Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 120

Ferguson and the Reality of Internal Colonization

EPPThe protests and police state response to the events in Ferguson over the past few weeks have brought to the surface the realities that have been boiling beneath and out of sight in the United States: the realities of internal colonization. Drawing parallels with the Palestinians under Israeli occupation, the black population inside the United States has long been subject to a process of internal colonization and occupation, and thus, as when Palestinians stand up for themselves and against occupation, they are met with fierce and instant (and highly militarized) police state repression. From Ferguson to Palestine, occupation is a stark reality in need of opposition.

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  1. Thanks for another informative podcast. Where is opposition going to come from ? The white community is oblivious to what it i like to be black in America and primarily seem to put up little opposition to what is going on in Palestine. They can’t see how any of this effects them so the silence is deafening. Even while the militarization of the police is now entering the white community, whites remain passive. My son said to me the other day “Americans won’t put up with police violence or with the Govt taking our guns.” I reminded him of the lock down of Boston and how passive the people were and of Katrina where door to door confiscation of guns occurred. I recently had to call 911 for an ambulance to the hospital. The first person to show up was a police officer. I asked him why he was there and he said “the police always come when you call for an ambulance.” This is new in America. I live in a very small town. I noticed that the officer was looking over my apartment. We live in dangerous times and this is not limited, although more prevalent, to the black community.

  2. I love the idea that you make clear the colonization of communities as something visible. The idea that we can all see the existing instruments of repression articulated as a regime of relations; modes of exchange, consecrated codes of conditioning, communications, consumerism, consent to corporal command, etc. Once again AGM speaks to make lucid the everyday articulation of associations between the providers of goods and services and consumers as the later consent to community colonization by continuing to exchange for coin, cash and credit the commodities the former create and carry into their communities. Economic exploitation is a state of repression maintained through a communities continued participation or better put “coalescence or corporal (‘citizen-consumer’) configuration of cultural conditions in which peoples’ passive participation perpetuates their position. I’m so glad that you keep coming back to the point that it is even the symbols of rebellion, in our time, that are referred to as protest or disobedience that are even sold bac to us for consumption as anything, but rebellion. All around the world we see revolt, repulsion and rebellion aimed at and against the perpetrators of our purposeful, passivity. The State seems not happy with the consent of our bodies and even endeavors to colonize our consciousness about our own dissatisfaction with repression as the power of violence that is atomically executed against the members of the community individually reflexively pushes back in increasing numbers. Of course we have seen this time and time and time and time and time again yet the technology only creates a panoptic prolusion or preface from which awareness can be sighted and signaled. Yet, the guards windows are easily shattered such as public awareness of crimes against humanity in which we all become the guard and the central guard, who was previously staring out, all of a sudden realizes the jail birds have hacked the systems and are all staring in.
    Welcome to the mass awakening. Keep going PBP BFP and enjoy your found responsibility and value that over a deconstructed mythological much spouted ‘freedom’. No one is free. You are a slave to our awakening and that is measured in a weight of mind that is tied to a weight of consciousness from which we should never wish to be free.
    I also enjoyed hearing again the idea that … the corporation (State) does not tolerate competition to its control over organization of goods and services and meets any dissatisfaction with direct domination through economic exploitation by maintaining the established social reality with a regime of routine repression. The PBP is making this increasingly clear through a constant connecting of criteria. Welll done mate. I do enjoy learning how even signs of repression that are circulated in the mass media become symbols and signs of control to be (seemingly subliminally) internalized as a cultural commonsense. Better put perhaps I think it is not easy to clear the mask worn by warriors whom ‘war against people’ or ‘punish the good example’ and the deeper ideological threat of self-provision being in direct confrontation with consecrated corporate power over people to the point of consuming signs of rebellion as unconnected civil disobediences or isolated accidental associations.
    Oops that was a bit of a type, AVG your work is thought provoking, thanks.
    Time to paint, words fail to express.
    I do love to listen to BFP whilst painting.
    Food for thought.

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