US Government’s Soft Spot for World Leaders with Hidden Treasure Boxes

Your Secrets Are Safe with Us Until …

In May 2013 I wrote an article on USA-Installed global puppets listing their common characteristics and their similar treatment by their master pre and post installment, including their period of exile: Kyrgyzstan’s Maksim Bakiyev: Long Live Washington’s Exiled Kings! My lengthy commentary included three real-life examples: Pakistan’s Bhutto, Kyrgyzstan’s Bakiyev and Turkey’s Ciller.

The fugitive Bakiyev’s case involved corruption, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and more. However, a U.S. criminal securities fraud case against him was dismissed mysteriously- without explanation. The man (and his $300+ million embezzled dollars) has been living quite happily in the UK. In my article I cited a very similar example involving Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Bhutto and her husband, with a net worth of nearly $2 billion nicely stashed and protected in Swiss and British banks. My list of examples also included the former Prime Minister of Turkey, Tansu Ciller, and her fugitive banker husband, and of course, millions of embezzled dollars protected in master nations.

Now, why am I revisiting this topic and my year-old article? Well, for several reasons:

First, it is to emphasize our empire-building nation’s consistency- We love installing puppets with a long list of criminal and corrupt qualifications. We do. Always have, and always will. It is a foremost required qualification for their candidacy.

Secondly, the cases in that article somewhat relate to the latest headline news being circulated by our loyal pro-empire media: US to Target Putin's Personal $40 Billion Stash

…as The Times of London reports, perhaps the US has found a crucial pain point for Putin - a sanctions regime that would target Putin's personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

The Times of London reported Friday that the U.S. was preparing a sanctions regime that would target Putin's personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

You see, I was wondering when the US was going to play ‘that’ card. Of course, it was not news to me. In fact, I’ve known about the card since 2002. Let me present to you a brief segment from our latest BFP Round Table episode which was filmed nine days before this supposed earth-shattering headline news:

Of course my information was limited to what I had gathered in early 2002, when Putin’s wealth stashed in Cypriot Banks was estimated at around $300-$500 million. Nonetheless, I knew that they had the card, and I was wondering when they were going to play it.

While working for the FBI I quickly found out one of the game rules that all FBI analysts, agents and language specialists who deal with counterintelligence (Monitoring of Foreign Operations & Communications) inevitably learn: The FBI subserviently has to share all pertinent counterintelligence findings with the US State Department (thus, the CIA) and the White House Security Council. They have to. They are forced to. And they do. It is a one way game, because the State Department (read that: the CIA) does not share any intelligence pertinent to any FBI investigation or operation. They never did.

Now, back to our topic: gathering juicy and usable information for our empire-building nation. We know about the NSA snooping on world leaders. Finding out about intelligence and diplomatic apparatus is one reason for these snooping operations. Another major reason is pure & simple: personal dirt for blackmail purposes, when and if the need arises. Does the French Prime Minister enjoy little boys? If so, wonderful. Let’s put that in our basket, and the next time the man dares opposing something during a United Nation’s vote we’ll bring it down upon him like a ton of bricks. Does China’s Secretary of Commerce have a nice stash in Canada? Great, we’ll certainly use that during our next round of negotiations.

It is very simple, and equally applicable to dirt collected via FBI’s counterintelligence operations. We collected dirt on many world leaders and dignitaries. For the FBI’s purposes they were useless and worthless. On the other hand, some of the garbage info we collected were greatly valued and appreciated by those above the FBI: The State Department and the CIA. The movers and shakers of our empire-building apparatus have a very soft spot for dirt like that. Dirt like that can be used dirtily and strategically. Sometimes to place soft pressure. Other times to destroy and bring down an entire administration or world leader.

So which one is the objective in this recent headline news on Vladimir Putin of Russia so very strategically timed? My guess: It is to give a little nudge - soft pressure. The details and documentation are missing, thus making it mild pressure signaling what may follow if … Also, the information is intentionally incomplete, with no mention of a mother-load treasure chest in Cypriot Banks. Our empire-building establishment actually likes Putin. They wouldn’t want to see him brought down by some real nationalists in Russia. Better to have a dog they know and are used to than an unpredictable one they don’t know much about. And they know how far just this little soft signal can go to relay the intended message: Imagine what the real exposé would do to you?The ultra-nationalist communists would have a field day with that, wouldn’t they?

The next few days are going to be very interesting. What will Putin’s response be, if any? My guess, the empire’s strategy will be: not much follow up after this initial headline creating tidbit if the message/signal is received and acknowledged. After all, the purpose is soft pressure. But then again, I could be wrong. The world, even though to a certain extent predictable, still remains largely unpredictable and full of surprises. Wouldn’t you say so?


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Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. If Barry Obama continues to foot-drag on war making, I wonder how long it will take the MSM before it plays the Larry Sinclair card?

  2. Mark Passehl says:

    Nice article, Sibel. The style as well as the info. Putin could trump this by transforming into a real nationalist, and transferring his o.s. accounts back to Russian banks and companies/slush funds etc. Is it possible for western banksters to get too smart by half? Well if the plan really is to crash the dollar and euro, why on earth would a Russian leader keep his secret assets in dollars and euros? Especially if the gas trade with China is going to be done in roubles. They say that a leopard can’t change his spots. A snow leopard might at least camouflage them. If the dollar crashes, how does the u.s. govt pay its military? It can’t, and the Russian power (or Chinese for that matter) suddenly becomes exponentially more significant. In Putin’s place I’d be cleaning up my act and putting out feelers to nationalist foes at home. Also tinkering with domestic banking processes. Why should the Swiss and Cypriotes have all the fun? I guess a distinct nation state has certain advantages in organizing its financial regulations. But then again something similar could be applied to a special circumstances new addition to an old nation. Like Hong Kong. Or Crimea. The main point is that regardless of personalities, a fairly successful Russian leader isn’t and can’t be a puppet in the same way as Central Asian chiefs and chiefettes. Billions notwithstanding things didn’t turn out so well for the Bhuttos. Putin really does have room to move, and manoeuvre. In fact he’s in a position to intiate seismic shifts. FSB probably has a collection of its own dirt, not entirely confined to Russians and Turks. Even Nuland’s phone and potty mouth got her into trouble recently. What if Putin really started spilling the beans in detail about western financial oligarchies (plus or minus eugenics plans, paedophilia and the like)? Perhaps not much. Or perhaps the beginnings of a revolution with potential to bring down the whole system.
    In similar vein it’s getting harder and harder for conspiracy nay-sayers to nay say without some egg ending up on their janus faces these days. There’s a new book that’s just appeared online :
    Nomi Prins, ” All the Presidents’ Bankers. The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power” (Avalon Publishing, 8 Apr 2014) P544
    The author is reportedly a former directrix of Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns. Pretty hard to pop a tin-foil hat on that CV. Or if so, why are the banksters allowing their companies to be run by foil-hatters in the first place ? Sooner or later all the lies tie a very special sort of noose. Perhaps not a lot of pressure needed from Putin to pull it tight. If he chooses his moment strategically.

  3. Any evidence, any facts about Putin’s “40 billion” or for that ” $300-$500 million in Cypriot Banks”? Is it true that “the West” feels comfortable with Putin who’s just taken back the “unsinkable air carrier” of the Crimean peninsula and immediately deployed there a wing of strategic bombers Ту-22М3 with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles soon followed by a base for the brigade of “Varshavyanka”-class subs built to destroy US air-carrier battle groups? Add to this the deployment of Pantsir-S1 anti-missile systems and the Bastion P-800 Oniks systems with supersonic anti-ship missiles which effectively make the Black See into Russian Sea. If “the West” feels comfortable with politicians like Putin what kind of politicians they feel uncomfortable with? “The ultra-nationalist communists”? Any names? Any facts about these powerful forces eagerly waiting for the CIA’s revelations about Putin’s “40 billion”? Does Putin have to order an atomic bombing of Oklahoma to make the State Department publish his “the real exposé.” Well, in that case Putin can sleep well.

  4. tonywicher says:

    I beg to differ. Putin is a real Russian nationalist, and the West is not at all comfortable with him. I see no reason to believe the Times of London’s reported 40 billion.

    • Mark Passehl says:

      The figure of 40 billion is one thing, the existence of such accounts another. One billion or 40, what does it really matter? Putin may be a nationalist, but not (yet) in the league of an Alexander II who liberated serfs by the millions and refused Rothschild any role in Russian national finances ; who allied his country with Bismarck’s Germany for the laudable purposes of national security and unhinging the City of London imperium. It’s hardly possible for anyone rising via Yeltsin ranks to avoid having a foot in both camps. But it’s also possible, given time and motivation, to plant both feet on Russian and Eurasian terra firma. The example of Libya and Ghadafi made a big impression in Russian ruling circles, and the real reasons would be well known there : that Ghadafi’s linking of industrialization with a debt-free monetary system produced spectacular nation-wide prosperity. This is the lesson London wanted bombed off the map. But Russian history is older than the house of Rothschild or even the banking scam as a whole. And this is what it teaches : Russia allied with another great Eurasian power trumps London with all its minions and dominions. The looming union of Russia with China and Germany per economic and technological self-interest can break the Rothschild arrows like so many match sticks. This is the same scenario envisioned by Alexander II, Bismarck, Henry Carey ; which spurred Edward VII to the diplomatic hyperactivity which engorged his characteristic political children — the syphilitic Wall St and Slavophil movements — to produce WW1 and the century of warfare and revolution. A century on, the diplomatic nous looks to be all on the other side.

      • tonywicher says:


        Your analysis of Putin is very acute. As you (and Sibel) say, Putin has had feet in both camps. But it is a matter of degree, on which foot one puts the most weight. Russia’s vote on Libya in the security council was a disgraceful act of appeasement, but it was Medvedev who was president at the time, behaving as a Western puppet. After that, Putin was reelected and the policy changed. Putin is getting progressively more “nationalist” and less tied to the West. The transatlantic financial system is about to go belly up. This is not where he would want to have his own personal money stashed (if any) or Russia’s money either. Putin has no reason to put any weight on that foot, and he is stepping to firmer Eurasian ground. The West can bluster about sanctions, but they will hurt the West more than Russia. In fact, the EU, particularly Germany, is not going along with any serious sanctions against Russia. It would be economic suicide. They will break with the Anglo-American core of the Western financial empire. Putin will have to play it just right. The question is whether the Anglo-Americans will be desperate enough to start a nuclear war as their empire collapses.

        • Mark Passehl says:

          You probably hit the main nails on the head, Tony. I get the sense that the AAE (per Quigley’s title) have misjudged and mistimed their assault on Russia. Perhaps the old Forbes and Sassoon blood frothed up a little long over all the heroin money to be made from Afghanistan. The nuclear threat is a real worry, especially if there’s truth in the rumours of underground towns already prepped for AAE vermin to slither out of sight and fall out. All serious and sensible Eurasian politicians can do is proceed with their current aplomb on the assumption that only conventional weapons will be used (a rope and lamp-post or two would be fine for the Maidan crew). If the Germans and Russians can FINALLY overcome their monstrous 20thC mistakes and unite in self-interested pacific accord, just as their greatest statesmen once planned, all will probably be well. If the AAE are really hoping that they can cajole western servicemen to go nuclear JUST before the means to pay them vanishes into the ether, then it’s up to private citizens everywhere to start campaigning loudly and publically that the whole chain of command and communication involved in any way in any nuclear detonation are fair game to be lynched. Let’s unite to assure nuclear soldiers and planners of their complete destruction, no exceptions. And demand the return of the issuance of money to sovereign peoples.

    • Ribbit-Mark says:

      “I beg to differ. Putin is a real Russian nationalist, and the West is not at all comfortable with him. I see no reason to believe the Times of London’s reported 40 billion.”

      Sibel doesn’t believe he’s a Russian nationalist.
      Perhaps you meant to say: ” I see no reason *not* to believe the Times of London’s reported 40 billion.”?

  5. tonywicher says:

    I get worried when the NYT and BFP appear to be on the same page:

    • Alas, not for the first time. I specially liked this para:

      “For years, the suspicion that Mr. Putin has a secret fortune has intrigued scholars, industry analysts, opposition figures, journalists and intelligence agencies but defied their efforts to uncover it. Numbers are thrown around suggesting that Mr. Putin may control $40 billion or even $70 billion, in theory making him the richest head of state in world history.”

      What “scholars” can be seriously interested in “secret fortunes”? I can think only of a CIA kind of scholars. WTF is the “industry” of “secret fortunes” supposed to mean? In what kind of English “suspicion” of a secret “defies efforts to uncover it”? Do they have high-school dropouts to write this drivel in the newspaper of record? My guess they so despise the intelligence of the sheeple they brainwash that they actually no longer care even about the semblance of decency and logic. Everything goes, absolutely everything. Dr. Goebbels salutes our “free press” from his grave. A parallel not entirely out of place given the nature of forces NATO installed in Kiev.

  6. Believe nothing in Western Media regarding Russia and it’s complicated byzantine-like relationship with Ukraine , in particular. 40 Billion Putin owns? Hell, I don’t/cannot trust the “news!”
    So far, the most concise interview I’ve seen was with “Sophie & co” on RT(4-24, I think). She interviewed Russia’s Foreign Minister ,Sergey Lavrov. He laid things out in an amazingly cogent manner under 30 minutes. Not many seem to fully understand what is unfolding and morphing everyday. Lavrov is helpful because he lays out, very precisely, a series of rapid developments which are fact. He also made it clear that this current mess in a now totally collapsed , failed sate is simply a stepping stone by an EU/US/NATO game plan. Lavrov, like Putin, sees and, indeed, expects “the long game.” Pax- Americana, PNAC, and the neo-cons are now salivating in their sociopathic euphoria. There is something very dark in those sick people who worship power and lust for the butchering of young men–not yet fully at manhood. My take is that the sociopathic nature of certain Western cliques is beyond sick and not covered enough in the Alternative Media!. The Romans used to crucify a thousand enemy soldiers and stand them on the Appian Way as the various sociopathic Caesars marched slowly by and the crowd cheered. Psychologically we are being prepped by the Police State for displays of horror. I saw such things in the 60 in SE Asia..

  7. Believe nothing in Western Media regarding Russia and it’s complicated byzantine-like relationship with Ukraine , in particular. >>
    The problem is that outside of specialized “Russian area studies” created as a part of the Cold War apparatus very few people in the West, especially in this country, have even reading knowledge of Russian. This alone wouldn’t be a disabling factor with other countries and national languages but Russia is a different story. I don’t know Turkish and cannot follow Turkish press, still if I try hard I can form a relatively informed opinion about Turkish politics because Turks of different persuasions write in English and because the regime of English-language coverage of Turkey is relatively relaxed. In contrast, everything Russian, let alone Soviet, has a special status for those in the West who produce knowledge about Russia for their population. There is an old study of British press in the 1830-40s –the formative period of European Rusophobia– which comes to a very interesting conclusion. No matter the changes and reversals in British-Russian relations during this period, the press coverage of Russia was unanimously negative by publications of different colors who could disagree on everything else. And we are talking about the so-called “Liberal” period of European capitalism when in this country Marx published his articles in today’s equivalents of NY Times. The only plausible reason for a long-term, systematic and massive effort to create a strong and lasting phobia of another nation in people’s mind is to keep them ready for a war mobilization against this nation at any moment. Population must be mentally prepared to go to war, be psychologically mobilized before physical mobilization. This is why the question of Western media coverage of Russia goes beyond the issue of mis- or disinformation and should be of grave concern for all peace-loving people.

    • CuChulainn says:

      “There is an old study of British press in the 1830-40s –the formative period of European Rusophobia– which comes to a very interesting conclusion. ”
      thanks netter would you have a reference by any chance?
      the Palmerston years are key

      • The Genesis of Russophobia in Great Britain: A Study of the Interaction of Policy and Opinion (Harvard Historical Studies, V. 57). Octagon Books (1971).

  8. tonywicher says:

    It was Winston Churchill, the British imperialists and their collaborators in the U.S. like the Harrimans, the Bushes, the Dulles brothers and Acheson that destroyed the U.S. – Soviet alliance and started the Cold War, starting by telling their stooge, Harry Truman, to drop the bomb on Japan. It has always been a sine qua non of British imperial policy to prevent a strong alliance between it’s two great geopolitical rivals, the U.S. and Russia. Such a relationship would reduce the British empire to a third-rate power. The British empire never ceased to exist, but rather became what is now seen as the American empire, although the British “Establishment”, the City of London and the royals, continue to pull strings at the highest level. Obama is the latest puppet of this imperial faction, continuing the British strategy of divide and conquer and prevention of any relationship of peace and cooperation between the U.S. and Russia.

    • Mark Passehl says:

      In lieu of in-depth research I prefer the version in the Red Symphony tract (perhaps a 1945 exposé from the pen of H. G. Wells himself, urging the old man on to one last effort), which outlines the overall plan of the City in London to take absolutism to the next level by levelling modern civilization per communist revolution, and ruling over the rubble. For which Marx and the ComIntern were duly funded. Soviet Russia was, from the get-go, a remote controlled experiment in captive market and humanity degraded under the jackboot. The spanner in the works (or at any rate its timetable) was Stalin’s unrepentant nationalism, which set him at odds with the internationalist plans of the financier cabal that made him, and all the other Bolshevik chiefs too. But even this didn’t firm into Cold War so much as the experience of industrialization and industrial warfare fed by ever more of the electric nature of things and churning out ever higher technology. This is the genesis of the infamous military industrial complex. The Cold War didn’t just eventuate by any means ; it was planned to justify continuation and expansion of MIC. The profits dwarfed the old mode of booming and busting the poor or even middle class wage slave. Now in the offing UFOs, human genetic trials and splicings with a variety of animals and non. Some poor folk perhaps born literally into their cake and eating it too these days. Nuclear radiation exposure trials, nano-technology. Wonder cures for cancers among the rich, or hyper rich, though oddly with no trickle down effect we’re likely to see. If you watch science news you’ll see a trickling out of the new cosmology built on the plasmatic nature of things which Einstein himself overlooked. In full view Rumsfeld announces 2 trillion missing from the u.s. Wehrmacht budget. The total gone “missing” since the ’50s could be as high as 40 trillion. This is what some estimate might be funding a Breakaway Civilization. To understand this phenomenon which can fake the full panoply of an alien civilization or invasion, you only need to realize that electrical forces are many billion times more powerful than gravitational. This is how whole planets get captured within a solar system, and pushed about into settled regular orbits. So it turns out that communist revolution is not so necessary as it was thought to be when Marxism and the wage-slave policy were being mapped out in the mid 19th century. Technology itself can lift the self-Augustifying powers that shouldn’t be out of the human, all too human. When this realization is reached neither Cold War nor Soviet Russia is any longer needed, so both are put to sleep, not without opportunistic gorging on the entrails. Including those ten-year bonds that expired on 9-12-2001.
      The awful twist of this fatality is that it was precisely the technology mode, in peaceful co-existence, that inspired Henry Carey’s grand design for the long-overdue throttling of the British Empire and the CreepyPastas types running it. This plan seems to have envisioned an Old World + New co-operative using rail to render the British navy irrelevant, and included Baghdad to Berlin lines, thence Moscow, Bejing, Vladivostock, apparently even U.S. annexation of the Canadian west coast to shut the British out of north Pacific ports. A great pity this didn’t transpire, although the trans Siberian was completed. Its general aim was socially responsible prosperity driven by technology, and ever higher technology driven by the prosperity. Enter King Syphilis VII (i.e. that glorious pater of George V and of Jack the Ripper) composing his filthy KKK-love letters for Roosevelt Th., knitting his Nessus robe and oggling his favourite tranny Prince (Yussupov) at the opera. The point is to set Germany and Russia at one another’s throats for their mutual destruction. And that they do.

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