BFP Exclusive- The Lone Gladio: Meet Journalist Lou Brian

The Lone Gladio Countdown: 11 Days to Go

We are continuing our countdown to The Lone Gladio official launch date: Thursday, September 11, 2014, with less than two weeks to go. Actually I am currently engaged in several countdowns in my life: nervously counting the days to my daughter’s start of the school year (First Grade is a major stepping stone you know!) while struggling between the homeschooling option versus the awful public education (read: ‘conditioning’) system, counting down to my dreaded surgeries on September 9 & 10, and the list goes on.

Well, here we are: eleven days to the thirteenth anniversary of the September Eleven Attacks. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my newsletter for all the coming news, updates and promos for The Lone Gladio here at The Lone Gladio Website. You can also join The Lone Gladio pages at Twitter and Facebook

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Now, are you ready for the third round of select excerpts from The Lone Gladio? Here we go: Please meet journalist Lou Brian:

Chapter 6


     Lou felt exhausted by the time he finished telling Mitch the entire story and chronology of events. He wanted to provide as much detail as possible: partly for the relief that came with having at least one person in on this story; and partly—cynical person that he was—for insurance to keep his story alive even if he no longer was.

     They’d been sitting in an outdoor café on the river in District Two. The constant parade of loud-engine riverboats in front, combined with the buzzing cars and beeping motorbikes behind provided a safe and comfortable zone for their meeting and conversation.

     Uncle Mitch had not interrupted him once during the entire narrative, which had taken at least thirty minutes. Every so often he averted his eyes and stared emptily at the passing boats and water taxis or looked down as he sipped his cold coconut water, but otherwise he’d been all attention.

     Lou leaned back and let out a breath. “There you have it, from beginning to end.” He picked up the green coconut shell to drain whatever was left over.

     Mitch signaled the waiter. “I’d say we deserve our beer now, no?” He ordered two Saigon beers, a double platter of fried spring rolls and a plate of lemongrass squid.

     “Of all the people and entities in the world, you found the worst and most vicious to mess with, son.”

     “I didn’t pick them!” Lou protested. “I stumbled and fell into this shit! It was supposed to be a report on a scandal involving dirty U.S. politicians. Who could have guessed? The CIA has been doing its own stories on these scumbags—for blackmail! I—”

     Mitch held up his hand. ‘Hey, hey. I know. All I meant was, I can’t think of any bigger shit.”

     “Where do I go? What do I do? They know that I know, and they can’t have that. So there’s only one choice left: to kill me, and destroy every copy. So far I’ve scattered around as many copies as possible . . . just for some level of insurance. Well, kinda.”

     “You think they haven’t already figured that out? That one is easy: it is what anyone would do for insurance, and that takes out the insurance part.”

     “So . . . you’re saying they’d kill me and not worry about how many people have digital copies?”

     “I suspect yes. Think about it. Who in the world would be suicidal enough to take your DVD and publicize it once you’re dead?”

     Lou smiled slyly. “You would.” He produced a DVD from his pants and slid it across the table. “There, Uncle Mitch, consider yourself served!”

     Mitch refused to touch it. “I’m serious. You have to think rationally. As far as I can see, you have two options—”

     “What about the Internet?” Lou interrupted. “Once the shit goes viral, I go back home and get my life back, no? What would be the point?”

     Mitch sadly shook his head. “You could never count on that to protect you. The death warrant already has been issued. You’re marked.”

     The waiter brought their food and set it up in front of them.

     Mitch continued. “Option one: you go living like this, on the run and in hiding for as long as you live or as long as they let you live. Option two: you find an intermediary then try to negotiate with them.”

     “Negotiate how?”

     “That’s what the intermediary is for: someone who knows the bastards and how they think or bargain. You must find a way to assure them that you’re mum for life and help them to retrieve every copy.”

     “And they’ll take my word for it, just like that!”

     “Don’t be too quick to dismiss that possibility, Lou. They’d know you know your life is dependent on keeping your word. What better guarantee to secure every copy? Including this.” He slid the disk back toward Lou.

     Lou had to admit, his uncle had been around the block more than once. He’d survived.

     “You said an intermediary, someone who knows the other side. Do you have someone in mind?”

     Mitch nodded slowly. “Yes, I believe I do.”


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  1. Mike Mejia says:

    Wow, Sibel, can’t wait until it comes out! I did not realize you were considering homeschooling. Sounds like an exciting option. I’ve also heard from some people that Montessori is a good option, but I think you have to start down that road around the age of 4, and by high school they will be back in the rigidly structured propagandized school system. The one possible downside I see to home schooling is the lack of interaction with peers, though I’m told that homeschoolers network together to have some group activities on certain days. Whichever you choose, I am sure it will be the right choice!

  2. Sibel, good tidings with your launch date regarding your book. I look forward to reading it. I also hope that your surgeries are not threatening and you heal quick. And with the little one, a very difficult conundrum with home schooling and public education. I wonder how you will handle this. I can imagine your child coming home from school and saying – “Mommy, today we learned how Christopher Columbus discovered the New World.” And then you saying – “Actually, that depends on whose time line we are to believe. If we look at the Clovis theory versus the Diffusionist theory then anthropology must determine migratory trends instead of historical political considerations.” Sibel, please do keep us informed on how you will handle the education of your child. And my parody was meant with absolute respect and deference to you and your family.

  3. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    Sibel, thanks as always and good luck ! BoilingFrogsPost is such a great site ! Your a great woman ! Your so enjoyable to listen to, with an excellent sense of humor ! Your very intelligent and know a lot about these matters ! Fine woman !

  4. Sibel, I am definitely enjoying meeting each character of The Lone Gladio. Each has given me pause to reflect on things you have shared, and some of my own experiences while country hopping, alone. No fear. Its not about me though. I’m picky about what I read, yet I find myself on the edge of my seat as I read your excerpts. You’ll do great, some humans will always be critical, I am not always one of them. I’m more likely to be routing for you in a supportive manner. Not many people tell it like it is, for me….its essential. ~k

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