Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Why Obama-Kerry Mideast Talks Tanked

Peter B. Collins Presents Prof. Stephen Zunes

Based on Israeli reports, Palestinian negotiators agreed to most of the concessions demanded by Israel, notably that illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory near the Israeli border—encompassing close to 80 percent of the settlers—would be incorporated into Israel. Professor Stephen Zunes faults Secretary of State John Kerry for failing to obtain any compromise from Israel, which built 1,400 new illegal units as the talks occurred. We discuss Secretary Blowhard's praise for the rubber stamp election of the new brutal military dictator in Egypt and his denunciation of the rubber stamp election of the old brutal dictator in Syria, as well as Hillary Clinton's record at State, the negotiations with Iran, and more.

*Stephen Zunes is Professor of Politics and Director of Mideast Studies at the University of San Francisco. Read his recent analysis for Foreign Policy in Focus here.

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  1. The speaker has some valid points, and I have quite a lot of expertise just from living there for over a decade. Some points to be brought to your attention:
    When the speaker mentioned Putin and Crimea, it echoed the sentiment of the mainstream media regarding the illegality of that action, while completely missing the fact that these two situations are profoundly different. History showed many MANY times before that Israels Neighbors gladly combined their military forces to try and kill as many civilians as possible. That was how the post 67′ borders were carved up: Israel defended its own existence against Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and local Palestinian Forces. Israel was NOT the aggressor of this conflict (obviously) so how is it that this point constantly being ignored when addressing the “Pre-67′ Borders” Concept?…..Noways Israel has as much say about its own future as Canada did during the Iraq & Afghanistan campaigns – they simply did what the US military industrial complex tells them. This military industrial complex benefits greatly from this continuous conflict.To blame Israel as the party that makes a decision one way or the other is silly. This whole thing is a manipulation (JUST like Crimea & Ukraine…)

    • La_ruso says:

      I think maybe you should try and keep an open mind…. its disheartening to read your words.
      I get the feeling that whatever i say wont appease a mind already made up.

  2. Israel doesn’t make decisions? You’ve got to be kidding!

    • Israel officially makes decisions, yes of coarse.But in truth, they are manipulated by the same forces that send Canadian & British troops to foreign lands, Support these or the other “Rebel” Groups in Ukraine or Iraq/Syria. That’s my point-They are not Free to decide. They are forced to act one way or another while maintaining the veneer of doing what they want. And, La_ruso – I have always been proud of the fact that my mind is always open to a new point of view-please share your opinions with me if you’d like…

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