The EyeOpener Report- We Tortured Some Folks

Obama Says the "T" Word

Language is the great tool of the tyrants. It always has been, and always will be. Patriots are expected to abide by a PATRIOT Act that destroys their Bill of Rights, support “surgical strikes” against “enemy combatants” by the Department of “Defense,” and cheer the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to those who wage war.

Find out more about the doublespeak that underpins our political unreality on this week's edition of The Eyeopener Report with James Corbett.

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  1. Julian Metter says:

    Yes a great and sobering piece, James you are certainly hitting your stride! I love the morphing picture of Obama/Bush. The whole use of torture goes far beyond what we have been told with the most extreme “persuasion onto death” available through proxy actors like MI6.

  2. CuChulainn says:

    this inversion of language, as Thucydides & Orwell understood and Guy Debord explained, is precisely a feature of capitalism

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