BFP Roundtable Takes on “Islamic Terror”

Selling the "ISIS" Brand

On this edition of the BFP Roundtable the panel gets into a lively discussion on the marketing of the "ISIS" brand of "Islamic Terror." But if the terror boogeyman is the product, then who's the customer and who are they buying from? Join Peter, Sibel, Guillermo and James for an uncensored conversation on terror, black ops, boogeymen, CIA, and blowback.

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  1. (B)flowback ( IS) a specially designed toilet …!
    The Scorpion and the Frog….animal fable.
    I am going to over to Soothing the Beast….
    Great Music Thanks for That one…
    Kind Regards.

  2. Manufactured war. The invisible wall. this is a war of attrition of the mind. The nano-composite pixie dust of WTC completely reconfigured gravity just as it does every other aspect of reality; just as it does the identity and purpose of ISIL. Afterall, 911 IS an inside job.
    But. GLADIO – you’d have thought after Andreotti publicly recognized it in 1990, given the SCOPE of Bologna, it would have truth-arched out the possibility of any further existence.. but. Such is power. It transcends exposition, destroys investigative pattern. Just put a ‘b’ on end of it. AlQaeda(b)>alNosra(b)>IS.ISIL.ISIS. (b) When does it become R A N D ?
    ISIL translates into ISLAM in a thousand mainstream articles without ever having to mention it.. A programed (neoconazionist) hate war using pain pathways as guide. Our-my- miserable little country gets its stupefied loin ready for to join the next coalition/participation. Its now on UNSC, so the PM gets to play golf with Barak, and a shell game on us.
    But both have holiday houses in Hawaii .
    V is for fuck the memory of the last time.
    And one thing for certain is known on the farm.
    To get the sheep moving, you first open the gate.

  3. Fascinating show – thanks! It occurred to me, when JC (not the messiah of the possibly-violent religion, the guy from Japan) mentioned television propaganda, that perhaps the most important book of our time is “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” (or something close to that) by Jerry Mander. In it he discusses research which proved, many years ago, that images from tv affect the limbic system first, only later to be interpreted by the “rational” part of the brain. So people seeing the twin towers fall were traumatized before they had a chance to think about those images – unless they had been suspicious beforehand. Not an excuse for not thinking afterward, but a means of opening a dialogue, perhaps, with the OhMyGodWe’reAllGonnaDie crowd. Certainly a reason to listen to, rather than watch, the news.
    The felt vs. reasoned response is, imo, at the root of the disagreement you had on people like McGovern. The question of which is more valid has been argued since at least Aristotle’s time. It was interesting to hear all your views, but as a listener, what I most value is the raw information. I suspect that the audience is about equally divided between going with one’s gut feeling, and being rational (or rationalizing, if you will). Both have their place, it seems to me. As a totally frivolous observation, the word sensible means “able to think” in English and “able to feel” in French. So you are all eminently sensible people!

    • French Canadian here, the word sensible can also mean “more sensitive than others” and I’ve been like this since forever and I was actually reprimanded by school and parents for being so.

  4. CuChulainn says:

    Peter Collins repeated evocations of “blowback,” here again at 40 min, are so perverse as to require explanation. Coming from a self-styled liberal, this kind of talk reeks of the smug bourgeois complacency of the NPR listeners and NYRB readers that like to imagine themselves not just more ethical but smarter than the powers that be.

    • steven hobbs says:

      Peter seems to be speaking to a view of victims internal experience evoking revenge. Sibel seems to be speaking about the intention assassins within the deep state. Usage of the term within a context is essential to understanding a term, whether it be “blow-back” or “repression.” From my hearing, they are making different points which do not stand in opposition.

  5. THANK YOU SIBEL!! I have made comments on BFP and other Alt. media sites regarding so-called “BLOWBACK.” I agree with your strong position 100%! And, like you, it really frustrates me when Alt. Media persons talk about “mistakes made”, “what were they(CIA/Pentagon/Neo-cons) thinking?’ “They are now getting ‘BLOWBACK’ from country X and/or Terror Group Z.” BLOWBACK implies something unexpected, unwanted, surprising…This horror–especially since the 9/11 false flag–PNAC’S need for a “Pearl Harbor” was clandestinely created and thus began the military industrial/ shadow banking elites’ ENDLESS WARS and ENDLESS CASH FLOW and the Neo-Con’s lust/addiction for RAW POWER! Everything is working out just fine for them–they love this horrific mess-millions dead, tens of millions injured or refugees, Depleted Uranium–tons of nano-sized particles forever!! This is expected, anticipated by the Deep State! I cannot stress this enough–THE OVERLORDS OF THE DEEP STATE care not a wit. Chaos, fragmentation, failed states–this is what they want! Our MATRIX is creeping ever closer to their desires. Of course they are sick, cowardly men for the most part–some clinically insane!
    Regarding some semantic confusion; a quick look at the definition of BLOWBACK: According to Wikipedia ” Blowback is unintended consequences of a covert operation that are suffered by the aggressor. Originally, blowback was a CIA internal language denoting the unintended, harmful consequences to friendly populations and military forces.” Of course the word morphed into a more general meaning: “an unforeseen and unwanted effect, result or set of repercussions.”(Mirriam Webster Dic.) . I might add that its’ current usage has only been in the English language for several decades…another word of war(cf. collateral damage, enhanced interrogation, etc.)

  6. I pause it when Sibel..warning..
    When Saudi-Arabien goes…!
    You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet ….
    Kind Regards,

  7. tonywicher says:

    I have long said that “blowback” is B.S., that 9/11 and practically all “terrorist” events are state-sponsored false flag provocations, but my view of Ray McGovern is a bit closer to that of Collins than Sibel. I myself haven’t heard McGovern say that much about blowback, and I have never heard him disrespect the 9/11 truth movement. See this interview from 2012. Also, he was just arrested again in an effort to attend a speech by David Petraeus and ask some embarrassing questions as he did with Donald Rumsfeld. I would say he is a genuine anti-war activist. I don’t see where he has said or done anything terribly misleading.

  8. tonywicher says:

    Sibel, I think you should read McGovern’s latest article in OpEd News where he discusses his latest arrest. To my he sounds like a genuine anti-war voice.

  9. CuChulainn says:
  10. Pepe is a great journalist who works extremely hard. He’s said he’s from the school of “realist journalisms”, meaning, you got to the places of madness yourself, talk o people in warzones, about to be warzones and many other people who he travels worldwide to have face to face interviews with. So he doesn’t pronounce himself on things he doesn’t know as hard fact and that if you’re following the tenets of journalistic realism.

    Lumping everyone you have paranoid thoughts about into one basket won’t help, I tell ya, I’ve been there. And in the intro of his book Empire of Chaos, in the first paragraphs he says be’s been accused of being being CIA assest, mossad asset, iranian assest etc. that he jokes probably someone said I was all of that at once.

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