Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Who Shot Down Malaysian 17?

Peter B. Collins Presents Journalist Robert Parry

As Obama, Kerry and others have tried to blame Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine for the shoot-down of Malaysian flight 17 on July 17, Robert Parry has challenged the administration to release satellite imagery and other evidence to support these claims. In his latest report, Parry cites unnamed CIA analysts who challenge these assertions and suggest that the Kiev government—or rogue actors connected to it—may be responsible. Noting that Ukraine, like Russia, possesses Buk anti-aircraft gunneries, Parry is also pursuing a theory that the airliner may have been shot down by fighter jets. Calling for a thorough investigation, Parry has not reached a conclusion, but he notes that the Obama team has established a narrative—probably false—that will be hard to revise.

*Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for AP and Newsweek in the 1980’s, and is the publisher of His latest book is America’s Stolen Narrative.

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  1. Yes. Instigated by USNEOCON on the ground. A violent overthrow of an elected government not by ‘neo nazi’, but by actual Nazi armed fighters. Aided and abetted by uncle SAM. And, just as with the E4B over PENTBOM, so too withUS satellite data over Ukraine. Silence. Where would the lines of command go? Nuland, over the phone to Pyatt, recorded laying out the future of power in Ukraine would tend to point command and control at State Dept. Level. Therefore, shoot down of passenger aircraft as provocation must be seriously argued within same command or planning structure. Also. As already stated, The 777, MH 17, shot down at 17:21hrs Moscow time, 17/7/14, is the exact same make and model of Malaysian Boeing 777 disappeared over Malacca straights 4 months previous, a sinister event widely understood as technological hi-jacking – a deep state operation. The outrageous presence of another Malay airliner over flash-point Ukraine tending the two events connected at a very deep level.
    A mistaken attempt on Putins life is not the only working hypothesis here.
    So it can equally be argued that Kerry jumped on it because that was the INTENTION of the shoot down -already understood. Not ‘lone-nut’ Ukrainians. Not US reactive but US active. Same as snipers in maidan. Same as Ghouta. That was the purpose, not a mistake ‘ trying to Create an impression’ but a catagoric design. As mr Perry plainly lays out, the Ukrainian army -with is PravysectorNaziis and oligharcial backing and the shell-Burisma-Biden fracking incursions, have WAY more ciu bono going on than mr.Putin ever did. So that now, given the presentations of Russian satellite data and BBC eyewitness accounts pointing this outrage at Pro-West Ukraine., the rest is arse covering time.

  2. chris bagg says:

    Where to start unravelling this disinformation piece masquerading as an interview with Robert Parry? Let’s start with the title: “Who shot down MH17?” What if this airliner was not shot down at all? What if the crash site was staged on the ground by members of a pro-Kiev private militia? What makes us so certain that pro-Russian separatists were really in control of the area in which the plane “landed”? I will present some very good evidence that this was not the case.

    First, consider this video and this article highlighting some disturbing anomalies at the scene of the crash. Notice in particular the radar chaff falling directly over the exploding plane:
    Here is a similar but more detailed analysis:
    We can clearly see long rolls of radar chaff floating down out of the sky. There are only two possible reasons for this chaff to have been released over the crash site. One, as both above pieces argue, is that it was used to simulate on Russian (and US) radar the fuselage of MH17 as it plunged toward the ground. The other possibility that has been suggested is that one of the fighter planes accompanying the airliner released the chaff to ward off its own missile or one fired at it. In either case however, the chaff would have landed on the ground in what we have been told was territory controlled by Russian separatists. Why then do we not have any pictures of this chaff on the ground? Surely this would have been preserved by the separatists as a major piece of evidence that the official story of a Buk shoot-down was a lie? Why were all those multiple pieces of hundred plus foot radar chaff spirited off before the “separatists” let anyone look at the crash site? It makes no sense unless those in control of the scene were not separatists at all, but were working for the Kiev junta and for Washington.
    Consider also the very odd paths to the debris is the wheat field going directly to each separate piece. Why are there no short paths between pieces? How could those people looking for remains go directly to each and every piece without wandering around and making other paths? Of course this evidence on the ground is now gone because, as Parry points out, the wheat field was burned due to “intense shelling from Ukrainian army”. How convenient. Why didn’t the wheat field ignite during the fireball which engulfed the crash site earlier? Did someone on the ground set this fire to hide evidence?
    What about allegations that parts of the wreckage showed signs of having been cut with power saws? Why has Parry not picked up on this? Why has he not made any mention of the multiple reports of victims of the crash having been found in advanced states of decomposition, some seemingly drained of blood?

    Robert Parry is simply performing some damage control for the powers that be on this very bizarre story which is rapidly spinning out of control. He would like us to think that it is merely a question of who shot the plane down, and why. We can then speculate endlessly back and forth until the story disappears down the memory hole where the psychopaths who planned this hoax would like it to stay.

    • Good Points. The problem with Parry (Always have been- I got to meet him years back when I lived in DC area): He acquired too many trends & characteristics of establishment after working for the MSM for years.

      He seems like a nice guy when you meet him in person, but there ain’t much alternative about him & what he’s been peddling for years. I think the ‘cool/blah’ feeling I have is mutual;-)

      Note- I am practicing ‘toned down’ criticism above. Rather than calling him a sold-out two-faced phony. See, I’m trying

  3. chris bagg says:

    Thanks Sibel. I don’t mean to harsh on Peter or Boiling Frogs for covering what Parry has to say on this story. I understand that Parry has become the point man on this, and it is interesting to hear what he has to say as well as read it. You are quite right that there ain’t much alternative about him. Just look up what he has to say about 911. Straight MSM all the way.

    For anyone who wants to take a closer look at the “crash” of MH17, here are some aerial photos of the crash site:
    It is very revealing to compare these photos with the satellite images on google earth of the same location. To see these put Google Earth Hrabove Ukraine into your search engine. The crash site is slightly to the west of Hrabove, between it and Rasspnoye. Zoom in until you can see the two groups of white, barrack-like buildings, the smaller one above the larger. The smaller group of white buildings is at the exact site of the crash, except that now they are gone! The satellite photos were taken somewhere around April 2014, as can be seen by noting the recently tilled fields. What a coincidence. Why were these buildings removed? What were they for and what was inside them?

    Of course we might jump to the conclusion that the other missing Malaysian airliner MH370 was chopped up and hidden inside these buildings, but I doubt this, as the part numbers would give the game away. It is more likely that MH370 was given a new tail number (changed from MRO to MRC?), and substituted for MH17 on the route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. MH17, tail number MRD, would then be free for special effects demolition and staging, with corpses from the war zone scattered about for shock and awe. Run the black boxes through a computer to simulate the shoot down and you are good to go.

  4. steven hobbs says:

    Thank you BFP for interviewing Perry. I’ve always found him informative. He brings to the table an additional perspective worthy hearing, which is how I found this interview. And, thank you Peter for incisive questions. Perry lost my confidence, as Chris suggests, when he was obviously blind to the complexity of 911. So, as much as he seems to be on “our side,” sadly there is a depth lacking of a more substantial elucidation of covert power. For that reason he seems to always leave me with a sense of, “Oh yes, and what else is there?” Well, I’ll pick that up at BFP most likely.

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