News Release: The Lone Gladio, A Powerful Novel by Sibel Edmonds, Now Available!

From PEN Award Winner and ‘Most Classified Woman in the U.S.’ Sibel Edmonds Comes a Powerful Novel that Exposes the International Government Conspiracies Threatening Our Daily Lives. Read more here

“As good as any Clancy or Ludlum novel … one of the best action, thriller, spy novels I’ve ever read.” - Washington’s Blog

“The Government Gagged Her, But It Didn’t Work!”– Lew Rockwell

Visit these links to purchase The Lone Gladio in paperback and Nook formats.

Visit The Lone Gladio website here

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  1. Finally, it’s there! Is there some place where I may buy it in the epub format? I don’t have a nook, just a regular ebook reader. To add even more difficulty, i’m from Germany, where most american shops don’t sell ebooks to.

    So if there is some way for me to throw money at you and get an ebook, just tell me so 😉

    • robin unger says:

      You can download the Nook app on your computer or tablet & download the Calibre ebook program and google how you can convert from Nook to epub format. I had to do this to read Classified Woman on my nonKindle reader. Hope that helps

      By the way Sibel, why change formats from Kindle to Nook? Was it the publishers decision? Cheers

      • Thank you for your help. Alas, when I try to buy the book, the website of Barnes&Noble says “We’re sorry, but this product is only available within the U.S.”
        Sometimes I have the feeling that some publishers aren’t very interested in actually selling their ebooks.
        Oh well, if the book is a really big success in the US, perhaps some European publisher might buy the rights and sell it here. Just one more reason to wish a lot of success to Sibel 😉

        • Florian, don’t know what country you’re in but I was able to order a paperback copy from easily enough. (I’d rather buy it from my small local independent bookstore but that did not appear to be an option unfortunately!)

          If you prefer e-books, you can sometimes get around the geographical restrictions by changing your country on the account. Amazon lets you change countries, I’ve never tried it with Barnes and Noble.

          • As of today, there is a kindle edition of the book. this one i could buy 🙂
            Thank you all for your help! I just openend a bottle of french red wine and am starting to read.

  2. Congratulations Sibel, this is huge! Glad this year 9/11 brought something more than bogus propaganda about America’s ‘resolve’ in protecting us from sock puppet bad guys who want to take away our freedom 😉 Seems like you have some competition with some of the fantastical scripts coming hot off the “war on terror” press, but I’m going to put my money on your novel though. I’m sure you’ve come up with something far more interesting and believable 😉

    Hope you’re recuperating well from surgery and things are going well so far with your daughter’s school. Seems like an interesting moment in time for you… Looking forward to the insights that come along the way (and finally getting my hands on a copy of the book 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the release of your novel — just ordered it and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival! May it make all the right people extremely uncomfortable.

  4. It arrived yesterday and even though I’m swamped with work I’m having a very hard time putting it down. I’m only on Chapter 7 so far but it’s astonishingly good. I knew it would of course be interesting and important, and it certainly is, but what’s perhaps surprising — or in any case what could not be guaranteed in advance — is that it works so well as literature. It’s a total page-turner. Aside from its political importance, as a debut novel it’s amazingly accomplished.

    Sibel, you weave your threads expertly. My world is full of novelists and aspiring novelists, being a writer myself, so I’ve read more than my share of people’s first novels. It is to say the least very rare for a first novel to fire on all cylinders like this one does. It’s a real triumph, I’m very impressed. When I’m finished I’ll put my glowing review on Amazon.

    Reviews on Amazon do help to get the word out and pique interest, so everyone here in the land of boiling frogs, don’t be afraid to get on there and say a few words. Apart from spreading the word among your contacts, it’s one of the most effective things you can do to help.

  5. Hi Everybody,

    I just wanted to say that if you’ve already had time to read this new book, I’m sure you’ll agree that Sibel has created an outstanding work of art. I echo john’s comments to that effect. I’m planning to re-read it soon, as a matter of fact.

    But, the book also represents a challenge. A challenge for us, the Irate Minority, to do what we can do push this further into the public view. In particular, I would say that we should target any “alt-“media producers who we know could either learn about Gladio Plan B, or should be talking about it. Because this book will also challenge them. So, it’s perfectly clear why we need to end the silence about Gladio Plan B.

    “End the silence”? What the hell is Xicha talking about?

    Yes, end the silence. It’s been almost two years since the first “Talking Turkey” interview with Corbett. It’s been almost that since the 6-part series she did with him, specifically focusing on this operation. With the countless opportunities to bring the public’s attention to the fact that we have an actual god damned program institutionalized in our Pentagon, to build up and orchestrate religious extremist terrorism within a larger, purposeful destabilization campaign, that we now know included 9/11 and possibly other attacks like Boston, why the hell isn’t every alt-media producer out there screaming “GLADIO PLAN B!” into their microphone?!!!

    With this book, the time has come to start challenging, even our own BFP producers sometimes, decisions to avoid mentioning this US government institutional operation called Gladio Plan B. When we read, view, or listen to articles and podcasts talking about IS, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, etc, and we don’t hear Gladio Plan B even mentioned, we need to speak up about it.

    That’s my opinion. I’m curious if others would agree or disagree.

    One more thing: The book could use more reviews at Amazon. And, if any of us can afford to buy another copy for a friend, let’s do it! The ratings for the book are already getting better. (I remember Classified Woman almost making it to the top 100 for all categories! I think it went to 104 or 105.) But, now is a good time to share the knowledge, and, as we know, the really excellent reading experience that’s been provided in this novel.

    The Lone Gladio is a spearhead and we can sharpen it a little with reviews, extra copies, and sharing. We must also start consistently challenging the alt-media to say its name.

    (Please use #TheLoneGladio and #GladioPlanB and reference @TheLoneGladio on Twitter.)

  6. Just finished it. It’s crazy good. I know I’m repeating myself at this point but congratulations again, Sibel, it’s a huge triumph. What a great anti-hero Greg is. Just amazing. You must be dizzy with pride, or in any case you deserve to be.

    I’m so curious about how you approached the plotting and writing. Are you an outliner, planning the whole structure in advance? Or more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pantser, seeing where the writing takes you?

    I’m not surprised by your commitment to quality, but this book has no business being this good! Do you have any idea how many people try to write novels and, in the rare cases where they’re dedicated and persistent enough to finish, how few of them are actually readable? Meanwhile you go, oh, I’ll put it in a novel, and you generate an instant classic. You got skills woman!

  7. Seriously, this was a page turner. I got it the day it came out (Thursday) and by Monday, I’d finished it. Ironically, this is the second time I’ve added an app to my phone to read one of Sibel’s books! I’ve gotten into reading books on my phone (yeah, yeah, I know…) and I was using iBooks, but Classified Woman wasn’t available through iTunes, so I got the Kindle app to read it. Looks like it’s on Kindle now, which is good, but it wasn’t before, so I got the Nook app. Probably not bad in the grand scheme of things, since I just got to give it a five star review at Barnes & Noble. (I feel a mild sense of revulsion listing so many stores and products in one comment, but still… 😉

    Anyway… In a concerted effort to get my BennyBarnes & Noble on for the cause, here’s the review I left:

    A tightly knit spy thriller, which challenges the genre and, more broadly, the official backstory behind the “war on terror”. A visceral and evocative journey, which stops short of providing you with simple or settling conclusions. This is a fast read as it’s frankly quite difficult to put down, but there’s an entire subtext waiting to be explored and contemplated once you do. The author, Sibel Edmonds, has cleverly used the medium of fiction to reveal truths, as described in her memoir, Classified Woman, which she discovered working as an FBI translator post 9/11, which the United States government has prevented her from revealing to the public. Contrary to the cheeky disclosure at the beginning of the novel, which in part states that: ‘Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental’, in this case perhaps fiction is the closest you’re going to get to the truth.

    It’s waiting for review, but I think that should be deemed as kosher.

  8. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Sibel this book is absolutely brilliant! You have outdone yourself. 🙂
    You have found your voice (novel), your perfect vehicle for telling your story.
    And the best part is no one can come after you for releasing ‘classified information’.

    All the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.
    Those who have read Classified Woman (probably everyone at BFP) will have fun connecting the dots.
    Those who haven’t read CW will also have fun reading Lone Gladio first and then CW, with many “I see now…” moments.

    You were meticulous in getting all the details of the plot spot on, not an easy task for a debut novel.
    Once again you have written in your unique, clean, no-nonsense writing style which makes reading the book so easy and pleasurable.

    The links between Elsie Simon and Sibel Edmonds (E.S./S.E) are obvious. I wonder if the name was carefully chosen too?

    You even managed to inject a ‘Hitchcock’ moment with the pumpkin, where even the near-perfect smooth operator Greg tripped up. A great touch!

    You cleverly left the end open and stopped in 2004 for future novels. Again, great forward thinking!

    You are indeed a multi-talented woman Sibel! I hope the book becomes a ‘best-seller’. 🙂
    You deserve as much attention as possible on this number one political/social issue this century.

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