Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Fight for Release of 28-Page 9/11 Report Drags On

Peter B. Collins Presents Sam Oakford

Kristen Breitweiser, whose husband died at the World Trade Center, is still waiting for President Obama to keep his promise to release a key 28-page memo from the first Congressional inquiry into 9/11. Bill Doyle, whose son also died in New York that day, quotes Obama in 2011 “Bill, I will get those released.” VICE News contributor Sam Oakford explains a bipartisan effort in the House to pressure Obama to fully release the documents, and gives quotes from people who have read the full report, which is expected to confirm payments to some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers from the Saudi government or members of the royal family.

*Samuel Oakford is the UN Correspondent of Inter Press Service, and wrote this story for VICE News.

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  1. Bldg. 7!!! This is your lynch pin, Peter!! Keep staring at it’s collapse some 9 hrs. after the twin towers collapsed. Drop every single item except Bldg 7!! Start there and only there. Keep asking your self how could THIS BUILDING, in particular, come down so fast? Do more research. The “official” story is that fire in floors some 20 or more floors below the top–which failed first– caused the building to come down in NEAR FREE FALL!!
    Forget conspiracies! And you can safely bet that the 28 page redactIon will mention NOTHING about BLDG. 7!!
    BLDG 7, PETER! BLDG 71! BLDG 7! BLDG 7!! Make it a zen koan! BLDG. 7!!

    • Drop every single item except official story having to do with Start there and only there.

      I share your interest in Bldg 7, but strongly disagree with your tunnel vision and/or discounting of any other information and perspectives regarding the criminal investigation of the attacks of 9/11/2001. In fact, all of the testimony Sibel gave to the government and the investigative bodies had nothing to do with controlled demolition.

      It has long been known that the attitude and strategy you promoted here has been a dividing influence in the public questioning of the official story of the events. So much frustration has come from such expressions (which I assume are innocently motivated on your case) that many whistle blowers with pertinent information have simply backed away from making any public statements. It is harmful to the cause of finding the truth.

      One perspective that Sibel has been trying to get across has to do with Gladio Plan B, and the direct military orchestration of religious extremists, and the perception of said extremists in the media, having direct bearing on the events of 9/11. You should be able to glean more from her new book, The Lone Gladio. The sworn testimony she gave and described in the 6 part interview series with Corbett, is evidence of criminal acts and should not be disappointed ounted. No matter what think about the demolition, this evidence has incredible potential for use in a criminal investigation.

      I would also point to another hole in the official story. The shoot down of Flight 93. Sibel has multiple independent sources who say it was and possibly have documentation.

      It’s fine if you want to focus on Bldg 7, but please don’t add to the divisiveness of the questioning public by saying that it is the only worthwhile focus.


  2. Like Sibel Edmonds, Senator Bob Graham wrote a “factional” novel (Keys to the Kingdom) that goes into many of the redacted details of the 28 pages. In it you’ll find Prince Bandar and other Saudi characters, with their names changed of course; but even more intriguingly, you’ll find a company that bears a striking resemblance to the Carlyle Group. When Graham says “follow the money” then, perhaps this is what he is alluding to…

    • Twitter @zicatanka (me):

      Lotta ppl saying Saudi puppet playboys funded this and that, but we know Gladio Plan B is the source. i.e. the Pentagon.

      We need to be spreading the word about Gladio Plan B. Please use #GladioPlanB on twitter. Also, refer to Sibel’s new @TheLoneGladio. This book will surely help put Gladio Plan B on the tip of every alt-media producer’s tongue, when they talk about Al Qaeda in XYZ or ISIS or Attacks on the Homeland, that’s right, the USA. We need to start pointing some fingers at, and turning heads towards this Pentagon program. We need Gladio Plan B Evangelists and The Lone Gladio Marketeers! Spread the word! Comment, whenever you see a relevant story!

      • Whipping Boy says:

        Israel is not part of NATO and has a huge role which cannot be put in the same basket as Gladio B. Sibel herself said that her work didn’t involve translating hebrew, since well, I don’t know if she speaks it, maybe understand it a little.

        And no, the position that 911 and Israel goes and hand in hand (with obviously other factors) is not up to debate if you know all the facts. It is neither antisemetic or that fallacious newspeak term “new antisemitism” that managed to get its own wikipedia entry because of a book written by a PNAC member William Krystol(sic), another of these fine and reinforced by my own shell of a human being PM Harper’s visit last year right after the new year to Israel with a delegation that had people from the JDF (a US and UN listed terrorist group) where he spoke to the knesset kissing their butts saying canada’s and israel’s future are interwoven forever and that any criticism of Israel is “new antisemitism” when it’s not the abject old antisemitism. It was pretty hilarious to have members of the Knesset (arab members) heckle him when he went on to say that Israel is a Jewish State and anybody not accepting it was antisemtic. But that’s where the hilarity ended.Imagine if Obama did something like this, holy shit.

        • Hi Whipping Boy,

          Thanks for the comment. Here is my feedback.

          1. While Sibel was not focused on Israel at the FBI, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she didn’t witness any media in English that mentioned Israel. She said many of the source files were in English, though Israel wasn’t the focus of her work there.

          2. Gladio Plan B is not made up of government entities entirely. It seems that the top of the pyramid was probably non-governmental, more corporate and oligarchy individuals. To say that because Israel isn’t part of NATO does not disqualify Israelis, especially some of the dual citizens she mentioned (PNAC types). I’m sure you agree that the Pentagon/US/State Dept/CIA has relationships with Israel. And you can ask yourself “Is Azerbaijan part of NATO?” to remember that NATO non-membership doesn’t preclude involvement with Gladio Plan B.

          So, I don’t disagree with your focus on Israel, but I still see Gladio Plan B as the central orchestrating entity then, as it continues to be, in the War OF Terror, and the major destabilization campaigns in the Middle East, as well as Central Asia, and the Caucuses. It’s field of operations is worldwide and includes the Homeland.

        • Check out @newgreatgame’s Tweet:

          Israel supports al-nusra…

  3. I believe Sam Oakford actually insinuated that somebody was loony for “believing in the melting point of steel” in that interview.

  4. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    Peter, I love the sound of your voice, and I can tell you have a warm, loving heart and I usually really like your interviews and podcasts, but I really thought you were way more aware of whats going on than that. I was surprised. You really dont know much about the 9/11 bombings ? ! Maybe I didnt understand you correctly. It was obviously the “usual suspects” who did it ! The details and exact individuals arent completely known of course, but I hope you have at least a general understanding about it ! The shadow government, the ones always doing the false flag operations to start wars and take away our constitutional rights and take over governments, steal the natural resources, take over the world, enslave humanity, etc. ! ! ! ! ! I thought you would have learned this from Sibel Edmonds and the many great documentaries, articles, etc. on the subject by so many who know whats going on ! Im surprised !

  5. Thomas, I can’t speak for Peter really but I assure you, Peter knows as much about what’s up with 9/11 as just about anybody else on the planet. By refusing to indulge in speculation by pointing fingers at anyone like, say, Dick Cheney or “the CIA” or “the military-industrial complex” or “the power elite”, he forces attention directly onto the flagrant, undeniable flaws in the official narrative. Which breaks down people’s resistance by inviting them to think.

    “Then who did it?”
    “I dunno — what do YOU think?”

    The moment you speculate — no matter how well-grounded your speculation is — you venture onto thin ice.

    Safer to stick to facts, hammer away at fallacies. So, I think that’s just Peter’s strategy, and I’ve heard worse.

    Having said that, it *was* hard to hear him allow Oakford to cast aspersions on “conspiracy theorists” with their crazy talk about when steel can and cannot melt. But the point of an interview is not to “win” or to convince or to have any ego whatsoever, the point is to get whatever useful and interesting information you can from the interviewee. One could argue he could have gotten more information by challenging Oakford a bit more and making him work a little harder, but I think he knew his man pretty well. Oakford pretty much announced the limits of his own world, and the subject of the interview was, after all, pretty much limited to the 28 pages. That’s all Oakford was qualified to address.

    • I agree with your stance on speculation, but I hope that The Lone Gladio will help Peter B focus his line of questioning. Or at least be a good companion to take another look at what Sibel has already stated and alluded to in the Gladio Plan B series. This is also an area of focus that has more potential for educating and challenging interview guests, and has broad applications, beyond 9/11, right up to tomorrow’s headlines.

      That said, my hat’s off to Peter B for his consistent, long term interest and public questioning of the official story of 9/11. And he adds a lot of professional quality and style to BFP for sure. He’s obviously one of the best at what he does.

  6. Sam Oakford is clueless. How can a full-time professional journalist be so uniformed and so analytically unsophisticated. This was a waste of 40 minutes.

  7. Whipping Boy says:

    This guy says we know everything that’s happened? The 19 highjackers being a real thing? There’s not even footage of any of them getting into any planes. The original flights, at least 11,175 and 77 were most likely exchanged into other planes ? Remember ( I’ll remember every detail of that morning where thankfully i didn’t have college classes (even if I did, what I mean is that I didn’t have an 8am class) those 3 airplanes sending distress signals over the atlantic mentioned I think after the first EXPLOSION on the north tower but before the second explosion on south tower? Well, I’m sorry but it’s likely where these flights ended, either destroyed over the atlantic ocean only a 100 miles or so because of boeing’s uninterruptable (I know thats not even correct english but apparently it is the name of the system) ot crashed into the ocean. Of course considering the list of some people in the planes, if there was an exchange of passengers to another plane it happened in that air base where both WTC flights crossed paths. not at the same time.

    All this to say, sure I think the Saudis (and another particular country, country A like the NSA called it right after 911 after breaking up their huge spy ring all over the US and Canada). but to believe these 19 guys are nothing but patsies, especially about 5 or 6 of them contacted the US embassies where they lived to say “what the fuck is that ? I’m alive and I’m here, why are you ruining my name?”, especially since a few of those found alive were actual Saudi Airlines pilots.

  8. Hmmm…!’s..
    Something like this..?
    ( To what extent are US and perhaps other Western intelligence
    services able to calibrate terrorist operations and able to profit from them in
    an attempt to manipulate public opinion and governments – as a ‘fine
    tuning of democracy’

    – by creating a ‘creeping state of emergency’ that
    limits the democratic discourse )…!
    I just wonder..!
    Kind Regards

  9. Is it..or not..!
    ( Saudi Arabia’s history of hypocrisy we choose to ignore )…!
    Words…I have not.
    Only A old poem..I Have.
    By Rabindranath Tagore..

    Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
    Where knowledge is free
    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
    By narrow domestic walls
    Where words come out from the depth of truth
    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
    Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
    Where the mind is led forward by thee
    Into ever-widening thought and action
    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

    Kind Regards

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