. pure evil. The Russians and the Chinese have their own oligarchs. But still, there is a right side and a wrong side here. It’s not 50/50. There is no moral equivalence. There is an identifiable aggressor, and it is undoubtedly the Anglo-Americans.

    Sibel’s final rant on Seymour Hersh was an all-time classic!

  4. This may sound absurd but your comment about this being just a show that both sides know the ending of (or something to that effect) was very depressing to me. I guess I liked to think that for once someone (Russia in this case) was standing up to all the horror NATO has been dishing out all over the world. I believe you are most likely right but in being so doesn’t that mean that there is no hope? What is the point in learning all about what is going on if they (all the major players on the chess board) are on the same page and if they (tptb) want a war they will have it and there is nothing we can do about it.. Even the most informed of us do not apparently understand what is going on behind the evil curtain. I like, tonywicher, viewed Putin as a nationalist who might not put his people first but would put his country first. I also viewed this as having a right and wrong side. Once again the bully (US/EU) have overturned another country and those poor victims are screwed. I think about all the countries (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine) having been torn apart. We in Amerika have no idea of that kind of suffering. It is disgusting what is going on.

  5. Thoughtful analysis and refreshing discussion. Thank you.

  6. Gerald Hines says:

    Fantastic round table discussion! I do agree with Judith however, about the depressing sentiment that lingers through and until the end game is played. If it weren’t for you guy’s quips (Sibel, you included especially at the end!) , I would feel similar to the role that Robert Redford displayed in his latest movie, All Is Lost. But like James & Sibel, who have kids, (not heard mention of Peter or Guillermo with kids?) I will continue fighting the good fight. You FOUR, have enlightened me to take up the cause to spread knowledge of how so many of us Americans (and a good number of my UK friends) continue to stay asleep at the wheel. The pursuit of The American Dream, had all but nearly blinded me, up until stumbling across James’s 5min 9/11 vid. Many of my Baby Boomer generation friends, probably upwards to 75+% still haven’t a clue, nor the inclination to venture that road, either out of hesitation, or deer in the headlights attitude that our government would NEVER undermine it’s citizens. But I will keep turning up as that miss-shaped Penny until they realize their light switch might need to be replaced anew. Again,Thanks to all of you.

  7. Gerald Hines says:

    Ugh!!! Tax Day!

  8. john lischalk says:

    I agree with Sibel view on Russia’s lack of response to there boarders being surrounded. I don’t understand James view when he says he agrees with Sibel’s point of view and then counter’s with but Putin is just as bad as
    US, NATO. HOW? Give us examples of his aggression in the last ten years. After following James for some years he gives me pause when he does this!

  9. Ttank you Judith.

  10. No good guys in the battle for world ( or at least parts of the world ) hegemony, in which the US, Russia and China are engaged in. The US empire is just too far ahead in hegemony terms; but China as nu 2, and Russia as a distant 3rd, sees the declining US empire as an opportunity to fight the US’s predictable violent downslide the scale of dominance, as a chance to secure a rise in the rankings. When has International power ever not been that goal ? China and Russia aren’t resisting as they should currently, in one part, because of the power of the US and it’s allies. Self destruction of the US economy will force a confrontation and then domination – shared or unilateral – will be up for grabs.

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