De-Manufacturing Consent- Open Borders: The Answer to the “Immigration Crisis”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Sheldon Richman

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Sheldon Richman, Vice President of the Future of Freedom Foundation. We discuss the current "humanitarian crisis" along the southern border of the United States regarding the influx of immigrants from Central America. We discuss the politicization of the immigration issue, the protests in Murrietta, California, and other cities, and how this can potentially be resolved. We go over the many flawed US policies dealing with immigration, drugs, and military intervention in Latin America that have led to the current situation.

Richman explains why the US government has no moral authority to round people up, house them in "detention centers," and ship them off to countries that in many cases the United States helped destroy. We round out our discussion with the moral, philosophical, and economic arguments for open borders, and why the answers to the immigration issue can only be found in more liberty and freedom of movement, not larger DHS budgets and bigger walls.

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  1. Great show. I agree wholeheartedly. This prohibition on movement, coupled with dehumanization of the other, only seeds the human trafficking black market and expands misappropriated resources going to the police state, en libertad – until we become the other (which we already are, just for thinking) and there’s no place to go.

  2. Kathryn McNeil says:

    So, does your definition of “open borders” include all of these countries also allow people from the US can travel throughout these countries at will, also? An “open border” should go two directions. There are many, many people in the US who would like to move to one of these South American countries to live out their lives with what little retirement they have. Should the Americas form a union similar to the European Union?

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